My Possessive Alpha

My Possessive Alpha

By:  NeeNia  Ongoing
Language: English
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"What are you doing Sebestian?" "What does it feels like I am doing" Sebestian whispered back while he let his fingers boldly strike over the quickly bulge in Allen pants. "Please stop, we can't do this here, and and you don't me as your omega so stop touching me" Allen whispered back, trying to sound firm but his hips jerking up to seek friction betrayed him and Sebestian just smiled smugly at him. "Even if I don't want you baby, but it doesn't matter you have right to flirt with anyone. Remember you are mine, only mine". Or the one where Sebestian can't keep his hands off of Allen, even he don't want him or Sebestian still behave like he own Allen, even he don't want him.

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    Allen POV:- It had been two years since I was last here. In this prison of mine. Who was I kidding? I am my own prison and the key belonged to him. I wouldn't bore you with the details. All I can tell you without breaking down is that I was here, three years ago. He pulled me apart, limb by limb. And when I finally got all those pieces together, he did it all over again. In the end, when I wanted to stay. When I wanted to be with him, when I wanted to love him. He let me go. For centuries, both of our packs had lived in peace. Until one day. When he first saw me. He wasn't aware of my status at the time, perhaps none of this would have happened if he did, my clothes being one of the reason. I never dressed as a royal. He probably mistook me for one of the servant boys. And Sebestian had never much cared for servant boys. He had approached me and for an unknown reason, I had hidden my identity from him. Maybe because I wanted to k
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    Allen POV:-  I stopped dead in my tracks. His voice was barely above a whisper. My heart clenched. I stood there for a second, blank. Only to witness the guards nodding to someone behind me and taking their cue to leave. I would've followed if not for the hand that took my wrist and yanked me around. Our eyes met, for a moment. Those eyes. Damn, those eyes. So dark, so deep. I snapped out of my trans as I pulled my hand back making sure to display a show of authority and hatred. Something in those eyes flashed as he eyed me up and down. Anger evident in his eyes. He looked at me with such resentment. For a moment, I wanted to step closer to him, to caress his cheek, just to hold him. The thought left as quickly as it came. What was I even thinking? He would make fun of me. "It's Your Majesty now," I spoke. He raised an eyebrow at that and stepped forward. Dangerously close. I had my posture upright and rigid
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    Allen POV:-  He took a chair out and sat down, making me sit on top of him. I was grinding on him like crazy. I couldn't stop. I wouldn't. I didn't even remember the last time I had him like this. I kept turning my head to the side, barely getting a proper view. He still maintained his hard expression but it was evident that he was slowly losing his composure. Not being able to keep his mouth completely closed, eyebrows knotted together, eyes narrowed staring right at me and his hands gripping mine tight enough for his nails to be digging into my skin. Sure to leave marks. We had barely even touched eachother, but the rush of heat going through us. How needy we both were. We didn't have much time and we weren't talking, so many unsaid words hidden behind those eyelids. Not long before his fingers slid into my mouth and I sucked them eagerly. Constantly looking at him. Letting him see wha
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    Sebestian POV:-  His moans echoed through the room, the way he worshipped my name, the way he begged me. The things he did to me. The things he made me do. How could I let this go? I made a promise to myself years ago, I wouldn't look back and I didn't. But he's right here. I can't, I just can't stop myself. I was buried deep in his mouth. Savoring every single second. It was all too much, he was devouring me. It took all of me to have him walk away from this pack. And now we're here, should I be caring about the consequences? I guess so. But not when he's like this, not when he's shivering beneath him. Not until I've ruined him. I fucked into his mouth. Gripping his hair tight and he looked right back into my eyes, I couldn't take it. My hips started moving on their own accord, I couldn't stop. I hadn't let him cum even once, I have to remind him who he belongs to. Who am I kidding? It'
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