Loner to Luna Trilogy

Loner to Luna Trilogy

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The new book, The Witch's Window, is the story of Elisabeth, left for dead by her biological mother and adopted by Queen Winnie of the White Witches Coven. Elisabeth is ecstatic to find that she is mated to Princess Chloe's son, Elliot. They are both happy until her biological mother makes an appearance. Elliot and Elisabeth will have to ask Luna Abby and all the allies in the Multi-Species Alliance in order to remove the threat for good. Will Elliot and Elisabeth finally just be able to live with no dark clouds looming over their heads? Will they be able to have children and just be a happy family?

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Author's Note
Hello, everyone, First off, I want to thank everyone who has read Loner to Luna and become a fan of my work. You have no idea how much it means to me. I always wanted to be a writer, but never had the courage until I wrote Loner to Luna. To see the popularity that it has gained is truly humbling and mind-blowing. Never, in a million years, would I have thought it could gain this big of a fan base. I truly appreciate it.Now, on to the real reason for this note. Upon speaking with my editor about the next book in this series, we decided to put Loner to Luna, and The Oracle and The Dragon Prince in the same book as the next in the series, The Witch's Window. We did this so that the people who loved Loner to Luna so much, could continue the series, without having to search for it. I am including Ashina's Quest with Loner to Luna, so you will see two Epilogues under that title. They were in the original book together, so they will stay that way.I realize that
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Loner to Luna: Chapter 1
"Abby! I need you down here ASAP!" That's my mom waking me up before she leaves for work. She is a doctor in the pack hospital and usually has to wake me up at ungodly hours before she leaves. I groan as I get out of bed and stretch my sore muscles from training with my dad last night. I walk downstairs giggling. I reach the bottom and my mom smiles as she raises her eyebrows, "Care to share?" I start laughing even harder as I reply. "I was finally able to knock dad on his ass last night! I wish you could've seen the look on his face!" Mom laughs and shakes her head, "I'm sure he was a combination of proud and shocked. Listen, I need you to get your sisters ready for school this morning. I need to leave early for work. I may be late tonight too. I'm on call. Would you fix dinner for everyone?" I cock my head to one side, "Sure". "Thanks. Please try not to be late for school." she says and walks out the door. I look at the clock for the first time and see that it's on
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Loner to Luna: Chapter 2
After I shower, I put on a pair of my favorite boot cut jeans and a comfy t-shirt. I brush my waist length brown hair out and let it air dry. I don't bother with much makeup, just a little lip gloss and a little eye liner. Time to head to Adriana's room... my drama queen sister. She's only two years younger than me, but much higher maintenance than my youngest sister, Alexis. I shake Adriana, "Ade! C'mon! It's time to get up for school. Get up and get dressed." Adriana squirms around and starts kicking the covers off, "Why are you always in my face?" "Whoa little sister!" I step back, "I only wake you up when I absolutely have to. If I had my choice, I wouldn't. You are entirely too grumpy. Besides, you're going to miss me in a few months when I go to college and I can't wake you up anymore." She looks at me with a smirk, "If you can find a school that will accept you." I walk out of her room ignoring her comment because I know she just wants to get a reaction out of me, and
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Loner to Luna: Chapter 3
The rest of the day went the same way it always does.  Me keeping my head down, ignoring the whispers, the name calling, avoiding the occasional foot purposely put in my path to trip me (one of the advantages to be constantly looking at the floor). After school, I met up with my sisters and Kayla and started walking home.  We are halfway home when I hear someone running up behind me. Trying to avoid another situation like this morning, I turn quickly and see our future Alpha running up to me, "Abby! Why are you in such a hurry to leave?" I raise my eyebrows and shake my head, "You really don't care about anything except what affects you personally. Sorry Alpha, I have to go". I start to turn, and he grabs my wrist and turns me around. I can no longer hide my irritation and say, "What do you want Alpha? I have to get home and cook dinner for my family." He continues holding my wrist and says, "I know your birthday is coming up. Are you having a party?" I sha
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Loner to Luna: Chapter 4
