Crossing Paths: One Night with the Billionaire CEO

Crossing Paths: One Night with the Billionaire CEO

By:  Pjjordan'da Dragon Sworn  Completed
Language: English
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Jordan Sanders had a one-night stand at a Christmas party after having too much to drink. She woke up the next morning with no memory of the night and her thought now was of the interview that she might be late for. After entering the office of Cameron Carter (CEO) of Carter's Enterprise Holdings, he said something she never expected. "It's you." "Yes, I'm here for an interview." "No." He shook his head. "Yes." I nodded mine. "Don't you remember? We spent last night together." He declared. I lurched back at his words. "Maybe I can jog your memory." He gave a lopsided smirk. Before I could process what he was doing, his lips were on mine. Kissing me deeply. After her failed interview, Jordan's life seems to spiral out of control, she learns that Cameron Carter blacklisted her from ever being able to get a job in America. Her mother is sick and her past is catching up to her. But despite all this, Jordan has yet another one-night stand. This time with Jasper Morgan. But who will Jordan choose when both men start to show interest in her?

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71 Chapters
A failed interview
"Jordan Sanders." I heard my name being announced. I shook my head to purge the fogginess that obscured my mind, now lamenting going to that party last night. "Right this way." The beaming blonde led me to a closed door. "Good luck." She grinned, then sauntered away. I fixed my dark brown curly mane, so that it was not too much in my chocolate brown eyes. Then attempted to pass my short 5’2 frame as taller, before entering the office. The man at the desk had a bottle of water at his temple, while a tablet dissolved in it. I struggled to examine his face, but his head was low as he gawked at the desk. "Good morning?
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Unfortunate events
I quicken my pace after seeing two security guards coming my way. "You have 10 minutes to leave the premises." One with a bold head tapped his watch. "That's what I'm doing," I responded. "Just letting you know that we have strict orders to call the authorities if you don't." "Shit, shit, shit," I said to myself as I made my way to my old Volkswagen Beetles. I stared at the peeling blue paint of the beat-up car before getting inside. I rest my head on the staring wheel, not believing what just happened. "Cameron freaking Carter," I said aloud, hitting my head on the horn, scaring a few people that were around. "He is such a prick." I decided. (How was I supposed to know that it was him? It wasn't even like he stopped me and he was under the influence as well.) I pulled into the light traffic, driving carefully as to not hit anyone or lose control of my car. Because, 1, I don't have insurance. 2, my car doesn't have seat belts and tend to have
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Due date
I didn't know when I fell asleep, but I woke to someone knocking at the door. "Coming, I'm coming. Just slow your roll." I glanced at the clock on the small glass table to see that it was 9:03 am. 1 hour after my failed interview, I might have ruined my own life. #Sad. "Can you just wait!" I yelled as the knocking came again. I removed the screwdriver from the latch, then slid the heavy door open. "What if that was your landlord?" "I would have closed the door." "Anyway, this isn't about him. We are here to celebrate." "There is no need. I didn't get the job." "What?" Cooper let go of the helium balloon, letting it float to the ceiling. "What do you mean? I put in nothing but good words for you." "Yeah, well. I messed up. Big time." "What did you do?" Cooper said, grabbing me by the shoulders and shook me a few times. "Can we seat, or at least allow me to get my bearings?
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I know I must look like shit, but I tried my best to look alive. I have two interviews today and I am confident I will get the job at one. "Miss Sanders, right this way, please." A girl that seemed fresh out of high school said. She had her hair up in a high ponytail and wore too much makeup that made her face look red. "Thank you." I gave her a smile, which she didn't return. "Sanders, sit. Let's get to it. You can call me Annie." A female in a black pants suit told me. "Good morning." "Let's cut to the chase. Why should I employ you?" "Well-" "Well, is not good enough. I have been going through your resume, you seem well decorated. But have no experience in this field. Why is that?" "After college, it was hard to find a job because of the years of experience required." "And you came here thinking that I would employ you?" I didn't know how to respond, and if I'm being honest, I wanted to leave. I was not willing to sit here and get i
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A small favour
