Alpha Aiden and Luna Ashira (CMA Book Two)

Alpha Aiden and Luna Ashira (CMA Book Two)

By:  jokerblade  Ongoing
Language: English
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After everything their relationship has encountered, the Alpha and Luna of Prime pack can finally have the peace and love they deserve. But... There is always a but. New faces and old acquaintances will invite themselves into Aiden and Ashira's life. Will they let fear break them or is their love still the strongest of all? Find out... Read more. (This is the second book of Call Me Alpha.)

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    15 chapters
    Chapter One
    Chapter One  Ashira’s POV “Ah~”Aiden seems not to mind my loud moans when its already driving me insane. He was kissing, sucking and licking on the sensitive skin of my neck while his hand is cuppin my breast.He flicked his finger on my hardened bud and I arched my back from how it sent tingles all over my body.He’s only playing with my breast and yet I feel myself reaching my edge!“Ever so lovely, Ash…” he whispered in my ears and I moaned as he nibbled my ear, gently biting on it.“Aiden--”“Yes, baby? Tell me what you want…” then his hand slowly travelled down my stomach, to my navel, reaching his original target as the hand found its way inside my panties.“Ah!~” A screamed moan escaped mouth that I was q
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    Chapter Two
    Chapter Two  Ashira’s POV “Yes, buddy. So never again surprise us at night like that, do you understand?”Aiden was talking with Quillon when I came in to the house. I went to the market with Ava and Seth for groceries and our shopping turned out to be their date which I become the third wheel.“How about the mornings, daddy?”“Uh…”I think Aiden was about to say no and I believe I know why he thinks that way. This fucker.I decided to butt in and speak while placing the groceries at top of the kitchen table.“Of course, baby, you still can wake us up when you wanted to.”I know that is what’s starting his day, I can’t take it away from him.Oh, well.“Ash…” he said in a complaning voice.
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    Chapter Three
    Chapter Three  Ashira’s POV Five months has passed and I’m laying on our bed with Aiden’s arms wrapped protectively on my waist. I watched his face as he sleeps peacefully beside me. My eyes went to his long and thick lashes, his pointed perfect nose and his naturally reddish lips.The sight I never get tired to look at every morning, everyday.As much as I want to let him sleep, the sun is already high up, and he might be late for his pack responsibilities.“Aiden…” I whispered softly, smiling when I felt his arm wrapped tighter on my waist. He is awake. Or was. “You’re awake.”Aiden smiled, his eyes kept closed as he spoke with a boastful smile on his face. “I’m just letting you watch me longer…”I chuckled and slapped his arm gently. “Wake
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    Chapter Four
    Chapter Four Ashira’s POV “Bye, Mom! I will be back after a week!” my son cheered as he waves at us.I waved back, my lips trembling as I try to smile.Seth was on his wolf form and Quillon was riding on his back with a backpack. Aiden assigned five fighters for protection and five trackers for the mission Seth needed to do.I watched them galloping away and the moment they are far, Aiden’s arms quickly snaked on my waist, pulling me closer.Clearing my throat, I moved away from him and headed to the house. Aiden sighed behind me as he follows.“Ashira.” he calls, I did not turned to look at him. “There is no point to stay mad.”I hissed. I know! And its more maddening that it is!Walking with heavy feet, I went to the kitchen and try to make myself busy by cleaning the dishes we
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    Chapter Five
    Chapter Five  Ashira’s POV I arrived at the Ancestral with loud thuds inside my chest, my heart is hammering like crazy!My face stayed serious, and I’m trying hard to hide the bothered feeling I’m suffering with.Aiden is home and I can smell his faint scent from the outside. Upon entering the front door, his scent became clear and strong.My neck snapped to the left and my sight find Aiden sitting on the sofa. His elbow are rested on his folded knees.His eyes looked at mine upon my entrance and my breath hitched.I don’t know what to say but I feel like I should say something.“I-I went to the Hall.”Aiden’s golden-brown eyes looked at me with some shine I was not sure if he was mad or amused. I pursed my lips and my toe tapped on the floor twice when h
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    Chapter Six
    Chapter Six  Ashira’s POV I feel calm but my heart is in chaos. Calm, because I know Aiden is with me and my child is not home. In case of any trouble, Quillon will be safe. In chaos, because… this presence is different from all of the wolf I’ve encountered.Aiden opened the door and both of us is in full guard.I gasped when I saw who is standing at our front yard. There’s only one… person… there.“Who are you?” Aiden asked as he stands in front of me in a protective way.The person looked… I don’t know if its a woman or a man, the way it was dressed… it was hard to say.It’s hair was long, too long that its face are covered by the compressed, thick strands. I can only see a part of its chin, which was too white like no blood is flowi
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    Chapter Seven
    Chapter Seven  Ashira’s POV “Mommy!”I stretched my arms to welcome my cute child running towards me.I blinked and Quillon was suddenly in front of me. “Oh.” I was surprised for a moment because of that.“You missed me, Mommy!” he stated and I chuckled from that.“Yes, baby, of course! Did you had fun?”“Quillon.” Aiden’s serious voice called out.My son let go of our hug and faced Aiden who’s now standing behind me.“Daddy.” my son greeted in a pinched tone.Aiden must have seen Quillon used his power in the broad sight.“I’m sorry, Daddy.” Quillon was quick to realize what Aiden meant. His lips pursed so cute as his eyes looked at me for a second. “I missed Mommy so mu
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    Chapter Eight
    Chapter Eight  Ashira’s POV “Should I believe this guy?” my face creased upon looking at Sethurias and his huge, clown-like grin.“Ouch? Ash, I’ve been working beside you for so long and you don’t trust me still?” he pouted that made me scoffed. His act is so obvious that it makes my eyes roll!“I did, and you broke the trust first, Gamma.”“I think you should take off that smug look in your face, Seth.” Aiden suggested on the side while having that playful smile on his face.Well, yeah. I’m kinda playing around with Seth so he would, first: tell the whole truth, and second: so he will avoid to keep more secrets from me in the future.Seth was quick to change his grin into pout then to a serious expression. The transition is amazing and als
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    Chapter Nine
    Chapter Nine  Ashira’s POV The days were fast and quick as it swayed by.Nothing dangerous are on radar and so far, my son isn’t trying to push his luck in going back to Ravenous pack. Maybe Quillon is giving it a rest in trying to go in the other world he talks about.Even though Aiden and I didn’t stop talking about it, we managed to let it pass for now. Aiden may be good at hiding his fatherly emotions but I know we are both bothered by it.But right now, we choose to trust our son.“Ashira?” Aiden called from outside our room.I turned and saw him on the doorway. His hand were rested on the wall as he looks at me.“Yes?” I walked to him.“I think Quillon succeeded.” he said in a monotone and my jaw dropped.Succeeded in what?! Did he
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    Chapter Ten
    Chapter Ten  Ashira’s POV Aiden froze but only for a moment. He knelt on one knee and placed his hand on Quillon’s shoulder.Our son was breathing heavily as if he ran a thousand miles with his lips parted and almost trembling.“Take a deep breath first, Quillon.” Aiden said in a commanding voice and peaked a glance at me. I was lost, and my son’s words kept on ringing in my head.Did I heard him right?He saw my parents? This is impossible, right? I don’t even know where I came from and what my parents looked like.Aiden stood up and faced me while Quillon followed what his father told him, taking deep breaths over and over.“Hey.” he held my hand and gripped on it. “Are you okay? You look like you’ll pass out.”This is not true, r
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