It His ¡Falto!

It His ¡Falto!

By:  Lot More  Ongoing
Language: English
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She wants affection but when she turns into someone's obsession, she does not know. Abril Alonso is a young beautiful girl with her angelic features but she hides her true beauty to everyone's but she doesn't escape from the eyes of the Devil and when his gaze falls on her, she is caught in his grasp. Richard Moreno He is the ruthless king of his dark world. Cruelty, Callous and Brutality are just synonyms of his name! His gun speaks more than his words. Looking at his attractive features, no one can guess that he can be such a dangerous monster. What happens when he wants what he ruined with his own hands? Will she be able to love him? When he destroyed her body, will she be able to give him her soul?

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4 chapters
Chapter 1
CHAPTER 1 Abril's Pov: I slowly open my eyes.  It was dark all around me and there were iron bars in front of my eyes!  I was in a prison.  A lot of giant people were sitting in front of me. They all wore black outfits. The light was so dim and the moist smell mixed in the air. As my blurred eyes opened  he immediately  grabbed my hair and told the man sitting in front of him."the girl has regained consciousness."   I was screaming painfully. But my breath stopped when I heard  "Take it too, sell it in the market." That man said in his thick deep voice and I became numb.  Don't know how many girls were sitting there like me. Our mouths were packed and our hands and feet w
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Chapter 2
ABRIL'S POV: "Sir's privacy was completely taken care of and do not remove the blindfold off this girl, in any way." in a strong manner someone asked from behind me.  "No, nothing of this sort happened. I had this girl's eyes covered completely." The car driver replied. I felt my throat was dry and I lost all my energy.    "Ok, now you can go." The other man said to the driver.  "Abril, is this your name? Look I'm security in charge of this house, for the security majors, You have to get your checking done once before going inside this house. You will be checked by a girl from our staff. It will be completely secure and safe and your privacy will also be taken care of complet
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Chapter 3
I was just standing there like a lifeless doll. My whole body shivered. My teary eyes pleaded and prayed to God to please let me Go! Oh, God! Please save me. Then someone suddenly opened the room and I fell to the ground out of fear. He threw clothes at me as soon as he threw clothes at me.  I raised my head and looked at him. It was Matteo. Get ready by wearing it, your work is finished here. You have been bought by a Billionaire at a very good price more than ten times. Looks like he likes your innocent face, wants to take you to his house to entertain him. I was just looking at him like a corpse.  Whatever he was saying, every word of it was piercing my body like a thorn. When I did not wake up for a while, I shouted at myself very fast and quickly dressed up.  Before this, my h, and gets up on you. Wipe your tears, not a single voice should come out of your throat, how did you reach here? The car outside is waiting for you.  Go
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Chapter 4
There is a large full-length mirror in the room. I sneak a look at my reflection in it and the question rises in my blank mind. MY INNER VOICE ASKED ME, Who am I? A bride, A Escort, An object, Or someone's Purchased need or what? MOM WHY AM I'M HERE WHERE I'M NOT BELONG? EVEN I DON'T KNOW WHERE IM. Why is my life so cruel? Why? Sometimes I become an orphan, sometimes become a servant for someone, sometimes become a victim of someone's lust.  Even after this, God did not feel sorry for me, so today I became someone's Purchased!I think I don't do anything except see myself in the Mirror Helplessly, I see how I'm looking, A face, big round deep ocean Blue eyes and a cute button-like nose which have no emotions. Fragile figure I feel I'm just like my Mom.
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