Lured By The Cursed Alpha

Lured By The Cursed Alpha

By:  Nyx Rai  Updated just now
Language: English
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Willa was cursed. When she found her destined pack, Gemini Crescent, and met her destined mate, Alpha Kirsch, she couldn't recognize him as her mate, instead, she ended up luring the wrong Alpha, Taran Evernight into bed. Like Willa, Alpha Taran was also cursed. All three of their deep dark secrets crashed together and entangled their lives. This is a story about two Alphas wrongfully mated to the same luna and having all kinds of fun in bed. [This book is not a pure porno, but if you don't care about the storyline, the chapters with * in the name are what you are looking for] Warning: dark romance coming your way

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195 chapters
001 Powerful And Handsome
Willa's POV Only 3 months after Granny and I joined this pack, the pack already hated me to my guts. We had been changing packs ever since I could remember, and the lifespan of our stay was getting shorter as my 18th birthday closed in. All because I was wolfless. Being wolfless was the worst. People threw hatred at us like it was their job. They believed we were cursed, all because of a stupid curse story among werewolves-- There was once a wolfless girl. The whole pack hated her. She disobeys her alpha, and brings misfortune. On a new moon night, the girl was dragged into the woods by a wolf. Suddenly he saw fangs grow out of her mouth as her body covered in furs! She stabbed those fangs into his neck, and ripped his heart out with her claw! She was banished by the pack. "Willa! You have been telling pups the cursed story again, haven't you?" An annoying voice rose behind me when I was about to enter the woods where granny's cabin wa
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002 The Blunt Rejection
Willa's POV When I reached our cabin, granny was already waiting for me with our panic bag. This wasn't our first drill. "Are you hurt?!" Granny checked me head to toe, "What the hell happened this time?!" "He asked me to strip, so I slashed my hand instead." I faked a pitiful look, trying to get away with granny's rage, "I'm really sorry but you said no sex before 18--" "Save it! My rule is not an excuse to get away with misbehavior!" Granny glared at me sternly, seeing through my act right away. I grinned with my lips pressed. I wasn't sorry. I hated this pack and I didn't mind leaving. "Alpha Jason would hunt us down. We need to run. Take your medicine early today." Granny stashed a vial in my palm. I had my mouthful with the bitter herb potion when Granny shifted in front of me. Her bones snappings echoed among the silent forest, and a huge red wolf appeared in front of my eyes. Under the dim lights of the t
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003 Fate Worse Than Death
Willa's POV The alpha refused us bluntly when granny barely even finished her plea. Anger of humiliation exploded inside me. Of all the packs that I had been to, this one was the worst! Though I was hated before, at least those packs hated me for a reason! "Granny, let's go!" I pulled granny on the arm, dodging the Alpha's eyes. I would definitely offend him if he saw the hatred in my eyes. The red-haired woman snorted with contempt. "Willa--" Granny wouldn't move even after their insult. We needed a pack. I needed a pack. "We don't need them!" I rose my voice as I turned to granny. She sighed with a sad look. The red-haired woman let out a short laugh at my outburst, and my ears turned scarlet. Alpha Kirsch glared at her, and she just shrugged. "I was hoping we could find a home here, Willa," Granny said slowly. Of all the times that we moved before, granny never sounded so sad. It broke my hear
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004 The Alphas' Meeting
Kirsch's POV I agreed to meet Jason about some missing wolf. I thought that was his excuse to look for trouble. I didn't think he would actually come all the way to my border, only to retrieve a wolfless girl, and I surely didn't know she would be my mate! "Mine!..." Rudy shouted to me happily when he saw Ethan talking to a girl in a red cloak, but then he changed into a confused tone, "Mine?" Rudy was my wolf. I swear at the moment I was both ecstatic and murderous -- murderous to Rudy because this was not the first time he shouted that at me! A werewolf only has one chance to mark a mate, and I had marked mine, at Rudy's recognition! [A werewolf has only one mate, you stupid huge dog! What's the matter with you?!] I growled at him feeling mad, but I knew that anger was directed at myself-- I also felt the pull toward the girl. [I'm not sure...] Rudy calmed down a little from the thrill, [I FEEL like she's ours
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005 My Luna Hated Me
Willa's POV "What the hell?!" Jason dashed toward us but stopped fast as he stared at Alpha Kirsch with fear, "Are you fucking with me?!" "Yes, I would like you to see it that way." Alpha Kirsch let out a short laugh as if heard a funny joke. Jason was furious. Jason pointed his shaking fingers at Alpha Kirsch: "You deny her to me, you insult me! And you don't want to insult me!" "I think I just did." Alpha Kirsch sneered with a shrug, his lips curving up, "My pack is the strongest among...well, all the packs that I know of. So what are you gonna do about it?" The only thing stopping Jason from attacking Alpha Kirsch right now was the fear of a war with such a powerful pack. "She's still in my pack bond." Jason suppressed his voice, realizing anger was NOT going to get him what he wanted, "According to The Code--" "Break it." Alpha Kirsch nodded at me. If I break it, I wouldn't be able to mind link granny! I hesitated b
