Second Chance for the Alpha

Second Chance for the Alpha

By:  Klaira Blains  Updated just now
Language: English
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Emily has got a chance at the life she has only dreamt of. Because of a medical issue that has no fix, she will never find her fated mate. She has received an offer that makes her dreams of being a mother and mate a possibility. The catch? She must leave her position as Beta to her childhood best friend, James. The same Alpha who now flaunts his affairs for all to see, leaving his messes and drama for Emily to clean up, and all without regret. She has had enough of caring for him like a servant and correcting his mistakes. She jumps at the chance to walk away. Only her plans don’t quite go as planned. Now three alphas are in one territory and chaos reigns as nothing goes as planned. Chances of war lurk around every corner and this time Emily is in the middle of the drama, unable to fix the disasters. Can the pack come to the rescue and prevent the wars from happening? Come visit with the Gibbous Moon Pack, and see the high drama unfold when there are too many alphas involved. James is the Alpha of the Gibbous Moon Pack. The last few years have been hard for him. From losing his father and his promised mate to death. Then his best friend, Emily, barely survives, but will never be the same. So, when she tells him she's quitting as his Beta and leaving his pack, it's all too much for him. He takes drastic measures and finds out how much he's truly been fooling himself. Can this Alpha find his second chance and prevent mistakes from happening all around?

