Caged Between The Beta & Alpha

Caged Between The Beta & Alpha

By:  Moonlight Muse  Completed
Language: English
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When fate plays a twisted game, pairing Raven with not one but two mates, her entire world is turned upside down. Two men who considered one another brothers, until they realised their mate was the one and the same. Destroying their bond of friendship in seconds. For three years, they walked separate paths, unable to come to terms with the moon goddess' wish. Until now. United once again, they must put aside their differences to overcome the threat from within that has cast its shadow upon their pack. When secrets are spilt and lies are told, will they remember their old bonds and work together to protect those they love? With the mate bond spiralling out of control, wreaking havoc in its wake, time is running out. Will Raven survive the pull of her mates or will she be forced to pick just one? Book 4 of The Alpha Series Book 1 - Her Forbidden Alpha Book 2 - Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Book 3 - Her Destined Alpha

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It seems that the moon goddess plays a joke with Raven. It’s generally acknowledged that werewolves find their mates through scents and their romance relationships are based on the mate bond. Each werewolf will find their mates with the lead of the bond built by the moon goddess. However, