Tempting Darkness

Tempting Darkness

By:  Jessicahall  Completed
Language: English
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Nothing in our world is humane and normal. Especially not my mates. First, they killed my parents. I ran. But you can't run from the factions of the Fae, especially not them… Fae were the most powerful creatures in the world, as long as we had magic and our mate. Turns out I have not one mate but four, each one as brutal and cruel as the other. Darius was a Demonic-Fae, Tobias Vampiric-Fae, then there is Lycus, he is a Were-Fae, and let's not forget Kalen, Pure and devastatingly all Dark-Fae. They were all as cruel and as brutal as each other and they all wanted to destroy me. Now, I find myself at a crossroads, as I am being hunted by werewolves in an unfamiliar city, and I had to run to the very men I spent six years running from. I do the unthinkable. I send out a flare of my magic, an SOS to the very men I hide from. It doesn’t take long before I realize some things are worse than death. The men who wanted to destroy me, to claim me, to keep me. There was just one thing that they have forgotten. I was part of the darkness, too. And if they want to tempt darkness, they would eventually taste it, and nothing tastes sweeter than revenge.

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162 Chapters
Something felt off this morning. I didn’t know what, but something felt different as I glanced around the crowded room. Leering eyes watched me from where I sat alone in the mess hall. I sat on the edge of my seat where I sat at the table furthest from everybody. I always tried to sit closest to and exit but my usual spot was taken. I liked it near the door because it gave me an escape route. For the most part, I tried to go unnoticed; no such luck. I could feel all of their sleazy gazes as they watched me hungrily. I hated this place. I hated that there were no other women here. Most of all, I hated being the subject they loved to torment. All made worse by the fact I could do nothing to stop them.  Keeping to myself, I thought they would leave me alone, but that must be impossible. In a room full of men, I stuck out like
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Chapter 1
Aleera POV If there was one thing I was good at, it was running. Six years I had been running from them, ever since my magic fully manifested. Running from my mates, from the world, and a future I never agreed to or wanted. But I was also running out of choices as I turned up yet another alleyway as I tried to lose the monsters hunting me. Their heavy footfalls on the ground behind me were getting closer, and I knew they would force me to make a choice. My magic was getting low, my reserves depleting. I tried not to use it because I came closer to running out every time I did. Once a Fae runs out of magic, we are essentially human. Being human is dangerous in this world. Predators would pick you off in a heartbeat. I could hear the snarling beasts as they chased me down, get
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Chapter 2
Once a Fae manifests, most people hunt their mates down and wait for them to come into their magic. But they left me and let me finish school. It wasn't until I turned eighteen and the marking appeared along with my fully-fledged magic that I learned who my mates were. When their names appeared, I ran.  I say fully-fledged because I had a secret. I already had magic long before I should. Growing up, I knew I was different, knew something was wrong with me with the way my parents kept me hidden, kept me from the world. If only I truly understood what it meant, I wouldn't have complained so much. My mother's voice rang clear through my head every time I felt the urge to use my magic.  "Don't let them see, don't let anyone find out what you are" Her words usually pulled me back, and instinct told me not to show what I was. I h
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Chapter 3
They could kill me, and I felt like they genuinely wanted to crush me like a bug beneath their shoes. I have never felt so small in all my life. "Six years, Aleera, six fucking years, and you have the guts to ask for our help. We should have let them fucking kill you. Have you even got magic left because I can't feel it?" One of them screamed at me.  I have feared no one more than my mates. I knew who they were and what they had done. Now I was second-guessing my decision to call on them. One of them grasped my hair, my head ripped back, forcing me to stare at the eyes of the one I feared most. Darius Wraith. His name is constantly in the media; nobody in the world feared anyone more than they did Darius Wraith. Read more
Chapter 4
