The Alpha King's Possession

The Alpha King's Possession

By:  Moonlight Muse  Completed
Language: English
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"I want THIS woman from your kingdom as my slave." "The woman in your hold is my sister, Morgana, the one and only princess of the kingdom. Our most prized possession… To pay for all mistakes, now she is your slave." My brother said clearly. "No!! You can’t do this to me!" I shouted, but the beast who held me tightly as if I was nothing didn’t budge from his decision. "Little princess, let’s not forget you tried to attack me." Alpha Kian said coldly. His arm wrapped around my waist. "Submit to your Alpha. Continue disobeying me and you will be punished." That is the day I was no longer the beloved daughter of a king, but a slave of another king. A king of beasts…

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79 chapters
1. Midnight Lake
PROLOGUE MORGANA "Did you hear that?" A sharp voice spoke. "No, what is it?" "I thought I heard something?" I covered my mouth, calming my beating heart as I hid behind a thick oak tree, I was almost out… The guards walked past, as soon as they were out of sight, I continued running through the trees, a faint smile crossing my lips. Finally! The wind rushed through my hair, the moon peeked through the trees, and the distant sounds of forest animals reached my ears. My heart was beating with excitement as the sound of the gushing water and the scent of the lake reached my senses. I slowed down, looking back over my shoulder to make sure none of the patrol had followed. I stepped to the river edge, slipping my shoes off, removing my nightdress but staying in my lingerie, and getting into the water. I giggled. The wine in my system from earlier made me feel lightheaded and giddy. I dipped my head un
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2. Sibling Rivalry
TWO MONTHS LATERMORGANAThe harsh cold was biting into me, even though I didn’t feel the cold easily. My chiffon knee length dress did nothing to help, but I wasn’t really bothered.I looked down at the grand black marble tombstone of my father. The late King Araton.That night, I wished I had been at the palace; I was one of our finest warriors, but I hadn’t been. Instead, I had been frolicking in the lake with a mysterious man that I didn’t even see… I felt bitter, broken and empty.The wind whipped around me as I crouched down, placing my slender hand on the cold marble.I’m sorry, father. I should have been there.Two months had passed, but the ache in my chest at his loss was still present. I closed my eyes, breathing deeply to control the hurricane of emotions that devoured me."Lady Morgana, the king has called for you!" A breathless male servant spoke.I stood up gracefully,
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3. Alpha Of Alphas
KIANI frowned deeply, turning away from the window where I had been watching my men train.Running a hand through my tight curls, I sighed as the memory of the first time I saw her returned to me. She had been beautiful and alluring, her voice… I throbbed hard at the memory of my mate, a woman I had been searching for, for many years, yet when I found her, she was not suitable to be my Luna or Queen."Come here." I commanded, looking at the gorgeous woman who I had called for, one of the unmated she-wolves of my pack. Her curvy body, with her ample tits and curvaceous hips clad in just lingerie, was appealing. Her long brunette locks were curled to perfection, and her sultry makeup was enticing. A beautiful she-wolf.She came towards me, sashaying her hips sensually, and I found my gaze dipping to the front of her lacy panties. The moment she reached me, I tangled my hand in her hair, staring into her deep grey eyes. She wasted no time, running he
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4. Morgana's Resolve
MORGANA"This is complete rubbish." I ran a hand through my hair, my irritation only growing.How could Azrael agree to such a stupid request?"How can he allow this to happen?! He will send one of our women to a beast!" I snapped, trying to free myself from my uncle's hold."Morgana, you really need to hold that tongue." Adelle, one of my brothers’ mistresses said, raising her nose in distaste. "You know you will be punished if you don’t.""I am the princess, Adelle. Remember that." I snapped coldly, "Leave me be uncle!""Promise me you won’t do anything stupid." He said, concern clear in his voice.I exhaled sharply."I won’t."He sighed relieved, and let go of me. I shook my head, turning and storming out of the hall.Word had gone around that the Alpha King was in these very halls. In fact, Azrael was actually going to display our women as if they were livestock? Oh, fuck him and the Al
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5. His Possession
MORGANA The dagger was inches away from him, when suddenly he raised his hand, catching it between two fingers, his eyes blazing gold with anger rolling off of him in waves. Before anyone could react, he was before me, grabbing my body by the neck and slamming me against the marble pillar behind me. A menacing growl ripped from his throat, and anyone who had been about to move stilled. I grabbed his wrist, trying to free myself. My heart was pounding, his seductive scent and his presence were messing with my senses. My eyes blazed as I tried to free myself, but he was stronger. I held his gaze, trying to compel him to let me go, but it wasn’t working. "Let go of me!" I choked out. Was no one going to intervene? I glared at the Alpha before me, but he simply stayed silent. What the hell was going on in that mind of his? He let go of my throat, suddenly dropping me to the ground, swallowing hard as he looked away. I stood up, pulling out my seco
