Wanton For The Alpha

Wanton For The Alpha

By:  Gina Stanley  Ongoing
Language: English
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Andrea Simone is in search of a new job, she lost her old job due to unforeseen circumstances. Her job search leads her to Lucian, a werewolf who is tired of having to fire every personal assistant in weeks though he admits this is his fault the assistants are also to blame. Confident that she can escape his charms and his reputation is no secret, she begins to work for him. Things go on fine for a while until neither can contain the passion they both feel. A one-night stand that Andrea wants to pretend never happened leads to the unexpected or rather expected, a baby. However, the pregnancy is the least of her worries as she discovered that her baby daddy is a werewolf and not just any werewolf, one of the royal family. How would she cope in this situation? It doesn't help that her life and that of the baby are in danger as a result.

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16 Chapters
"What are you doing here?" Lucian asked with disdain, one would think he wasn't pleased to see his best friends. "This right here, is why we are the only ones who can stand your ass." Dustin the tallest of them said. Two plopped on his office couch while Dustin took the seat directly opposite Lucian's. He lifted his legs and gently placed them on the office table. Lucian growled baring his teeth, they transformed a little to show fangs as his teeth tripled in size. "Easy wolf," Dustin chuckled, taking his legs off the table. Lucian's fangs easily transformed back and Dustin couldn't help his smile. No matter how many times he saw it was always amazing to watch.  This was what set aside the royal family from the rest of the werewolves, the ability to transform wh
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Andrea woke up with a start, immediately sitting upright. No matter how many times he heard it, her alarm clock was still a shock every time. It was as loud as it was annoying. She stopped it with a loud bang and literally jumped out of bed. She threw her legs to the side and her body immediately followed. She rubbed her eyes as she made her way to the bathroom. A loud shriek immediately followed by a sharp pain woke her up completely. "Ow!" She yelled and bent low to pick her cat who she had accidentally stepped on. "Mikey!" She called the feral monster. "That hurt!" The poor creature looked like it was happy to give her a taste of what it had felt earlier. "It wasn't my fault," she argued. "You know I always come by the way every morning. Why aren't you in your bed? My rug is not for sleeping."  The cat me
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Lucian was on a short fuse. He was exceedingly irritated. The lady in front of him was leaning too forward, her bosom was on his table in full view. It was like she was offering a dish and one thing was certain, he didn't like what he saw. She didn't even try to hide her intention as if he couldn't already smell it. He felt like sneezing. The instant she had walked through the door, he knew exactly what she wanted and she didn't hide it. She had swayed her way to the seat, moving her hips a little too hard that Lucian was worried she would break something. She finally sat down as noisily as possible, vibrating every inch of her body.  If it wasn't that he was in a dire need of a proper assistant he would have taken her offer. Not that he was interested but basically his mind interpreted it as free food and f
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Andrea got the email that night, however, she didn't see it until the next morning. No thanks to the fact that she and Tracy had been partying most of the night away drinking and dancing. The activities from the night before had left her with a groggy headache and an increased sensitivity to light.She had kept the drapes down and as she opened them, she wished she had not. Dropping them almost immediately like it had burnt her, led her to roam around the dimly lit room, the bulbs were not an option. Finally, her eyes adjusted and she didn't have to stagger around. Breakfast was her first agenda even though her head was banging like she was hit by a train, her growling stomach was something she could not ignore.She stepped into the kitchen, it was the second smallest room in her little apartment, about half the size of her bed. Aware of the size she tried to make it as spacious as possible. Everything was always in place, it was the one habit she couldn't
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She sat on the bed and placed her laptop on her lap, Tracy quickly joined, her eyes bright. One could literally see the excitement oozing out of her skin. "How hard can it be to find?" Tracy squealed, her annoyance apparent.Andrea giggled, totally enjoying Tracy's discomfort even though she was just as curious and couldn't wait to see. As soon as she opened her email, Lucian Lyc popped up on the screen.She smiled a little, it wasn't the company email rather it was his or so she would like to think. "That's it!" Tracy suddenly yelled in her ears. "Click it already.""I am trying, you loud buffoon. Would stop shouting already!"Tracy scoffed, "I know you're just as excited as I am." She rolled her eyes as she spoke but she kept quiet.Read more
Monday came faster than Andrea wanted. Although she had gotten more than ten hours of sleep, her body still protested when she heard the alarm. She was going to miss the days when she was jobless.  As awful as it sounded it was still refreshing. She could wake up any time she wanted and did have to show up anywhere but all that was gone now and she had a boss to answer to. She sighed and got off the bed, now that Tracy wasn't here she was back to her old routine. She checked the ground to make sure she wasn't about to step on Mikey; she doubted the fat blob would be merciful. She finished in the bathroom as fast she could. It was her first day, she was going to be as early as possible. The first impression was important, she wasn't about to ruin it. She brushed her hair and applied a little bit of make-up, some lipstick, and mascara. She would not dare bother with eyeliner, the chances of her lining forehead was very high. She finished up with a
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The boutique Andrea parked her car didn't seem too fancy but by the items on their mannequins, she was certain she would find what she was looking for. She walked up to the door, the sign said pull.The first thing she noticed was the boutique was a lot bigger than she had expected, the outside did nothing to prepare her for the sight she was beholding. "How may I help you?" She heard a voice jolting her from her admiration of the store.She turned to find a lady by the counter looking at her. The lady looked to be around her early twenties and had a look that was somewhere between a smile and scowl. A smile if one looked from her nose down and a scowl if one looked from her nose up."Um, a pair of pants please." She replied. Her eyes found themselves straying again as she looked at the clothes in the sections."Alright, Jenny!" She yelled. Andrea felt herself jerk in shock.A timid petite girl ran out of the sections, she looked to be around the s
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She had moved out of the way to avoid blocking others who were coming into the building. The security guard didn't stop until he was two feet away from her.  A little bit into her personal space, she subconsciously took a step back."Your tag please?" He said matter-of-factly."What?" She asked, not understanding what he had just asked for."Ma'am, I am going to assume there is nothing wrong with your hearing but you saying 'what' at everything I say is becoming quite annoying."Andrea's brows dipped and she squinted her eyes. She could feel her anger rising. Aside from the fact that she already went through a lot this morning, now she has to face a rude guard.She didn't remember seeing anyone with a tag and Lucian&mdas
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Thursday came sooner than expected and Andrea noticed that she was slowly getting used to the pattern. As monotonous as it seemed it was less stressful than her former job and she couldn't help liking it.Dalton was beginning to be a major part of her day. He always came to get her during lunch and waved her goodbye as she left for the day. He was jolly and nice enough that she noticed she was beginning to enjoy his presence.She heard the elevator open. It was break time already, she had hardly observed that time was fast spent. His footsteps hit the floor with a soft tap as he made his way to her. She thought it sounded a bit different but it wasn't enough for it to pique her interest.Still typing away she called out, "Hello Dalton, I didn't think it was lunch already."Read more
It has been over three months since she started working for Lucian and it has been her worst time ever. From cleaning after him to making sure he attended meetings, to getting rid of the numerous girls he never seemed to run out of. The only moments of peace she had ever gotten were the first days she started working when he wasn't around.She sighed as she honked, barking curses at the driver who had abruptly stopped for no reason and she had almost hit him. He didn't even apologize as he drove away, flipping her off. "Ugh!" She yelled.She should be in her office typing away as usual but no, here she was driving through the freaking highway because some maniac had refused to show up for a meeting they had single-handedly set up.Less than five minutes to the meeting and she had not been able to reach him. His inco
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