Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me

By:  Tygerlilly   Ongoing
Language: English
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Danny Boston is now in her late thirties and has just about given up on life. No family or friends, she’s become a wandering gypsy. She has lost her way, self-esteem and maybe even her mind. She has no idea of her bloodlines or that her hybrid (wolf and dryad) powers are finally emerging. All she has left is her art. Everything changes when a handsome man she saves her life and her whole world shatters. Does she have the strength to follow the mystery in her blood and find a new passion for life? Can she trust that someone as hopeless as her can embrace magic and love? As she learns about her past will she be the answer for werewolf future? Or will her depression and the darkness within, swallow her soul.

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44 chapters
Prologue -
48 years ago, there was a rush of green and the rustling of leaves. A tiny baby in a woven branch basket giggled. She is beautiful, my baby girl. It’s been a long time since I risked having a mate and now, I am paying the price. “Shhhhh,” I cooed to her, her beautiful pale blue eyes sparkling up at me. I hated to leave her with the humans, but I knew she wouldn’t be safe in my world or his. She would never know me or the sacred bond of the wild but she would live. The humans would find her here and she would begin her journey into their world. My sweet Danalee.    In the forests of southern Canada, a wolf ran through my forest. The trees told me of his presence.  He was a rogue on the run. I could feel his intent was only to run and survive, not to harm. Werewolves used to be the protectors of the wild but now, except for their Pack lands, they side with the humans and care not for the future of the wild. He was a large wolf, even for a Were. Strong muscles ri
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Chapter 1-
“Well, shit. That doesn’t look anything like I pictured. I don’t… feel it.” I sighed looking over the ‘finished’ painting on the easel. I was suddenly overwhelmed by frustration. Fuck, another wasted canvas and wasted paint. I felt the tears brim in my eyes and swallowed them down. “Where has all my creative chaos gone? What is wrong with me that I can’t even accomplish this?” I have questioned this to myself for the hundredth time. First the failure, then the anger and finally, yeah, more depression. I hate it when the therapist is right. I’m just a waste. Wasted talent, wasted beauty – Whatever. Wasted time…… wasted so much time. The tears never fell but I could feel my face turning red as my mind began racing. Maybe if those hoity-toity rich assholes at the gallery gave me half a chance, I would blow their minds. I could be something. When I was in touch with myself, painting felt like magic. I’ve always had a deeply personal, almost sensual relationship with art.
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Chapter 2 -
It was a tiny store in a shrinking town. Everything had two price tags. The price for locals and the price for tourists. It was a badge of acceptance when Frank gave me the nod for the local prices. I know my checkbook appreciated it. It was a quiet town, mostly retirees and a few families that ran things. There are always the tourists from the cities and wanders passing through, but none of them stay too long. Most of the town’s population left as the big businesses closed. First the fishing fleet, then the commercial stores and the last straw was the lumber yard. It’s depressing watching a town die. People trying every day to make a living and remembering the way things used to be. They keep working hard and now it was no longer enough to get by. It’s sad. I didn’t fit in here but then I didn’t fit in anywhere else either. I didn’t need anyone’s approval so who cares. My sales are all online. I don’t care if there were no jobs here, no future. Just so long as there is a Po
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Chapter 3 -
I stepped out into the chilly evening air and headed toward my truck, I heard a ruckus of laughs and barks. As I approached, I was shocked at what I saw. Dingo was bent over making ridiculous faces at Biscuit who was doing his best to lick his way through the window. “I’ll never get all the drool off the door, you know that right.” I chided as I walked up. He looked like a kid caught with a hand in the cookie jar and laughed. Good lord, I could never be mad at that handsome face. He flashed me a charming smile and I felt my face flush. Again! “You can just throw those in the back.” I said tipping my head at the bones. Man, I was tired. Dingo dropped the bones in the truck bed with a loud rumble. Four, big bones rolled about. “I’m sure Biscuit won’t mind the dirt and a bit of rust on them.” I smiled and opened the door. Biscuit literally flew out, around the truck to Dingo who was trying to make his way over to me. I laughed gently, “He
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Chapter - 4
Dingo POV This was my favorite stop on my route. For five years I’ve been traveling the west coast seeking out more Were kind. I was handpicked by the Werewolf Council for the job. I blended well with humans, even if they are all crazy. My mission, to reunite the wild and unknown werewolf hybrids in a last ditch chance to keep our race from extinction. It’s been 50 years since the last full werepup was born. Our only form of continuing our race lies in finding dormant hybrids that can be turned. Human-Werewolf hybrids completely unaware they carry the Were genes. Those Were genes that normally trigger at puberty in a full Were, remain dormant and they go through life with no idea of what lurks in their blood. With a blood infusion from a full Werewolf, we have been able to awaken those dormant genetics. Let the wolf out so to speak, but It’s risky. The human mind and soul aren’t meant to just turn wolf. Without training and support for that hybrid, they can l
