My First and Last Love

My First and Last Love

By:  Miss Zakariya  Ongoing
Language: English
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Anabiya a middle class and an ambitious girl who wants to be the proud of her family. Done her MBA in financing management. Topper of her university but not so much good in looks. Everything was perfect in her life till her life take a wrong turn and it was when the love of her life disappear like he never exists this thing broke her down from the deep. But she never forget about her targets of her life. But will she be able to conquer her targets or her past doesn't allow to do that? Will she able to find her first love again or not?

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    7 chapters
    Chapter 1
        Anabiya's POV        "What do you think you will get this job??" My friend asked me when I told her that I am going to given the interview in the best MNCs of that area.        "You better know me Hafsa I never thought about the result I always believe in doing my best doesn't matter what will be the effect of it".        I replied her        "Yes I know but dear did you talk about it to uncle and aunt".        "Yes I did I never do anything without their consent".        "That's great I'm proud of it that you are my friend you are really an ideal for every girl who reach at her destination without hurting anyone's feeling specially her parent's feeling and who sacrifice many things only for them".    Read more
    Chapter 2
        Naved's POVI never saw a girl like her. I am not talking about her body but her face was like a small child free from any type of makeup simple hairstyle without any type of hair design. I think not only me but any else guy will also be lost in her natural beauty. She just freeze at her place it is not a big deal for anyone to know my name but when she take my name it seems like I listened that voice before it. But where I am unable to remember. Her soothing voice calm my mind which was fed up from the previous interviews. I want a manager for my finance department but it is very hard for me as the boys who give the interview demand high salary it is not like that I am unable to pay high packages but it is not in my rule book to pay high amount to a new candidate.And all the girls want my attention more than this job and I hate these type of girls even it is not wrong to say that I feel suffocate from the closeness of girls. Even there are many girls who are th
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    Chapter 3
        Anabiya's POVI hurriedly rushed outside of his cabin. I was not in sense. I was walking no I was just roaming and suddenly I bumped into someone's chest and my files scattered on the floor.    "Sorry sorry I was just on the call" That person apologize to me I was still in my place and he was collecting my all documents when I saw him I was not shocked because I know very well when he was here so it's obvious for Altaf to be here. Altaf was my only male friend in the university and he was Naved's childhood buddy. When he got up he forgot to blink his eyes after seeing me    "Anabiya is it you I can't believe in my eyes you don't know how much I find you seriously I am so much happy" He was really happy or just act like that I was unable to understand he came forward to hug me but I stopped him by showing my hand.    "Sorry, but I am not that Anabiya which you thought I am your new finance manager sir so it is
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    Chapter 4
         Naved POV continuesI reached in my cabin and put my tuxedo on my chair and sit on it while closing in my eyes I was not in the mood to talk to anyone this time. I was remembering those words which I said to Anabi I don't know why I behave like this way. It was not my nature. I behave very politely to everyone be it my employees or anyone. But why I behave like that to her maybe it was my frustration. Now I was really feeling guilty. I was indulge in my thought that someone knocked on my cabin's door."Not now" I replied as I was not really in the mood to talk to anyone. But the person who came was really stubborn that he open my door and came and without seeing him I knew very well that he was none other than Altaf my best advisor and my one and only friend Removing my hand from my eyes I gave him what are you doing here look. "Seriously Naved you forgot I didn't accept it from you" He said <
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    Chapter 5
      Anabiya POV Continue     "Sorry for what," I asked him     "For hurting you I am not like that with anyone don't know what happened to me that I being so rude to you I am sorry." He lowered his eyes so now I understand why he was apologising to me it was because he thought he being rude to me and that's why I am crying but it was not the truth and I am not in a mood to tell him the truth when he doesn't remember so why I tell him    "It's ok let's go for the meeting " I tried to change the topic.     "Ok, But I felt really guilty please forget everything that I did," He said in guilt     I just smiled as I can't forget everything that he did.    After being satisfied he get up from his place and I do the same and we marched towards the conference room as we entered many of the eyes were struck on us but I ignored and make myself comfortable and
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    NavedToday I was being tired so much to be at home. I would like to work instead of wasting my time at home. And that girl Sneha seriously I being tired to be with her. It was a different thing in childhood but I think mom doesn't know she thinks that I am always good at every relation but in girls matter, I want space I don't wanna talk to any girl don't know why it is like that. But I was falling for Anabiya how I forget that she is also a girl why I don't feel the same for her which I felt for every girl. Talk about Sneha yes I agree she was my best friend in my childhood but now I have no interest in any girl don't know why mom doesn't understand that.Thinking of these all things I forget that I have to message Mr Raj for tomorrow meeting as we have say to him sorry that we can't continue with him in this project. It was a really big day for me tomorrow I have to sign one deal and cancel another hope everything will be on my luck.I put out my mobile phone
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    Chapter 7
    Anabiya   We gave a very beautiful presentation at Mehrotra's company and got that deal Naved was very happy to get that deal and I was happy to see him like that we were about to go back our office   "Do you love ice-cream?" Naved asked me   "What?" I asked in a shock is he asking me for ice-cream.   "You are behaving like I asked you for a date I am just asking about ice cream you know what I just love ice cream and whenever I got anykind of happiness in my life I just gobble on them." He said by licking his lips.   "Control Anabiya control you are here for your parents not for this kind of shit." Closing my eyes I tried not to pay attention to him.   But suddenly open my eyes when I felt jerk. The car stopped. In front there was a shop of baiskin robins seriously rich peeps. We always ate ice creams from small vendor I never tried this brand.  
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