My Alpha, My Enemy

My Alpha, My Enemy

By:  Rever  Ongoing
Language: English
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Born as the only wolfless person in her pack, Blake's life had been nothing but misery and humiliation, and she never expected things to change. But one innocent accident would change the course of her life forever when she met an Alpha in the male bathroom of her school. Now that her path had crossed with his, her life as a wolfless hybrid would now become the life of a powerful rogue wolf, and when she thought her fate with Nero couldn't get any more twisted, she is faced with the dilemma of choosing or killing him. *I always knew Blake and I was an impossible force from the moment we met again, and I don't get why fate keeps trying to merge us… Only chaos can blossom from what we are, and I want to shield her from all of it. But after everything that has happened so far, I realized that the universe wouldn't allow that to happen, so I will give in to its intention until everything burned into ash for us.

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94 chapters
******************Blake's POV**************** Being the only wolfless student in a school meant for werewolves is just awful. To be honest, the word "awful" is a bit too simple to express my hate toward school. How do I put it? Oh, right! I got it. "I hate this shitty place more than the hell hole that I call 'home!"  Yes, I hate my home too. Let me correct that, "I despise the house I have spent my pathetic life in since I was little." My life is more like a twisted Cinderella story. However, in my case, I'm the step-sister whose mother is nowhere in sight and whose father detests her as much as his wife and daughter do. The truth is, he was more considerable to me when I was little until I hit puberty, and my wolf refused to show up like every teenager at my age wolves did. After that disappointing full-moon night, he became a monster that I fear. But mostly, I detest him. When the limousine came to a stop, I felt my breath cut
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He's my teacher?
There's nothing weirder than walking into a room filled with male werewolves, taking a shit, or peeing, and I felt my body shut down just by thinking about it. Even though I haven't transformed into my wolf yet, my werewolf gene is quite active, and I had some the abilities like quick healing power and the sense of smell. But fate decided to screw me up and also make my human gene dominant which means that I was a weak being with no powers of speed, strength, and most of the cool stuff that comes with being a werewolf. Drawing a deep breath, I realized that whoever I was in the room with, didn't have a scent, and it kind of freaked me out because only alphas could hide their scent. A couple of minutes went by in silence. Then chills ran down my spine as a cold voice echoed into my ears, "Did you understand what I said, or are you deaf!" The arrogance in his tone made me lose it, and I lashed out without thinking, "I heard you the first time. There's no need to be rude, you know!
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For several minutes I tried to not stare at Nero. But of course, I ended up doing that a couple of times and felt annoyed that I was doing so.    But every time his voice echoed into my ears, I felt a strong sensation, almost like I was drawn to him.   No! It was like a part of me was drawn to professor Fang, and I couldn't put it in words, but something about him just kept me nervous and yet aroused.   It was the weirdest feeling and yet, I was drowning in it each time our gaze met or I heard his voice.    My eyes kept dragging back towards his lips each time I pulled them away from him, and when Nero locked eyes with me, I swallowed hard even though it wasn't quenching the thirst that I felt.
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A good scent
********************Nero POV*************** After stepping on the brake pedal, I pushed the driver's door open and rushed out of the car. Then I headed over to the back door, opened it, and then reached into the backseat for Blake. When my hand touched her skin, my eyes widened with panic glowing in them because she was burning up. Once I had lifted Blake from the car seat, I tightened my grip on her arms and legs before racing with her into my house. A few minutes later, I got into my room with Blake and carried her to the bed, resting her on the mattress. Her clothes were messy with bloodstains, and I noticed that she was in a lot of pain from the look of distress on her face. But there was nothing that I could do for her since she begged me when I was carrying her out of the class not to take her home or to the hospital. So here I was with a student of mine in my bedroom, on my mistress, and taking such a bold risk for someone who I shouldn't be messing with at such a critica
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An omega first heat
Resting her palms flat against my chest, Blake looked at me and mumbled, "Mr. Fang, why ain't you doing anything, and just looking at me. Don't you want to touch me too?"   "Hey," I uttered, frowning at her. "What do you think you are doing now!"   "Huh,"   "Trying to dare me, uh?"   Noticing the look of confusion in her ignorant eyes, I drew upward towards her face and said, "I have never felt this way before, especially to a woman because it shouldn't be possible. What did you do to me?"   "What? Huh?"   Nothing happened for a moment as I lay still, staring at her while she pouted at me. Read more
A wolfless Bastard
*****************Luna POV******************   This mansion has never been so irksome and loud as it is tonight, and it is all because of my bastard sister.   Since she decided to run away from school, my father has been acting up and having everyone's heart up in their ass.   From the day I could remember, I never liked her. But now, I despise her even more and I don't care if she never returns home. That way, she would be doing all of us a favor.   I mean, what's the use of having a useless sister who can't even transform like everyone else, even though her faults do me more good than harm.   It grew silent for a moment. Then my father robust tone suddenly
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Nothing but my instructor
*****************Blake POV******************   When the light of dawn shone on my face, I kept staring at the window, annoyed that it was morning already and I haven't fallen asleep like I wanted to do. Suddenly the echo of a soft knock drew my attention towards the doorway. “Come in,” I mumbled, focusing back on the window. A few seconds later, Nero walked into the room, gazed at me, and said, “Come downstairs to eat. I made breakfast.”  After waiting for a few seconds, I threw the bedspread off me and got out of bed. Then I stopped in front
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A rogue
After walking over to the back of the class, I put threw my bag on the desk, sat down, and relaxed in the seat. Suddenly a frown surfaced on my face as I stared at Nero walking into the classroom. At that moment, my gaze rested on Karen as she sat in the seat beside me, and anger spiked inside of me while I clutched my fist. Suddenly, Karen turned around, gazed at me, and cheerfully said, "Good morning, Blake." “Have you lost your sense of shame, talking to me after what you did?” I harshly uttered, glaring at her. A pitiful look settled on Karen's face as she pouted and said, "Someone is moody thi
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Two separate being
As I stared at Blake, I could tell that she was holding in her breath and fighting back her tears while she gazed back at me. But I said nothing as I kept gazing at her wet eyes, bruised lip, and bloodstained nose.    Even if I wanted to, I didn't know what to say to her at such a moment. So I dragged my gaze off her and coldly uttered, "Blake, I think you and your father have disrupted my class enough, so maybe you should take a seat, or get out!" Feeling her eyes on me, I turned around, and the moment our eyes locked, I paused for a moment and then said, "Did you hear m..." "I did," Blake mumbled beneath her breath with her ga
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A death sentence
******************Luna Pov*********** Avoiding the sunlight, I rolled over in bed, and kicked the blanket off me, pissed over the fact that Alaska suddenly ruined breakfast this morning to inform my father that he got news about Blake. Immediately, dad abandoned his food and left the dining hall like that bitch was worth something to him. Since he left the villa with Alaska, we haven't gotten any news yet, and it felt a bit odd since a couple of hours had passed already and he should have been back with his bastard by now. A sudden loud knock on my room door forced me to open my eyes, and I swear whoever was at the door, woke up and chose not to live another day because a second later, I heard, "Bang! Bang!" Enraged, I sat up, resting my back against the headboard as I turned my head to stare at the door. "Who is it?" I shouted, feeling hesitant to leave the bed. "It's me, James. Milady, Our Luna requested your presence in
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