My Fated Alpha

My Fated Alpha

By:  Natalie  Updated just now
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Madeleine is a wolfless girl, who is struggling to find her identity in a new pack and new surroundings when her own pack gets killed in a battle. The Black Forest pack treats her like a slave and there seems to be no way of walking out of that hellhole. Until, the alpha of the Blue Moon pack, Hayden, comes to her rescue. The two packs have been enemies for ages but what happens when they are forced to join hands against a common enemy? Would Hayden give in to his growing feelings for Madeleine or leave her to her fate? Would Madeleine learn to embrace herself and get over her trust issues?

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218 chapters
Chapter One
Madeleine Fear Pure, unadulterated fear That was all I could feel as I lay on the cold floor of the basement of the house I had been in for a week. My hands went to my stomach as I felt something wet and warm below my flimsy shirt. I touched my stomach and winced as my fingers were streaked red. I was bleeding and I was alone. From upstairs, I could hear the angry voices of people, bickering about something. They say you get used to fearing and to living with it after some time. But how did you define ‘some’ time? It had been a week since I was forcing myself to accept this new reality. But having been sheltered by my loving parents all my life, I was finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that they were no more. My previous pack had lost all its members in a fight against the Black Forest pack last week and I, a wolfless girl, had been left alone. Since I hadn’t awakened my wolf yet, nobody wanted me. I was beneath them all. Steve, the Black Forest pack’s omega
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Chapter Two
Hayden It had been a long night since I had been running around the forest. I was restless and annoyed and my pack members had just added fuel to the fire. I needed a break from it so I decided to go for a run. I let my wolf, Luke, take over for the time being and take me far from our territory.  I was lost in thought and didn’t even realize that he was taking me close to the other pack’s territory and none other than our rival pack, the Black Forest pack. “Why are you taking me there?” I growled at him when I realized I was close to their borders. “Why not?” came Luke’s snark reply.  I shook my head and was about to tell him off when I heard noises of someone shouting. I didn’t want to walk into any trouble since I had enough going on in my pack already, but somehow my feet carried me towards the backyard of a house. It was there that I saw a girl who was lying on the ground, possibly bleeding from some wound. Her fa
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Chapter Three
Madeline I sat on a chair with my arms crossed across my chest, trying to show that I was not shaken and appear confident. Meanwhile, Clare, the elderly she-wolf whom everybody respected took out a first aid box from a cabinet. She had dragged me away from the fight and away from my savior. I had never seen him before but then I had never really met anyone, not outside my pack at least. My pack…strange that I thought of these people as my pack. But then, I didn’t really have anywhere to go. While I was deep in thoughts, Clare outstretched her hands in front of me, asking me to give mine in hers. “The sooner you listen to me, the sooner I will be able to heal you.” Knowing that she was speaking the truth, I extended my pale hands in front of her. She made a disapproving sound before pulling out the antiseptic and cotton. “Tsk tsk…when are you going to stand up to Steve?” I swallowed back tears as I thought of an answer,
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Chapter Four
Hayden I returned to my territory late in the afternoon hoping that nobody would notice me. I didn’t feel the need to sleep but I knew I had a lot of thinking to do. But before that, I had to change my clothes.  Steve or whatever his name was, was smelly and Luke was growling at me to get rid of the stink. As such, I went inside my home and threw the clothes in the bin before stepping inside the shower. The hot water rejuvenated my senses and I felt instantly refreshed. However, the face of Madeleine kept swimming in front of my eyes. A small part of me was worried that Steve would hit her again because I had been impatient and bit a large part of his ear off though Luke tried to assure me that I had just grazed his ear. Even he was getting restless that I was t
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Chapter Five
Hayden I could do little to go against the word of Raine. Both Charlie and Ben knew that and they had used her to make me listen to their pleas. ‘‘Smart move,’’ Luke added with a chuckle and I grew annoyed. My wolf loved teasing me for some reason. However, I didn’t show my annoyance and instead shook my head. Raine smiled at my reaction and tried to add in a motherly voice, “Hayden, you know one day or other you have to find yourself a Luna. If not for yourself, you will have to find one for your pack.” She had a point but I wasn’t going to back down so easily. This Luna obsession was starting to get to me. These days all my pack members could think of was getting a Luna. And ever since the announcement of the ball had been made, they had become frantic. But, my mind was elsewhere. I only grunted at Raine in response and she got up from the chair she had been sitting in with a sigh. “Guess, I’ll just go home and cook y
