Ayira & The Reaper

Ayira & The Reaper

By:  Christine Black   Completed
Language: English
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Fathered by a reaper and witch, Ayira is a very special girl. She will need to discover if she is destined for a fantastic future with the king of the dead, the Grim Reaper. Unfortunately a happy ending isn't an easy path to simply traverse and in order to accomplish this she will have to overcome several difficulties including her insane mother. Does true love suceed even when a death is involved?

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50 chapters
Chapter 1
Ayira had grown up always haunted by visions of future events and the sight to see beyond the veil. She knew she was different, hearing stories about being born with a caul over her face, she hoped for good luck. Two years ago her parents were both killed in an automobile accident a few blocks away from home and she had foreseen it in a vision, even watching the reaper as he collected their souls. She had tried to warn them both prior but they wouldn't listen. She saw her sister Margaret dying from an incurable illness. Her older sister was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and was currently in hospice care at their house. So much for having good luck. Thankfully she'd never had a devastating vision of her older brother Javidan. Javidan attended the local community college and was a bright and cheerful, attractive man. Luckily for the three siblings, their parents had invested in a huge life insurance policy. The siblings were able to keep
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Chapter 2
Deagon inquiring mind After leaving Ayira I went home. Reapers live alongside humans just across the veil. Gifted humans can see our home doorways and entrances but avoid them from the foreboding feelings they give off. Read more
Chapter 3
Ayira completely confused I walked back home confused by everything that had happened with the reapers. I opened my front door and Mark rushed to my side.Read more
Chapter 4
Ayira escorted by a reaperWe headed down the alley and I was walking strangely from the way Deagon was holding me. It looked fine to me but to anyone else wowzers. I heard my ring tone in the distance and hurried to the direction of Read more
Chapter 5
Ayira meeting Adaranth Read more
Chapter 6
Ayira spending time with my reaperWe left my grandfather's home and headed back to Deagon's house. It was late in the day and he invited me to stay for dinner. I accepted and went in and sat at the kitchen table. He made coffee and poured me a cup of the hot brew. I sipped my coffee and watched Deagon. He was wearing tight blue jeans and a black shirt. He donned a striped apron to cook. I had to c
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Chapter 7
Ayira my anxious reaper I woke up to the smell of bacon and freshly brewed coffee. My stomach rumbled softly and I laughed lightly. I stretched and saw my dirty clothes still laying on the floor. I looked down at myself and shrugged. Deagon's shirt was long enough. I opened the door and shuffled quickly down the stairs and into the kitchen, running my fingers through my hair."Good morning," I said cheerfully. Deagon turned and looked at me up and down with cheerful eyes. "Morning lovely it's already eleven," he mumbled softly and poured me a cup of coffee. "I forgot to wash your clothes, I'm sorry," he added, setting the hot brew down before me. I shrugged and told him I'd just change when I returned home. He grins as he sits a plate full of food in front of me.Read more
Chapter 8
Ayira getting to know my father and Grim"Do you love him," Viktor asked curiously, watching me wiping my eyes. I glanced at him and said,"I'm sure I could eventually." He nodded his head and glanced with concern at Grim. Read more
Chapter 9
Ayira discovering the Grim reaper  I slept like the dead in the most comfortable bed I'd ever been in. My eyes blinked open and a moment of panic gripped me until I remembered where I was. I stretched and sat up. I climbed out of bed and saw my clean laundry in the clothes basket sitting on the coffee table. I grabbed my clothes and started dressing myself. I undid my braid and finger combed my black hair. I put on my black sandals and stepped outside of my room. My eyes scan the home I'm in and I'm extremely surprised. It truly is like a museum full of priceless artifacts. I passed a complete suit of armor and saw a young woman dusting shelves full of antiquities. "Excuse me, miss, can you direct me to the kitchen, please," I asked softly. The startled woman nodded and bowed quickly before pointing out of the room and telling me to continue until I reached the frenc
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Chapter 10
Ayira to become a reaper or notI scrunched my mouth and wiggled my cheeks against the hard surface under my face. I blinked my eyes and looked up and my mouth dropped open. I lifted my head and looked down at Grim. God he was beautiful. His black eyelashes were fanned across his high cheekbones. I squinted my eyes.Read more
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