Fire Wolf - Alphas' King

Fire Wolf - Alphas' King

By:  Seerat Kaur  Completed
Language: English
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For the sake of her family, she accepts to tutor Alpha's . She also becomes a part of the Werewolf academy. Her life was normal.......     Until, she comes face-to-face with Alphas's king, Dastien. She couldn't rein the tug. She feels at her heart in his presence and his absence, she couldn't take him off of her mind. She couldn't comprehend, why was this happening to her?      Emma knows the shifters' world is full of danger. She isn't made for it.      Dastien is the strongest werewolf, the Alpha, the king of Alphas, wants to keep his human mate safe.  He is in doubt. Should he accept the mating with a human girl, the true love bond that is created somewhere in heaven or should he choose someone from packs, a strong werewolf girl? He is aware of her emotions, love that he sees in her eyes, though Emma is unaware of her feelings and mating bond.    Soon, he must make a choice: Choose her knowing the danger lying ahead or lose Emma to let her live a normal life

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67 Chapters
                    I advanced my hand with hot chocolate coffee. Ava smiled at me and grabbed it enthusiastically. We were sharing the same eyes inherited by our father, light grey eyes, her hair was blonde and straight. On the other hand, my hair was dark brown like my mother's. She didn't wait for me to sit down with her and sipped from it, "Um," She moaned, "I was missing the taste of chocolate." She took another sip, hungrily.       I nodded with a smile. Her smile mattered to me. I returned to the kitchen and looked at the second cup. I poured the steaming hot water into it. No one needed to know, particularly Ava.       I trudged toward the kitchen and put the cup back with a soft sigh. I grabbed the cloth and began to clean the kitchen counter.      It's my father's house, no splendid, no luxury, but a home. I don't know w
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                 Opening, I shoved my hand in my pocket and took out the small key. I glanced back before climbing down the wooden stairs. It creaked under my weight. I wasn't heavy.      Ava locked the door. I unlocked my bicycle and climbed on it. It was affordable. I reread the address he had sent me. It was somewhere in the middle of the woods. It would take me longer than I imagined.      Taking a deep sigh, I reached my feet for pedals. Sligh bending ahead, I began to ride the bicycle.      I wasn't scared of the dark. The moon was half in size and followed me over my head. There were a lot of things to be scared of, like dying with hunger, seeing my sister's broken face when her dreams would remain uncompleted, seeing my mother on the hospital bed.      I was planning to tell Ava about my secret job. I did. I told
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Mr Morris nodded and took a step forward. My brows pulled together. There was more he wanted to discuss. Perhaps! I wasn't getting this month's salary. I exhaled sharply. I could manage.     "I have requested Donovan to admit you to the high school. So you could complete your study." Mr Morris said.      My jaw dropped to the ground. I wanted to study, too. But I have no money. My family is more important than me.      "My salary?" I drawled, "I can't afford it. Ava is more important than me." I said with no hesitation.      She wants to be a doctor. I'm fulfilling her wishes. Our father should do this.      Another sigh left my body.      "I'm paying for you and your sister's study. I know the best doctors in the world." Mr Wolfe said.      My eyes turned huge. He must be kidding me.&nb
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                                 Despite the worries, I pushed myself out of the bed. Ava wasn't sleeping next to me. To study in Oxford was her dream. She must be packing. She was sad that I wasn't coming with them.       I took a quick shower and headed out of the room. My feet froze when I saw Mr Morris sitting in the living room and drinking tea.       My mother was sitting on the second single couch, sipping her tea. She always cooked breakfast for us.       "Hello, Mr Morris." I greeted him with a smile.       "Child! The tea is very good. Join us," He lifted the cup and took a long sip, enjoying it.       I sat on the couch but didn't forward my hand to serve myself a cup of tea. I forgot. He was coming to give a ride to my family as he was headin
