Always Here For You : My Secret Knight

Always Here For You : My Secret Knight

By:  helena grace lo  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I am always here for you " Zai silently whispered, and kissed Yilan’s forehead, hugging her tightly in his arm like no one could ever hurt her again. Yillan is a girl with a beautiful smile. Her motto is "family’s first" even though the family he cares about the most, doesn’t treat her like one, she still wishes that one day they would recognize her. Zai is as cold as ice. No one could ever guess what's on his mind. He never shows his emotions to others, but he is a loving son and brother to his family. Besides his family, he only cared most about Yilan without her knowing. He was always protecting and loving her in his own way. Yilan only knew that she first met Zai in their last years in high school at the school festival but she didn't know that Zai already knew her a long time ago then. After 5 years, they met again in an awkward circumstance. But the next day, Yillan forgot what happened. They continuously bump into each other, from time to time. This time Zai is currently the CEO of the Lee Empire, one of the biggest conglomerates in the country. Then, it happened that Yoon corporation faced a great disaster. Yillan's eldest Brother may end up in prison and the company may be endangered. Because of the unexpected turn of events, her Eldest brother sought the help of the Lee Empire and even though it's not proper, Zai used the opportunity to be with Yillan. They entered a contract marriage Can Zai tell Yilan her true feelings? While Yillan will be torn between her family and Zai

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    23 chapters
    Catch Her Again
     On the way to the comfort room, Yillan was holding onto the wall, her head was spinning, she was walking while tipsy and out of balance. She forced herself to walk straight but her vision was swaying. She didn't know that the drink was strong, they said it's just a light. They kept pouring the alcohol onto her glass and now, she's already drunk and tipsy, she closed her eyes and she felt like she was inside the limbo, she couldn't think right. In the corridor of the bar, Zai was on her way to their private room when suddenly something bumped into him. Before the girl completely lost her balance, he managed to grab her by the waist and pull her up To his surprise, the girl in his hand was Yillan and she's drunk. "What the hell is she doing here?"<
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    Can't Remember Anything
       Yillan woke up, feeling a little dizzy and with a slight ache in her stomach. She then glanced at the clock… "Oh my! What time it is?! I'm late, Oh no…" She quickly went out of the bedroom and went to the kitchen. "You're awake? How are you feeling?"   Auntie Tess asked while handing her water.  "Thank you, Auntie Tess. My stomach hurts and I still feel a little dizzy."  She replied while holding her stomach. "It's hangover dear, you drank too much last night. What
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    Dongsaeng and Wanna Be A Superman?
    Yoon Corporation “Ms. Yillan here's the list of coming events for the next month, I already organized it randomly.” Said Hani, her assistant, and handed her a document. "Ok. I'll handle it! thank you Hani" she replied with a sweet smile. Then looked at her. "You're dressed up, going somewhere?" "I have a date later."  Hani whispered at her. "Oh, that's good! enjoy it." "Thanks, Ms. Yil. You too should get a date,
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    #0055 and #0056
    Opening her eyes. She sees two blue eyes staring at her, it was Zai. They stared at each other for a long time, then Zai’s face slowly leaned closer to hers, then she felt his lips touch his.It's like marshmallows, so sweet and soft, then a gap of air and she wants to taste it more she put her hands in his neck and he pulled her closer to her as the kiss deepen. She felt Zai’s hands roaming around her body from her back to her waist and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. She felt his warm hands cupping her hidden hills, she can't help but moan with pleasure then. THUDD!  “Ouch, that hurts! Oh, my waist. Ouch!” Was it a dream? And of all it was Zai, b-but it feels like it was real.”&nbs
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    A Fun Run With You
      A Fun Run with You  "We're in a different line Zai, so see you later!"  Louie said and tapped Zai’s shoulder "Okay” Zai coldly answered. But suddenly there's another tapping on his shoulder, he thought it's still Louie. But as he turned in that direction, he saw a familiar face that he misses a lot! Yillan was dumbstruck for a moment. As the two deep blue eyes stared at her, suddenly a flashback of her previous dream came into her mind, it made her heart thump like a DRUM! That stare, it's like a deja vu, it seems like it really happened, and now, is this a coincidence? Read more
    The Conditions...
    Yoon's Mansion “Eldest brother, I'm here” Yillan said, while knocking at the door of the mansion. "Come in.” Her brother replied. He was standing near the window inside. “What are your plans brother? If this situation drags on, you will likely go to prison. The slush fund, do you already know about it?” “A year ago father made some mistakes and I already anticipated this coming but, it's just too soon to happen.” “Then what should we do now, should we tell the old masters?”<
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    Can We Talk?
    Yoon’s Garden Auntie Tess saw Yillan’s back, sitting in the stairway while looking at the night sky. “You can’t sleep, my dear?”  she asked and sat beside her.   “The night is beautiful, Auntie Tess. I can see many stars.”  She said while staring at the sky. A moment of silence fell upon them. Then, Auntie Tess held her hands, and said… “Everything will be alright, my dear”  She tapped her back. 
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    My Fiance
    "Can we talk?" "Aren't we talking right now?" "I mean, first I want to thank you for being willing to help our company get out of this situation right now. You're our only hope to save our company, thank you!" "That particular thing is a business matter. In this industry, we have to maintain the cycle chain, for it to move forward and besides, we both gained our benefits from it." "Secondly, I want to talk about… " She hesitated for a moment, whether to talk about that thing, but then she thought that’s her reason for coming. "It's about the marriage." Read more
    9. The Plan
    Yoon Mansion "Good evening, Auntie Tess”  She greeted her as she entered the house. "Good evening, dear." "Is Elder brother already home?" "Yes dear, he's at the study. Dinner is ready, you can call him now to eat." "Okay Auntie Tess, I'll just change my clothes.".  Knock knock knock"Yes, what is it?" She opened the door.  "Brother, it
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    10. Meet the In-Laws
      Meet the In-Laws  "Okay then, I'll agree to your condition to keep it as secret as possible as I can, but I won't make a promise to keep it for long. You know who you are going to be married to, my life is not as private as it seems, after all, I am a man of my word." "I understand, thank you."  “What is your other condition?" "I'll give you the list tomorrow." He handed her an envelope "What is this?" "That's our made-up story, just read it and tell me what you want to change. I got it from an expert
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