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Chapter 5 -
Dingo POVAbout a half hour later, I saw a vehicle pulled off to the side of the highway. My wolf eyes, even better in the dark, confirmed my sudden fear. It was Danny’s red truck. My heart began to race as my mind flipped through all the horrible things that could have happened since she left. There was no sound, no smoke, or even barking. I sighed in relief as I pulled up. Thank the Goddess she didn’t wreck. As I got closer, I could see she was passed out in the driver seat with her window completely rolled down.I walked to the door. “No really Danny, are you alright?” I demanded.See, I told you she needed our help. Dane was angry with me.I was angrier at myself more than anything else. This wasn’t safe. Not only could she have wrecked, killed herself or someone else but who knows what else prowls these roads at night. She should have taken more care. Biscuit came to life barking but settled as soon as he sensed
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Chapter 6 -
Dingo POVI got up and went to the door of the trailer, flicking on lights as I went. I met Brad at the entrance. He officially introduced me to Nolan as we all three tried to squeeze inside. Werewolves are usually large even in our human form and the three of us just didn’t fit in the tiny trailer. Brad announced he would close the truck I had left open and wait outside. I took Nolan back to where she was, quietly explaining all I knew along the way.We shuffled around each other so that he was closer to the patient. He raised his eyebrows at the dog curled at her feet. Biscuit let out a menacing growl. I soothed the beast back down. Humans would have thought twice but a dog was hardly intimidating to a werewolf.Nolan stepped up and was talking to himself. He set down a small black bag and began doing an initial check. He was very matter of fact and doctorly. He looked to be in his mid-fifties with grey hair and glasses.“Dingo, right? Can y
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Chapter 7 -
Dingo POVI went back to the truck and picked up the groceries and bone and went inside. I put the groceries away. The only place with any room inside the trailer was the tiny refrigerator. What did this woman eat, there was nothing here? Biscuit was blissfully gnawing on his bone. I walked back to check on her. She was much cooler now and the pheromones had dissipated. She was already looking better. I cracked open the windows just in case but closed the blinds tighter.I sighed, not at all how the night was supposed to go. I bent down and took off one of her shoes, then the other. They were Converse that had been painted over. Each had a foggy grey and green silhouette of a forest running down the sides, simple and calming. She was wearing pink fluffy socks. I chuckled quietly. That was not what I would have expected.I looked around and found a t-shirt. It was an old Metallica shirt, slashed with holes and paint stains. It smelled clean. I reversed the proces
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Chapter 8 -
Dingo POVFor two days this was the pattern. I was exhausted and my dick was more than a little chaffed. While she slept, I looked for answers. I went through the things in her trailer and tidied up without trying to look like I was tidying up. There was an alarming amount of pills in her cabinet but no drugs. The few bills she had were all paid.Dane was absolutely no help at all. He wanted her with or without the projections. He was really getting on my last nerve.Turns out her real name, at least on her driver’s license, was Danalee Boston. I liked the way Danalee rolled off my tongue. There were a few photographs here and there. I found one of a wedding photo, she was obviously the bride. In that photo she had auburn hair and she positively glowed with happiness in her white gown. She was strong and beautiful. I pulled the thick pile of canvases from behind the TV. Her art was amazing. It was mostly landscapes or portraits but each one sp
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Chapter 9 -
Danny POVI whispered halfheartedly, “I’m number 7 in the Paradise Cove Trailer court.”I leaned back in my seat. Biscuit laid his big block head on my lap as the truck fired up again. I let my eyes close.My mind began whirling, I saw colors all mixed together they kept spinning faster and faster. “Make it stop,” I pleaded. It was making me dizzy. A vortex of faces and voices came out of the whirling colors. I couldn’t see any one in particular, only that there were many. They were crying and scared. Their combined voices got louder and louder until it sounded like howling and I thought my head would split from the sound. Then everything went black and it all stopped.The black was thick and heavy. It was hot and hard to breathe. I needed fresh air. I started to panic and began choking on the black. It burned my throat and nose. I grabbed my throat and looked up. Slowly a pin prick of light formed. Then another. Bit by
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