Love Conquers All

Love Conquers All

By:  Miss L  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nothing is ever going to be the same again. In a way I am glad, changes needed to be made, but for the people we have lost, there are some wounds that will never heal. My mate comes behind me and wraps me in a tight embrace. We have never been this close before. It feels like everything in the world, except the Goddess, has kept us apart. Let me step back. My name is Leah and I am the only daughter, only child of Alpha Benjamin of the Crescent Moon pack. We're a part of a cooperative pack alliance called the Concordat. I know, it's as pretentious as it sounds, note my eye roll here. All of our Elders got together years ago to come together for protection and to ensure the survival of our race. Our Concordat, yep say it as snooty as you can, was made up initially of 10 packs in the shadow of a vast mountain range. This alliance worked exactly as it was designed for about 5 generations. But the Elders became set in their ways and used to certain comforts. They stopped participating in regular pack training, only including themselves high rank training of the Alphas and Betas and begrudgingly dealt with the Lunas at the compound. Males were taught they were superior simply being male, not for any other show of merit. Women were seen, and that was only if dressed properly, and to produce strong male heirs. My father did not believe in females being lesser, so he trained me well from the time I could walk. I trained in secret, learning skills on and off the field. Let me take you on my journey through love, loss and truly knowing what it means to be a friend, lover, mate, leader and enemy.

