Being His Wife

Being His Wife

By:  Lola, Julia, Igho  Updated just now
Language: English
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Ariana Delaney, a middle class girl who went about her daily life with little or no excitement to it but all that is about to change when she finds out that she has been arranged to marry into the most famous and absolute richest family in the state and that too to the breadwinner. Damien King, a young business tycoon, a billionaire and a force to reckon with in the cold world of business needs a simp for a wife just to keep up appearances and Ariana seems to fit into the description but he sure is in for a surprise. Follow these two as they weave through their relationship fully aware that they are from two entirely different worlds. Maybe there'll be a happy ending or maybe not. ***** He watched like a hawk, eying her every move hoping to swoop in at the right moment and catch his prey. Her smile, her hair, her innocence and of course, her curves. Those curves could have any man turn in her direction and it sure did. He couldn't let her go, she couldn't have been who he thought she was. No, maybe he wasn't in love with her but he sure knew one thing, she was his and his alone. **** She watched his as his beautiful eyes swallowed up. This man was beautiful but she couldn't fit into his world. It was too much for her and she had to admit it into herself. It was never going to work. Disclaimer: This work is purely a work of fiction and any similarities in names and characters are purely coincidental.

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119 chapters
Chapter One
Chapter One (Ariana's POV) I layed tucked under the covers wide awake and wondering why on earth I could not sleep at such a time. I looked around my bedroom as the squeaky noise of the ceiling fan somewhat fascinated me.    I never lacked sleep, ever. In spite of my hectic schedule, I still made out time to rest, so it was a shocker for me to be awake in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep.    But, in my heart of heart, I knew the reason for my sleeplessness. The events of the previous day still had me shaken and I could not help but keep mulling over it.    I had just finished with my shift at the five star restaurant I worked in and I was well on my way to getting a good rest when a call came in.    The caller ID had me rolling my eyes for a second. It was my father.    "Hey Dad..." I muttered.  &nbs
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Chapter Two
 I walked into the restaurant quickly saying hello to all the workers present. "Hi Ari!" That was Nolan, my colleague and only friend around here. "Hey Nolan, cómo estás?" I said, giving him a fist bump. I'm Spanish and so is Nolan. "Estoy bien. Are you okay?" He asked, staring closely at the dark circles around my eyes."I'm alright, just couldn't sleep last night." I shrugged. "Now that's serious." He said worriedly. "I'm fine Nolan." I rolled my eyes with a smile. Nolan is such a caring person and is really good looking as well. With a 6'2 height, thick curly brown hair and hickory brown eyes that are so entrancing, he usually turned heads wherever he went. "Bebita, you don't ever lose your sleep, what's wrong?" He stated. Ugh, he knew me too well."Nothing, really." I said dismissively. I did not want to think nor talk about it. It was
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Chapter Three
 I froze in place as soon as I met his gaze. I could barely register what was going on because I was in awe of how much of a beauty this man was. His grey orbs captured me first, then I drank the whole sight in. He's about 6'4 in height towering over my 5'6, his thick black hair was styled perfectly atop his head. His pink lips were just about full and thin at the same time, perfect. His tanned skin shone in the light and his suit did nothing to hide his well built body. His clean shaven face had my hands itching to touch it, strangely enough. He looked too good to be real. "Now, if you're done checking me out, can we get down to business?" He stated dryly, just like he was bored but his face gave nothing away. The statement startled me, my cheeks burned and I felt somewhat embarrassed. "Yes, sorry." I whispered, going on to take a seat in front of him. He stared down at me for a while before taking his se
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Chapter Four
 Hours went by with me thinking of what to wear. I barely had anything to wear indoors and now I had to prepare for a date. I paced the room for a while deep in thought, until sleep drew me in. Incessant knocks on the front door drew me out of my slumber and I trudged out to open it and was overwhelmed by the amount of ladies that trooped into my room. "Excuse me, I think you're in the wrong suite" I tried to redirect them."You're Ariana right?" A certain woman asked surprising me. "Yes, how do you know my name?""Oh sorry darling, it must be a surprise. We're from Mr. Kingston, he asked that we get you ready for your date tonight." She explained surprising me even more. "Oh okay.""Now now, go take a shower so we can get started, your date is by seven and it's past three already." She spun me around and pushed me towards the bedroom with her crew following closely behind.The
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Chapter Five