"Wait, when can we start?" Cooper asked, leaning closer to us on the table. "Just come tomorrow." "I should go, I need some sleep," I said, getting up. "No, sit and eat." My sister pushed me back to the booth. "Ok mom, you know that it's normally the older sibling that looks out for the younger." "Well, in our world, we look out for each other," Jenna said, skating away. Cooper gave me a look as I stuffed fries in my mouth. "You want some?" I asked after swallowing. "No, I just want to warn you. Don't do anything stupid." "What are you talking about?" "You know exactly what I mean, no of us want those types of problems anymore." "I won't, so just relax." I wiped my mouth and got up. I know said I wouldn't, but I have no other option. This thing called life makes even the nicest person do mess up things. I crossed the road, not evening looking out for oncoming traffic, because I ha
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Out of options
The next morning when I got to Jimmy's Buffet, I was 15 minutes late because I had to walk there. Let just say they pounded my car.  "You are late," Jimmy said. "Does it matter? It's not like anyone is here." "It does. Your shift starts at 10 am. It's now 10:15." "You never gave me a time, just told me I have a job if I want it." "Well, now you know." "Here is your locker key. You will find your skates and apron in locker 95." "Ok." "All you have to do is take orders, pin them there and take the food to whoever ordered it." "I worked in a diner before. I know what to do." "But have you ever done it in skates?" "I'm going around the back." By 11 am, the place had people coming in for brunch. Cooper also showed up at the same time. He was on his cell phone telling someone to piss off. "You are very late." "Yeah, yeah." Cooper waved him off as he walked to the co
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Keeping secrets
I didn't bother going back to the diner. My mind was too clouded. It felt as if I was only digging myself deeper in this hole. There was no way out and someone was above throwing dirty on me. As I climbed the stairs to my apartment, I spot a dirty-looking cat that had cuts on its head. It meowed weakly, then bumped its head on my leg. "You and me both, buddy." I continue walking up the stairs and it followed. I waited at the opened door, then looked down at the cat. "Do you want to come in are not? I don't have much, but I know it's better than out there." The cat gave a meow as if agreeing to me, then scattered inside. I threw myself down. As soon as I did, the door slid open. "Sister," Jenna said, throwing her bag on the floor. "Jenna." "J." "Cooper." "You and bailed on me, I had to cover for you, Cooper got spat at for being flamboyant. Then these two shit heads came in, took s
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Running out a time
"Can you tell Jimmy I won't make it to work today?" "Why?" Jenna stopped. "Just tell him I'm not feeling well." Jenna rolled her eyes. I waited until both she and Cooper left, before leaving as well. I had a mission to do and I can't let them know what I had planned. "Stupid lock," I muttered, forcing the rusting thing together. Even though we had little, that still wouldn't stop someone from looting our place, or Martin might move a new family in. I walked to a familiar area of the city, one that anybody would stay clear of. But not me. I walked down the piss smelling street to the house that I haven't been in for years. I cast another nervous glance over my shoulder, after thinking that I heard footsteps behind her in the alley. 'Am I being followed or paranoid?' I now wished I had never come here, but me being me. I don't listen and continue to be a fuckup. I heard a laugh coming from
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A stranger in my home
"So, this is where the infamous one-night stand, Jordan Sanders lives?" "Again, how the fuck did you get in here?" "Don't worry about that. I have my ways." "This is trespassing." "But what are you going to do? Besides, this place doesn't have much. It's... filthy." Cameron said, leaning his head to the side. "You little fucker, because of you I can't get a job anywhere in the country and now you break into my place and give nasty remarks about how I live." "If you hate it so much, please leave. Because you sure as hell aren't welcomed here." Cameron gave an exaggerated laugh. "Relax chick. I'm just here on a friendly visit." "We aren't friends." "We could be. I won't lie the little hit-and-run person that you are have spiked my interest." "Leave." "Make me." I ran a hand through my hair, thinking about what I could have done to have a man like this on my back. "Listen, I'
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A night out
"Little shit!" I yelled at the door.I picked the money up off the ground, thinking that I should burn it, but after doing a recount. I decided it would be best to get it to Dante.It was 17 thousand dollars, which means I would only owe him 8. Which I might be able to pay back easily, seeing that I now have Cameron Carter's black card.I laughed to myself."Maybe this rich prick has a little use."I studied the card number, then looked at the back.I knew just how to spend money off it without it tracing back to me.One swipe of that machine that was tucked away under my bed, and whatever money that one this card is at my disposal.I set out to my task, cracking my knuckles as I prepare to have thousands, possibly millions, of dollars.After the machine finished booting up, I ran the card through a part that would make it untraceable back to me. Then I check to see how much money was on the card.My face fell.Read more Protection Status