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    Prologue Leah's POV This whole f***ing thing is a shitshow.  I'm standing with my closest friends and what is left of our packs. There are people strewn everywhere in the aftermath of war.  The bright rays of dawn showing us just how much all sides sacrificed in this war. Nothing is ever going to be the same again.  In a way I am glad, changes needed to be made, but for the people we have lost, there are some wounds that will never heal.  My mate comes behind me and wraps me in a tight embrace. We have never actually been this close before.  It feels like everything in the world, except the Goddess, has been trying to keep us apart. For the first time in my life I don’t shy from the embrace. As he holds me I look to my two best friends.  They are making the same mate connections I am.  Somehow the Goddess spared us a
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    Alarms blaring, I jump from my bed.  This is our third perimeter breach in a week. What the hell is going on? I throw on some leggings and a t-shirt, and whip my blonde hair into a messy bun and head straight for the war room. Thank the Goddess I designed this place so I’m just down the hall, the lack of sleep is starting to get to me. “Talk to me!” is my only command walking into the war room. I step up to the round planning table towards the back of the room ready for information to start flying at me. I really love this set-up.  It’s one of the things I am most proud of bringing to the compound.  I have always felt with the amount of people that contribute to the greater good of all the packs we should meet more King Arthur style.  No head of the table, ultimate leader crap.  We all contribute equally and each of us takes lead as needed based on what we are good at. I look out
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    Leah's POV Out loud I get everyone in gear “Listen up everyone, we have some suspicious activity going on over in the Black Lake territory, we have been tracking other activities surrounding the Concordat for the last few months. It appears that a rogue group is organizing and trying to surround us. It appears Blue Moon, Blazing River and Black Lake territories are their target points. Blazing River shouldn’t be a problem to have them begin discreetly moving their young, old and pregnant to the Bunkers, I've been in contact with Luna Ries, she is just waiting for the signal.” I look at the Blazing River Omega giving her a little nod. “Blue Moon is going to be difficult, let me know if you can contact anyone who will listen to reason and have them start moving the vulnerable to the Bunkers.” I say looking at the Blue Moon Omega. “I have alerted the warriors patrolling Crescent Moon and Night fang to double up and be ready for a change in orders. My dad is also moving vulnerable membe
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    Leah’s POV A growl rips through the silence following the lock down. Elder Victor launches himself in my direction only to be stopped by my father and Elder John. He is struggling and snarling in their arms. “What is the meaning of this?” He spits at them. Several other Elders murmur along with him. No one has ever stopped Elder Victor from lashing out before, especially a female he believes is beneath him and should remain barely seen and never heard. “Sit down and get a hold of yourself, Elder, and I will explain.” I calmly replied to him, while putting my Alpha voice to use. Another look of shock ran across many faces in the room. I don't think they realized gender doesn't matter to be able to use an Alpha voice command. I am the oldest child of an Alpha, therefore my tone is strong. Even if I had a little brother my tone would be stronger than his simply because I'm older. I just don't think any female thought to try using it. I found out by accident. I was afraid I would have t
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    Leah's POV “You have shown us no proof of your claims. If there were border breaches we, as the Elders and Concordat’s first line of defense, would have been notified by the patrols’ warriors and the Alphas who are supposedly running with them now. And while I'm sure everyone here has been entertained by your theatrics, none of us will be indulging your girlish need to be the center of attention any longer.” he says while looking at the other Elders. Most of them maintain a composed face, while a few openly sneer at me as though Victor caught me in some lie. This time I did roll my eyes at him. "Ok, he wants to start a pissing match." I say to Nyx. Not unexpected, just a waste of time, but I have to convince a majority of these guys to follow my lead or people might, no, they will die. I steady my heart and take a breath, slowly releasing it before I speak. “Actually, I have all the information you want, and you wouldn’t have access to any mind-link conversions right now anyway." I
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    Leah’s POV As soon as I cross the threshold, I mind-link Jason and Mary. “We’re on our way, ETA is about 5 minutes, go down to a skeleton crew, get all the Gammas and males out and station Omegas in their places. These guys need to believe they are still superior and have the upper hand of rank loyalty. Jason, I need you hooked into the cells, but out of sight. I have a feeling we are going to be using them today. Tell everyone to be ready for any reaction. A few of these guys are unstable and I don't trust them. Tell Danielle, Jessica and Brittany so far so good, move to the next phase.” “Yes, Alpha” Is the only reply I get from both. The small landing inside the secret door immediately leads to a set of metal steps going down about 40 feet. The room it leads to used to be cold storage or a wine cellar of sorts and over time was forgotten about. Which is unfortunate, because we really could have been using this space for food storage over the winter, since we grow and preserve mos
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    Leah’s POV “Show us around sweetheart.” my father says. “She’s just a stupid girl, what can she really show us?” Elder Erik sneers, but can't hide the impressed look on his face. “I bet she is going to take credit for the hard work the men in the room did for her.” Does this dumbass realize that the only men in the room are the Elders and Alphas? And they had no idea what was going on right under their nose. Nyx grumbles. "Well, he’s smart enough to recognize the sheer scale of our operation." Is all I can reply to her. There is no denying the hungry look in his eyes as they all look around. I actually expected more of a reaction from all of them. To the group I said, "feel free to look around gentlemen. Ask any questions you have, everyone in the room is well versed on our operation." The whole room could be seen from this platform, the only furniture up here is a 20 foot round, dark polished table in front of us with an aerial map of the Concordat inlaid into the center. This pl
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    Leah’s POV [Present Day] My dad grabs my shoulder and murmurs. “Leah, you there?” I blink at him and shake my head a little, coming back from the memory. “Yeah, sorry, you know how I get when an idea hits.” I say with a small smile, it’s not a lie, but I know he sees right through me, yet won’t question a thing in front of this group of guys. I clear my throat. “So you’ll notice the full scale aerial maps of each territory hanging from the far walls. These are updated every 2 weeks from satellite imagery. We also use the satellites to monitor crop growth in each pack, the population shifts in rogue territory and any other anomalies in the outer borders. This necessity was clear after the hunter attack that killed my mom 10 years ago and then again with the rogue uprising 5 years ago when I was captured.” I make eye contact with each Elder and attempt to keep the blatantly hateful judgment out of my voice while silently judging them with my eyes. I have never been quiet about my fee
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    Leah’s POV I went straight for Victor’s throat, knowing I would never make contact, but I had to keep everyone distracted enough for Elyse to work her magic. It took some time for her portion of the plan to initiate and we needed everyone looking the other way. What better way to distract a whole room of aggressive men than a good old fashioned challenge of authority? Ellinore joined me in the fight, I could see her take down Seamus almost instantly with a clothesline maneuver out of the corner of my eye. I’m not even sure if he knew how to put up a fight anymore. Man that guy is a wimp, how was he ever an Alpha? Nyx exclaimed. Honestly I didn’t have an answer for her, but I had a feeling his being Alpha had something to do with who his chosen mate more than him actually being a qualified Alpha, like many of the Elders, who clung to their superiority complexes like it was oxygen, he married into his rank. His chosen mate was the daughter of an Alpha and he a Beta or Gamma. She
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    Damien’s POV   “I just kissed her!” was all I could think. I don’t know if the action was more me or my wolf, but it was amazing. My whole body is still on fire from that one contact. My hand lit up with the little fireworks as I touched the back of her neck and the absolute euphoric explosion that ripped through my whole body when our lips met is something I will never soon forget. As I’m running to catch up with the other leaders, my wolf is scratching at my insides to turn around and go back to her. I have never been so drawn to a person as I am to her. Even when we were little, the few times we were able to spend time alone my wolf and I always felt at peace, like she brought me calm just being close. Trent is definitely going to try to kill me when he finds out. Leah was promised to him when she
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