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006 Wandering Around
Willa's POV The Gemini Crescent Pack was HUGE. Its territory was nestled in the hug of snow mountains, facing a large area of forest. But the best part was, the town's east end met a small woods, with the sea right outside! I got rid of the worry about Jason, the rogues, the new moon, AND I got the sea within my reach?! It was like the sun shone into my life all of a sudden. Ethan dropped us at a three-story house, modern style, nestling among huge woods, separating the house from the snow mountain. Inside of the house looked fresh new. It didn't look like anyone was living here. So it was just a guest house? It was better than most five-star hotels at popular resorts! I guess that was one of the differences between huge packs and small ones. Even the temporary guest house was fancy! "You can rest here and fresh up. Stay off the third floor. The Alpha will be back in a few hours." Ethan told us before he left. It was pr
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007 Chased Away
Kirsch's POV Everyone has a deep, dark secret. Mine was Taran, a silver rogue I secretly kept in the pack. He was my Alpha and I was his only beta, until he turned rogue. He only shifted after he turned 15, but was instantly recognized by the pack bond as the new Alpha. He was a late boomer, and also the most powerful wolf I had ever known. But he was cursed. We had always known there was something off with his wolf. On the first new moon after he shifted, his wolf went rabid. I shifted for the first time on that night. I was only 12 back then. I fought him and we were both badly injured, but at least we kept the secret to ourselves. He went rabid on every new moon, and we had kept that secret successfully for a while, until I turned 18 and claimed him as my mate. I tried to fight it, but the mate's pull was driving me crazy. He had to let me mark him, but then him staying in the pack bond became torture to me because C
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008 Prank The Alpha
Willa's POV The Alpha had a sad look as he stood where he was, not moving long after we left. "Maybe staying in this pack IS a bad idea," Granny mumbled to herself. I couldn't believe granny said that. She was the one who wanted a home here! "Granny, why are you so upset about a rogue? There are always be rogues around packs." I panted as I tried to keep up with granny. She was basically running. "Do you think the Alpha is capable to defeat him? You saw how powerful that beast is!" Granny was shivering again. "It's not like the Alpha has to fight the beast himself. He got the most powerful pack." I laughed. Granny's steps slowed down. "What if the beast attacks us on the new moon?" Granny frowned. "Funny how you mentioned the new moon, it's in less than two weeks. If we leave, we would have to deal with it packless!" I shook my head in disbelief. I had never seen granny so shaken up, and we had faced rogues throughout our lives
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009 Pay The Price
Willa's Pov "I'm Natasha, the Beta of The Gemini Crescent. The alpha won't see you, and you are leaving the pack, right now." The woman claimed with a condescending look. "The beta"? Ethan was also a beta. Why did Natasha make such a weird claim? The smirky-looking guy from earlier was by her side. He grabbed our flask from the table with a despised look: "What the hell are you doing in here?!" "I'm just boiling some water, beta." Granny watched his move with cold eyes, but she didn't let anger take control. "Freak." James murmured, putting down the flask, "Pack your things and leave." "Get your filthy hand off the things in here!" Natasha came and grabbed my collar before I could leave the couch. She threw me on the floor with fury in her eyes. Now I WANTED to join the pack, just so I could annoy Natasha. "The Alpha promised to take us in. Can you tell us why are you suddenly giving a different command, beta?" Granny a
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010 A Telepathic Alpha
Willa's POV "Clean it up in here." The Alpha said coldly before he grabbed my wrist and led me to a room on the first floor. Granny and Natasha followed us. James got on with it right away while Ethan attended to the table. "Natasha, go and clean the mess you made," The Alpha turned before we reached the door of the study. "I have to talk to you," Natasha said in a haste. "I know what you want to say, and no, it won't change my decision. Now, go!" Alpha Kirsch Alpha Kirsch's eyes glimmered. I flinched at the sudden dominating vibe, and Natasha stiffened. He used the Alpha Aura. It inflict pain and no member of the pack could resist it. Natasha turned around stiffly and left. He opened the door for me, hinting me to go in. I hesitated and glanced at granny. She nodded. I followed the Alpha into the room, having no idea what to do now. I didn't have my potion. "Did she choke you?" Alpha Kirsch kept his distance th
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