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6. Stolen Sleep
KIAN I couldn’t even fucking sleep after last night. Knowing that she was down there in the goddamn cold, even if she was a vampire. At the same time, her anger and hatred towards me only pissed me off immensely. I clenched my fist, my claws digging into my palm, drawing blood. Luca watched me; his arms were crossed, waiting for me to stop my pacing. "I’m kind of confused… I mean, I don’t understand why you agreed to this. You do know those blood suckers have been stealing our people, especially the humans, to feed on them? I admit that woman is beyond beautiful, and I get why you probably wanted her, but agreeing to this over one sexy woman?" My eyes flashed and I growled, slamming my hand down on my desk, splintering it down the middle. "She is mine!" I hissed murderously. Him calling her beautiful only fuelled the inferno that was blazing inside of me. He looked completely confused and shocked. "Whoa… Ok..." Luca backed away, raisin
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7. Resistance
MORGANA "Get up!" Someone shouted. The screeching sound of the hinges of the cell door being opened made me open my eyes. I was leaning against the wall, I wasn’t sure when I fell asleep last night. "I’m awake." I replied icily, glaring at the two men before me haughtily. "What do you want?" The taller of the two cocked his brow, scoffing as he looked at his partner. "Did you hear that Gale..? She’s got an attitude even when she’s locked up down here." He sneered. "Lee… Don’t. You know Gerald’s orders." Gale muttered, turning to me. He glared coldly. "Get up." I raised an eyebrow. Was I getting out of here? My heart thudded as I slowly stood up, tossing my hair over my shoulder. My wrists were still bloody and a mess from the other night. I was weak, and due to the lack of food, I wasn’t healing well either. I needed blood, but I was not going to ask these beasts for anything. The urge to sink my teeth into one of them
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8. Brothers
KIAN I had just spent the morning attending to paperwork and was tempted to go see what she was up to. I wasn’t even halfway down the stairs when I heard her. "I said, move away! I will hurt you!" "Miss, are you ok?" My heart skipped a beat as I ran down the stairs in a blur, only to see Morgana’s fangs out as she backed away against the wall from Jody and Lorna, who were steadily approaching her. "I said I'm dangerous. Go away!" She snapped, stumbling as she fell backwards. I stopped in my tracks; she wasn’t attacking them… Where were those fucking fools? I would see to them… but… My gaze snapped back to her, as I watched her struggle. I would jump to protect the pups if need be, but seeing her do her best not to hurt them made a strange emotion tighten in my chest. She looked beautiful, even though she looked pale as death. Her cherry red lips were dry and the struggle in her eyes as she stared at the children before
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9. Battle Of Wills
MORGANA I awoke feeling a little better. A sweet taste lingered in my mouth, and I clutched my throat. The last thing I remembered was the Alpha yanking my hair as he pushed me towards that child… Oh how dare he! But why was I more energised? Probably the lack of poisoned cuffs… I glared at the broken shackles that lay on the ground near the bed. His scent lingered in this room. I looked around, I was lying on a huge bed with white bedding. It smelled like him; deep, seductive, and irritatingly enticing. The room was minimal with just matching wooden chest of drawers, one entire wall lined with floor to ceiling shelves that held many books, along with a large set of wardrobes, and a second door that was ajar, showed me the bathroom. I got off the bed, stumbling. My legs felt shaky, but… I was alone... Why would they leave me alone? And without the cuffs? My heart skipped a beat. This was my chance… I walked to the bedroom door, pressing my ear
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10. Caught Up In The Moment
KIAN Another day had passed, and she still refused to drink when I offered her. Her colour was ashy, and I could see the pale blue veins along her skin. Her fangs were longer, I knew she needed to drink or she would die. On the other fucking hand, Thanatos’s anger was raging; angry at her for her disobedience and angry at me for my stubbornness. He had to remember that I was not going to bend to his will. I was in charge. I had left her in my room and posted guards outside my window just in case she tried something stupid again, although she literally had no energy to do anything. She wasn’t even able to talk anymore, but even then, her stubbornness still prevailed. When I had dragged her to my neck, she refused. It angered me that she dared to defy my will, I hated that she did not yield to me as she should. I knew there was something there because she had allowed me to get close to her back at that lake. Although she had been slightly drunk, she was
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