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Chapter Six
Charlie I was at the training ground overseeing the training of our pack. Today it was Peter’s turn to be on patrol duty so I was responsible for training. Our pack was relatively small and our alpha, Hayden, had ensured that nobody missed training. He was a disciplined guy who wanted all of his warriors in the best shape and ever since he had taken up the post of alpha, our pack unanimously agreed on everything. Well, everything except one. I shook my head at that thought and instructed the pack members, correcting their stances and showing them what they were doing wrong. After two hours of solid training, I decided to end the session for the day. My mind was not in the training session anyway. Hayden hardly missed the training session and he would even join the pack members as a student to train with them. Seeing him join as a student who the beta or even the gamma would train, made the others know how important it was to ta
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Chapter Seven
Madeleine   A chill ran down my spine at those words. My heartbeat had grown so loud and erratic that everything that he said next got drowned in the noise that echoed in my ears. No, he couldn’t possibly mean that.  My eyes went wide with terror and despite wanting to run away, I decided to let him talk as much as I could. Hayden had saved me once and I had been thinking of finding a way of returning the favor. If I could do it just by listening to Steve ramble about what he had exactly done or planned to do, it would really be helpful. I knew that the werewolves loathed me so he couldn’t possibly mean that he would take me to his bed. I was beneath them all. No wolf, not even the gamma would ever want to taint his reputation by accepting a wolfless girl, that I was pretty sure of. Hence, I mustered my courage and walked outside the door that was well hidden by the darkness. There was only a faint light enter
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Chapter Eight
HaydenLuke was growling and it took me a great deal of effort to stop him from lunging at Garron. I didn’t want more trouble.Charlie threw me a look that said he was going to talk to me about whatever Garron had said. Well, I had known that I cannot really keep things away from them, but I hadn’t expected Garron to show up all of a sudden.He usually steered clear of my pack and my territory and as much as he loathed me, he wouldn't show up just to goad me.The look that had passed between him and Raine was also bothering me. Nevertheless, I could talk about that later.Right now, I walked into my office with Garron in tow. I ensured that all my pack members were well out of earshot. If Garron was going to be nasty to me, I didn’t want the others to hear it.I would deal with him my way.Leading him inside, I asked him to sit on the chair opposite my desk. I turned around and closed the door on Charlie’s face
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Chapter Nine
Hayden I didn't even know when or how I had opened my arms and when she had slid into my embrace but it had felt the right thing to do. Madeleine was afraid and hurt and possibly someone had tried to take advantage of her. The thought of Steve forcing him upon her made me feel murderously angry. She was sobbing in my chest and I let her cry as my hands closed around her in a warm embrace. I could feel her heart beating wildly and I gave her a minute to help her calm herself. I had no idea how she had reached here or why but all I could be thankful for was that she was safe and in front of my eyes. Charlie was surprised to see me hug a stranger or how that girl knew me but he didn't comment. I only asked him to give us some space and he obeyed me by leaving us alone. When he had left, it was just me and her by the river. The only sound was of her quite sobbing and of the water gently flowing by. I tried to pat her hair and make her sit on a nea
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Chapter Ten
Hayden I had punched him too hard and I could swear that I heard his jaw crack.  His mouth was smeared with blood as he coughed and wheezed due to the impact. “Say that again and you wouldn’t be alive to say anything else” I roared at him. Luke was just a step away from lunging at him but I asked him to stand down. My eyes were blood shot and my veins were straining. As I held him by the collar, I spoke in a measured voice, “The next time I see her, I want her to be ‘not injured’ for once…now fu** off.” Hurling him outside the door, I slammed it on his face. Garron could do nothing else but kick at the air and leave. He was alone and he was in my territory.   Charlie I saw Garron practically being thrown out of the office and I decided to walk inside. I could feel the heat and anger coming off of my alpha but I was too restless to give him some time. Hence, throwing an angry glare at Garron, I jumped up the stair
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