 As soon as we arrived, I quickly got out of the vehicle and stomped to my suite shutting the door behind me. I stared down at the flashy gold diamond encrusted jewelry, I now had on my left middle finger. It was way too much for me. I didn't think I could fit into such a lifestyle, I just wanted to run and hide. In all my rage I took off my clothes, took a shower and slid under the covers. It seemed like a routine to be pissed off by this man. I slept off soon after wondering when it'll be possible to go back home, I missed my apartment. The next morning my phone was buzzing with calls and texts. News sure spread like wildfire. There was no way I could deny that it was me in those pictures. It was so obvious. Bloggers were soon to start digging deep into my details and that would become a bother so I ran straight to the main cause of all this chaos. I was told he was in his office and would not be available until much
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Chapter Six
 I stayed in my suite for the rest of the day. The thought of meeting his family had me nervous. It was too soon. It was quite understandable because the wedding was in just a month but I was still yet to recover from the shock of yesterday. I stared at my phone longingly for a few seconds. I had followed Damien's advise and put it off. I only managed to get a text across to my father to assure him that I was fine. I saw messages from Nolan but I couldn't bring myself to reply at that point. I sighed at the thought of how I was going to handle all the questions that he would throw at me. The contract had me bound and I could not disclose the truth to anyone except it was authorized. This was a heavy burden on my shoulders, I never lied but now my whole life was becoming one. I sat in a lotus position on the bed, staring out the window so deep in thought, I had shut my surroundings out. "Ariana."It was funny, I thought my mi
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Chapter Seven
    "Damien!" A sweet female voice exclaimed out of nowhere. She looked dazzling with blonde hair and bright blue eyes but she had a petite frame and looked really small compared to Damien. Her outfit looked so expensive and I somewhat felt intimidated, I couldn't compete with that.  "Hey mum..." He said with a little bit of a smile.  Wait, what? I stared at him, mouth agape. Maybe it's just a nickname. I tried assuring myself. "How are you baby?" She asked fondly, bringing him close so she could place a peck on his cheek.  "I'm fine mum, how are you?" He replied, still holding her close.  "Hey bro!" A young handsome, blonde, blue eyed guy who seemed like the male version of the woman in front of me, came close and shook hands with Damien who glared at him.  "What did I do this time?" The blonde dude rolled his eyes.  "You weren't at the site to supervise the worke
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Chapter Eight
 Damien's POV;I looked to my left and realized that she was asleep already and she looked so adorable while at it. She had the most adorable pout on her lips as she slept and snored softly. In as much I did not give a damn what my family thought about her, I was somewhat relieved that they welcomed her warmly. Tracy was cold, however. I knew my mother would be over the moon because she was worried that I would never get to settle down. She was of the belief that I was closed off because I had no special someone in my life. I almost rolled my eyes at that, she believed in love and all those mushy stuff way too much. I looked back at Ariana who was getting more comfortable on the chair, moaning softly as she adjusted. This woman is beautiful but I couldn't tell her that, I didn't want her getting any ideas. I was marrying her just for my business and to boost my reputation in the eyes of the world. We had to be t
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Chapter Nine
     After my obvious and somewhat embarrassing staring session, Damien led me into the jet. The interiors almost knocked me off my feet. It was so magnificent, I could live in there for the rest of my life.     "You can sit now." He said sardonically. That was when I noticed he was already seated with his laptop placed in front of him.     I was perplexed. Why was he seating comfortably? I watched one of the air hostesses hoist a black suitcase that obviously wasn't mine into the luggage compartments.     "You're coming with me?" I asked dumbly.     "What does it look like?" He answered in a clipped tone.     "Yeah, sorry." I mumbled, taken aback by his terse response.    I sat quietly and buckled up for the ride. We soon took off, I watched him from the corner of my eye as he continued working on his laptop while the plane was
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Chapter Ten
  I got into the vehicle after much deliberation. The whole thing was calling my neighbors' attention, something I had been trying to avoid.  "Hey mum! Isn't she that hot guy's fiancée?!"I heard a teenager yell at her unsuspecting mother before I got in. I watched through the tinted glasses as they stared at the car dreamily. Only if they knew... I stared out the window for a while before staring down at my feet. It was then it occurred to me that the driver did not ask for directions before moving the vehicle. The roads were familiar but I did not understand how and why he would just decide to drive me without asking for my permission. "Where are we going?" I asked finally after much contemplation. "The boss said to take you to your father's place ma'am."And how did he know I wanted to go there? Was this man spying on me? Or, was he some creep that knew my every move before I t
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