After dinner, dad told Adriana to load the dishwasher because he wanted to talk to me. We sit down in the living room, and dad says, "Abby I know everyone has been asking you about your birthday, but we need to have a serious discussion about it. It's only a week away and some important things could happen and I want you to be fully prepared for it". Just then mom walks in. Dad tells her what he just said and mom kicks off her shoes, and sits down, "Okay. Let's talk".Dad starts the discussion, "We all know that it's very possible that you could meet your mate that day and you need to be extra careful". I hold up a hand and interrupt, "Dad, I highly doubt that any of the guys in this pack are my mate. They are all royal assholes. None of them are interested in a mate who can defend herself. They want to be dominant instead of equals like you and mom. I won't settle for less than what you two have. Besides, I have my wolf training right after I graduate high school. I don't ha
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Loner to Luna: Chapter 5
                                                            Adam's POV I've been trying to catch Abby alone all day today. It's not like she's popular. The problem is just the opposite. Everyone has been ganging up on her harder this year than ever before. But it's not like I ever did anything about it before either. Combine that with Dina hanging all over me all day, and I didn't stand a chance. When I saw her rushing to get out of the building, I saw my chance. As I followed her out of the building, I kept getting this faint feeling that she may be my mate. To be honest, that's why I've been having sex with as many of these whores as I can. My wolf, Maximus, keeps telling me she's our mate, but I'm having a hard time figuring out if I want her. She never does anything about the bullying at school. I nee
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Loner to Luna: Chapter 6
                                                             Abby's POV "Well, ladies, you did well tonight." Beau says to Kayla and me. I start laughing, "I'd say we have officially hit badass fighter status. We both managed to knock the pack Gamma on his ass!" Kayla and I laugh as we high five. Beau shakes his head and laughs, "I guess you have. I'm really proud of both of you". I give him a big hug, "Thanks dad number two! You have no idea how much you and mom number two mean to me!" Then I turn to Kayla, "I gotta get home and shower. I feel like I smell like a wet goat!" Kayla scrunches her nose, "Your feeling would be correct". We both laugh as I walk out. I text my dad letting him know I'm on my way home. He hates it when he doesn't know when to expect me home. It's only two blocks, but he worries. Five minut
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Loner to Luna: Chapter 7
"Mom, if I have to wear a dress for my birthday, I would prefer this one" I say as I hold up a knee-length, off-shoulder black gown with sequined accents around the neckline. We have been arguing about the dress for 20 minutes. Every time I would try one on, one of us would gush over it while the other three would scrunch their noses. I was really getting tired of trying on dresses. Suddenly a saleslady comes over with a dress that is in a black garment bag, "Ladies! I have the perfect compromise for all of you! This gown has a little bit of everything each of you want. Plus, it's an original design by one of our employees. No one else has ever worn this dress!" Leah's eyes light up, "That's what is going to set her apart from every other young lady on Earth that day!" I roll my eyes and follow the saleslady to the dressing rooms. As she unlocks one of them, she hands me the dress and says, "This is the perfect compromise. It's floor length, so your mother will be ha
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Loner to Luna: Chapter 8
It has been four days since my shopping trip, and I am really starting to dread my birthday. I had a particularly hard day at school today. I managed to get supper fixed, then limped up to my room before my parents got home. I know I have some broken ribs and my leg is broken from being kicked and stomped on by Dina and her groupies. She kept saying something about me trying to take Adam from her. I tried telling her I don't want him, but she didn't believe me. I look in the mirror and my face is really bruised up too. One eye is swollen shut, my nose is broken, and my lip is split. Thank Goddess for werewolf healing. I should look normal by morning. I just need to stay away from my parents until morning. I change into a tank top and shorts and sit at my desk to do some homework when my phone vibrates. It's Kayla: K: How are you feeling? M: Hurting like hell, but I should be better by morning. K: I told dad you wouldn't be able t
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Loner to Luna: Chapter 9
I wake up at 6am, on my own, wondering why my mom didn't wake me up before she went to work. I smell the air in my room, and it smells like someone has been in here. Specifically, it smells like Adam's scent. But why would he be in here? It makes no sense at all. I go to stretch and feel a pain in my ribs. I guess those aren't completely healed yet. Maybe I should think about staying home from school today so I can at least start my birthday injury-free.  I walk downstairs and find my parents in the kitchen drinking coffee. I look at them with a confused look. Might as well tell them about my suspicions. "Morning," I start as I pour a cup of coffee, "I had a really weird night last night. I woke up about an hour after going to bed last night after I thought I heard a few camera clicks
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