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148 chapters
Emily lay out James’ pyjamas and robe. Their daily routine was almost at the end. She gathered her courage. She needed to prepare him for her decision. But she didn’t want to deal with the fallout. So, she waited for him to start the shower before she said anything. “I’m done, James, and I’m heading out. But before I go, I just need to tell you something.” Emily dreaded this part. He would not take this well. Once she said what she’d decided to, it would change his world and their relationship. “What’s up? Can’t it wait for the morning?” James called from the shower, his voice a
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Emily’s Last Day
James couldn’t think, and he felt stunned. How could she leave now? They’d only gotten this pack back into a routine and the region’s political atmosphere stable. But how can he say no to her? He knew this was her dream. She’d never wanted to be his Beta. It’d been a stopgap measure all those years ago.              This was the last day Emily worked. She’d be leaving in two days to go to her new pack and future mate. She was a little disappointed. With training Evan to take her place, she knew no one planned to celebrate her send-off to the next stage of her life. So much for relatives and friends. James barely spoke to her in the last few days. His words were only to ensure she instructed Evan on one task or another.             “So this is the website where you order all his coffee and fresh foods. T
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Final Dinner
She answered it to find the Luna, James’ mother on the line. “Hello?”“Emmie, dear, I’m wondering if I could persuade you to come to dinner one last time? It’s nothing big. Just a few people. I would love to see you one last time.” Janie or Janine was a second mother to Emily. With Emily’s mother gone these past three years, Janie stepped up to more than fill in the gap Emily bore in her life and heart.             “One last time. You know I can’t say no to one of your meals. Usual time?” Emily couldn’t say no to her without feeling the guilt of disappointing a very important person in her life and in James’ life. “But if you want James there, you’ll need to call Evan and have him add it to James’ schedule right away if you haven’t done that yet. You should invite James’ guests too. It would look rude i
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Dinner Party Fiasco
             James couldn’t get his anger in check. He was furious with everyone. He didn’t want to be around anyone right now. He never did. Emily made these events tolerable. But now his anger didn’t have an outlet because Emily’s reasoning for leaving was so sound, he didn’t have a right to be angry with it or her. With his mother for planning this event without consulting him and then cornering him and Emily like that in front of his guests. One guest was flirting with him at the time she said this. He couldn’t be any more embarrassed than this. His feelings bordered on humiliation. Or so he thought. The mistake with the salad by Evan was over the top and he couldn’t let it go. Now Annabelle’s gone after inciting her father into a rage. James struggled with his temper. He saw red. Desperately, he tried to throttle back his words. He desperately wanted to tell Alpha Haden t
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The Truth is a Tough Pill to Swallow
             Emily was getting ready for bed. Tomorrow would be here soon, and it would be a long day. But ask she came out of the bathroom, she heard an odd sound outside her cottage. This was a more quiet section of the pack’s territory, being that it was closer to the lake house than the packhouse. Also, the time of night was off. This didn’t bode well for her peace of mind, and she went to see what it was all about. If there was a problem, the person should take it to the enforcers on duty or go to the packhouse. She worried it might be a medical emergency or a rogue attack. Both things Janine worried about when Emily moved out to this cottage alone.             Emily moved to the front door and slipped off her shoes in case she needed to shift quickly to protect herself. What greeted her wasn’t a rogue wolf or a bloody accident. No, i
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Plans Get Highjacked
             “You and I are going to talk now, Emily. This has been a long time coming.”             “Talk about what? James, you aren’t making sense. One minute you show up at my place drunk out of your skull asking questions that make little sense. Now you’re standing there a few hours later telling me we need to talk. You started this evening barely looking at me or saying anything beyond hello. Then you take over my going away dinner with some crazy mistake you did nothing to fix but left me, too.” He didn’t bother listening to this. He guilted her to say this as she followed him back to the Lake House.             “I think we’ll both need a drink to have this conversation. Come on.” He disappeared into the house, expecting her
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The Ultimate Betrayal
             “Hi, Evan. I’m fine. Everything is fine. I need to take a few days away from the pack. I just need to get my head on straight. You’ll need to complete the deal with Alpha Haden. Just get him to sign the paperwork and keep Annabelle from making anyone else’s lives miserable.” James disconnected his call. He’d been lucky and got Evan’s message machine. That was perfect. He wouldn’t need to answer any prying questions for now. They could leave messages on his phone.             He leaned over and looked at Emily’s sleeping form in the passenger seat of his vehicle. Now he just needed to get them settled in the old packhouse and then they could finally talk about this. James wasn’t sure what he’d say yet. All he knew was that whatever he felt about her leaving, it felt wrong. It hurt
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Where am I?
             Emily woke slowly. Her eyelids were heavy and hard to keep open. Groaning, she shifted. When did she go to bed? Her blurry sight came into focus. That’s when she realized nothing was familiar. Dust clung to everything. Whoever owned this place covered the furniture in drop cloths. The air felt stale and not pleasant to breathe. Where was she?             Sitting up, Emily pondered her next move. She felt like she should go back to sleep, but her brain registered that this wasn’t a safe place to sleep. She needed to get out of this building so she could breathe. Stumbling to her feet, she found the door in the gloomy room. Her feet felt sluggish and weighted. But she made it to the door to find out that it's locked. The door handle and lock were old, and she couldn’t see the key anywhere.     &n
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Pieces Come Falling Down
             Evan entered the office looking for James and he didn’t find him anywhere. He assumed James went for a morning run to check up on things around the territory. Which, by Emily’s notes, he often checked on things first thing in the morning.              Evan decided he’d start the day by recovering the phone messages and checking email. The email went easily, and he’d got all the documents printed for the day. So, he started in on the phone messages. Nice, simple, call this person back about that. Nothing important or rushed. Until he found a message from James. His voice sounded distracted. What did Evan do now? Their guests were still here. They’d not concluded their business yet. This was a disaster in the making.              He tried calling Emily, but she wasn’t answering h
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From Bad to Worse
             “James, this is insane. What did you do? Where are we?” Emily couldn’t believe he wasn’t a victim. She was the victim. James kidnapped her, but she didn’t understand why he’d done this. “What do we have to talk about that we haven’t talked about a million times? I need to get back soon because I need to close up the cottage before I leave for the airport.”             “Rebecca. Never mind about closing up your cottage.” James said simply as he watched Emily and any telltale response, she might miss and betray herself true feelings with. “We’ve never talked about what happened.” He tried to approach her but hesitated.             “What’s there to say? We lost many people that night. R
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