Housemates with Benefits

Housemates with Benefits

By:  Hiraya Jey  Ongoing
Language: English
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After a long time away from his parents' home, he must return to see his sick mother. The problem is that he is forced to marry a girl. The thing is he's not interested with girls, luckily he have a best friend who would marry him for a contract. His best friend who’s apparently living with him for a while now.

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3 Chapters
I am awaken by the hard squeezes on my bump, which actually made me moan. I do not know whether it’s because of my head’s still aching from staying late at night working on our thesis paper or because the touch feels good. Now that’s not my only problem, I feel ticklish from something sniffing on my neck. My right arm suddenly felt heavy as if it is being crush. Much as that I actually know who’s the sinner, it’s not a dog of course, I don’t have a pet of my own. Rather, it’s Keegan my best friend. We are practically living together. For me, it is to save some penny because I’m on my rocks right now, which I'm still waiting ‘til next week for my allowance from the scholarship. I’m lucky enough to be chosen to the grant, they give a good keeps. And for him, he got some monster in his house to stay away from. I offered him to stay with me, but we have to split the payment. Fortunately
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Chapter 1
 Dancing on the dim lights, I feel like the hottest chick in the town. Damn, I look expensive with my red velvet skimpy dress. I’m not a party popper but today would be one of those exceptions. I look back on my best friend whom dueling with his devil booze right now. He needs more, until he’s not on his wits anymore to think of puckers on his pockets. The disco lights making a room for a glimpse to every person dancing on their own rhythm made everyone seems so free. The loud music mix with the laughters and some who went along with the lyric made the whole place so lively. This might be the reason why everyone loves to go into bars during the peak of the night. It’s to pour out all the frustrations and anxiety they cannot let out during the daytime. People thought this is the place where wild people goes, but it’s actually where do brave and lonely people resides.   I am too drown by my though
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Chapter 2
The alarm rings banging every corner of the room. The sound of the birds chirping outside the window have been really my comfort to start a new day. That I have no reason to lay on my bed or stay longer even just a minute or else I want to be late for school and get my record tainted. I felt a hot huff nuzzling on my neck, and perhaps this morning routine have been for ages grown for us. I felt his arm just under my boob squeezing me. It’s a comfortable feeling indeed but knowing that it’s not from a person you supposed to like is really bothering. He hugs me like a koala, a baby that can’t be separated from his mother. I tried moving my arms to shake it, just trying to wake him up. But instead he hugs me even tighter that my cherries slightly moving up, and it hurts. You better not really be awake or else I’m gonna kick your ass. I tried removing his arms wrapped around my body but it’s really heavy or he
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