The Alpha's Hunter

The Alpha's Hunter

By:  Alexis Stoneburgh  Ongoing
Language: English
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Evangeline has a be the greatest hunter ever born. Trained by her father, Evangeline has learned to be as cold and remorseless as the werewolves she hunts until her 18th birthday when everything changes. Meeting a strange wolf awakens something within her and Evangeline finds herself pitted against two worlds: the one she was raised in and the one that she was taught to loath. Has destiny played a cruel joke on her and she's fated to a wolf? Or is there another hunter hidden within her waiting to escape?

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4 Chapters
Chapter One
“What the hell Evangeline!” His voice echoed through the clearing but it didn’t sink in until I felt myself turned violently from where I was looking. The sword tumbled from my numb fingers as I took in the angry features of my father’s face. “I said, what the hell? You let the bastard get away.” My mouth opened and closed as I focused on his slash of a mouth, so unlike my full, plump lips. A trait from my mother he’d said…I looked just like her with my dark, thick black hair, green eyes, and pale skin. In fact, if I thought about it, I didn’t look like Alexander Delacorte’s daughter in any way. He was average build where I was tall and lithe. His brown hair and brown eyes fit perfectly with his complexion that looked like he’d been kissed by the Mediterranean sun. And I didn’t have the predatory slant to my eyes like he did, which were currently narrowed at me in frustration. “Answer me,” he growled as he shook me, his fingers digging into my upper arms.
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Chapter Two
Evangeline: “Ugh,” the wind is knocked out of me in a deep grunt as the blow lands on my stomach. Tears well in my eyes but I shake them away.  Instead, I square up and meet the hatred burning in my father’s eyes. I’d seen it before. In moments when he thought I wasn’t looking. My father wasn’t a kind man but that was why he was the society’s best hunter. The life of a hunter is cruel and short…there was never any room for kindness. Taking a deep breath, I launch into the attack. My kicks and punches coming so quickly, I catch a moment of surprise in his eyes and I feel a trill of excitement. Today, ol’ man. I am going to win today. I press forward as he scrambles to block each attack I throw at him; barely holding his ground. He moves away from me and I smile in triumph as I swing with my right fist. His eyes narrow and he dips below my swing, his own punches landing right in the middle of my stomach. I gasp at the pai
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Chapter Three
The Black Wolf “Has the counsel responded?” he asked Derrick, his beta, as he walked into the office. It had been a week since the damn hunters had snuck up on him and he’d been furious ever since. His shoulder still ached where the silver bullet had torn through it. Thankfully, it had gone straight through and not lodged itself in the skin. If it had, he might not be here.“They’ve been silent,” Derrick replied and Tristan growled in frustration, causing his beta to raise an eyebrow at him. “There might be more of a response if you contacted them directly. You know how they feel about werewolf society and hierarchies.”Damn it! I threw down the reports that I was looking over. He was right. I hated dealing with the hunters and their society. They were cowards, hiding behind stolen magic of witches they’d hunted down in the past. If it wasn’t for the need for peace, I would have happily mo
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Chapter Four
EvangelineThe cool night air brushed against me and I stretched to enjoy the sensation. My body didn’t hurt, although I knew that it should. I’d been trained too hard as though my father was taking all his hatred for wolves out on me. Sadness filled my mind but I couldn’t understand why. This was who he was; it was just a part of my life.But it hadn’t always been, the voice whispered with the wind and I was engulfed by the sadness again. Echoes of memories worried at the edges of my mind’s eye. I saw her, a gorgeous woman with laughter in her green eyes staring down at me, a soft smile are her full red lips as her fingers caressed my cheeks. Then a man was there, his features so different from those of my father. I could hear him say how beautiful I was, just like my mother. His voice was filled with pride and I felt no fear of him…I reached for the memories. Tr
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