Darius Wraith POV I stared out the window overlooking the castle grounds. This place was older than dirt and passed down through the generations, though we had renovated the castle to our taste. My father was old-fashioned, and I would not miss the gaudy drapes and the ugly furnishings he had throughout this place. We had made it more functional for our needs and that of the army we were building here.  Tobias would handle Aleera until I could get over my shock and anger at her calling on us after all this time. All this fucking time, and then she suddenly wants us to save her. Not a fucking call, not a letter, nothing.Nothing for six bloody years. To say I was angry was an understatement. I wanted to hurt the girl, strangle the life out of her. She needed to feel the agony she caused us. She would regre
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Chapter 5
Aleera POV For three days, I have sat in this cell. Noone came except one man. He brought me a bottle of water and some bread, but that was it. Every morning, like clockwork. They hated me, but I didn't care; the feeling was mutual. Yet despite my hatred for the men that killed my family, I didn't think they would do this to me. Yes, I ran, but I had a good reason for not being with them. Did they honestly think I would go running into the arms of my parent's murderers? I should have chosen the werewolves. At least I wouldn't suffer this misery. Stupid Aleera. I was fucking stupid for calling on them.Hearing the steel door groan as it opens, I look over to see the man of the morning. He walked over, his back ramrod straight. He bends down, placing a metal plate on the ground that holds three slices of bread.&
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Chapter 6
Hours passed. I spent most of the day sleeping on the cold concrete floor. I was too lethargic to move. My ass went numb hours ago, my legs were asleep, and they had pins and needles, yet moving them felt like too much effort. My teeth chattered as my temperature plummeted, and the day turned into night. The coldness of night seeped into my bones, making them ache worse. I was asleep when I heard the steel door open.   "And you are back. Is it morning already?" I murmured. Hearing the cell door open, I instantly knew something was wrong as he never once ever came into the cell. My eyes flew open to see Darius standing in front of me.  "Oh, shit!" I curse under my breath.  "Oh shit is right, why aren't you eating?" Read more
Chapter 7
I didn't know what time it was when the door opened again, but I cringed when it did. Fear coursed through me, making my eyes dart to it. Worried, Darius has returned to inflict more injury on me. My leg needed to be set back into place, and I needed a doctor. Without my mates, I have no way of fixing it myself with one hand, and I doubt I could, anyway. My pain threshold wasn't the best. Relief floods me when I realize it isn't him. It was my usual morning visitor. He walks in, and I watch him as he tosses the water bottle through the bars. It falls at my feet and bumps my foot. I didn't even feel it, and I wasn't sure if that was a good thing because I wasn't in pain or a bad thing. "Aleera, please just-" He stops, his eyes going to the odd angle of my leg and my blood that has frozen on the floor beneath it. His eyes moved to mine
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Chapter 8
Darius POVTobias’s fist connected with her jaw. It happened so quickly I barely caught the movement until she started to fall. Tobias hesitated to catch her like he would let her hit the marble floors, but he moved at the last second, catching her limp body. Lycus storms out of the dungeons, looking extremely pissed off, and his shirt is coated in blood. Kalen was at his side in an instant, fussing over him. Lycus’s shirt is saturated in blood, his nose bleeding, and Tobias turns, noticing my gaze is directed over his shoulder. Lycus smacks Kalen’s fussing hands away as he storms over to us. “Fucking bitch stole some of my power and hit me with it,” He growls, rubbing the back of his head with his hand. Kalen&rs
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Chapter 9
Aleera POVMy head throbbed, and the back of my eyes ached but not nearly as much as my jaw does. I groaned, forcing my eyes open when I realized I wasn't on the hard concrete floor of the dungeon. No, I felt warmer and comfortable. I blink, trying to clear the blurriness of my vision to find a man sitting next to me, and I am in a bedroom on a bed. The man stared like he was looking through me as I jerked upright and pulled away from him. He had blonde hair that looked like he had just run his fingers through it only moments before. His blue eyes were the lightest shade I had ever seen, almost so pale they were almost white. If it weren't for my enhanced eyesight, I would have assumed they were until he blinked. The color returned to them. I wondered where his mind went as the color returned, and his eyes were now a startling cerulean blue.&nbs
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