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It was a road full of debris and dust. I was moving back and forth, left and right as I was sitting on a roller coaster, "Don't they have smooth roads to the academy?" I asked, looking out of the window. The dust had almost blocked the view.      He chuckled at the obvious incredulity in my tone, "The road is under repair, child. Sorry for the inconvenience." He said, reminding me of Mr Morris. After landing the plane, It had been more than an hour to us driving. The road wasn't full of debris. Now I didn't expect to see a smooth ride.      "That's not your fault. I hope it will end soon." I clenched the handle to stop the fall every time it moved.      "Only twenty minutes more," He said.       I sighed nodding my head instantly. I was expecting a mansion with a lot of guards from his expensive suit and the payment I was getting for my job. Now, I was wondering. How would he have a
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      ' I don't know what happened to her parents. Why is she staying with her grandpa? I don't want to prey on their life when I know how dangerous they could be. '      I breathed, my throat growing tight. I missed my father. I hadn't admitted and I never would. But I wanted him around us. I wanted to see the same affection in his eyes for me, Ava and mom.     Sisily smiled brilliantly, as Donovan asked her to go back to her room.      "The headmaster wants to see you," Donovan dropped the bombshell on me. He placed his hands in his pants pockets, took in a deep breath.      I blinked at him, "Why?"    I forgot that part. I hate it. Headmaster scares me.     He turned and looked at me. Suddenly, his eyes seemed too young to me. I averted my gaze away.    I was glad that I
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        I quickened my steps behind him and we entered the building. It didn't take much. Mr Wolfe held open the door for me.      A few more steps and we reached the headmaster's office. Mr Wolfe was holding the mahogany door open for me. With a nervous smile, I stepped forward. The headmaster's office was enclosed by bookshelves, in the centre of the room, there was a desk with three chairs.      My eyes widened to see a young man, not more than twenty-five years old sitting behind the desk. He was handsome. Academy's people should try Hollywood.     He lifted his lashes and looked at us with stormy grey eyes. He smiled, "Donovan," he stood up from behind the desk and extended his hand.       Gosh! He is so tall. I could see his broad shoulders, imagining under a black coat.      Donovan forwarded his hand and took his h
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I woke up the next morning. My stomach was growling. I hurried toward the washroom and took a long shower with warm water. I dressed in a dark green blouse and white trousers. It was the weekend. I was starting my classes and job from tomorrow. I was planning to explore the academy but first breakfast.        I grabbed my phone and headed out of the door. I locked the door and halted. When I found all the gazes on me. It was crowded. Were they waiting for me to walk out of the room? Of course, not.       Plucking my gaze from the groups of girls and their curious gazes, I headed to the elevator. Two girls blocked my way and eyed me with distaste on their faces. They were wearing bright red short dresses, red lipstick, and red shoes. Red girls!        "Freshers can't use it," She said, crossing her arms over her chest.        "But I used it yesterday." I didn
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                     I let out an exaggerated sigh as I stared at the map. I couldn't check my books yesterday. I thought about going to the library first. I took out the map and began to find my location on the map.      "Here!" I muttered. I was standing in a path enclosed by classrooms. Only a few students were in groups. I had come here before. I could see the headmaster's office at the end of the hallway.      All stopped whispering. Their faces were haunted. I followed everyone's gaze. A tall, white blonde girl wearing a tight white long dress was pacing my way, her heels clicking against the floor creating an ominous atmosphere.      My stomach swirled. The air changed around me. She was glaring at me. I swallowed hard and felt my heart racing a bit. When she was crossing the distance with her long strides, her pink lips thinned. S
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                                 I opened my eyes and blinked many times. For a few seconds, I just stared at the ceiling.        'Where am I?'     Then everything began to reinstall in my mind. I looked down at myself. I was in a hospital gown and lying on the hospital bed.      Thank goodness! I'm not dead! That beautiful lunatic girl! What's her problem?     My hand shot under my collarbones. There was a bandage, "I survived," My voice was loud and full of shock. My throat wasn't hurting.      "Hi, how are you feeling now?" A tender voice made my neck swivel.      My eyes dilated in fear. I squealed and pushed myself back.      Silver's eyebrows drew together, her expression was p
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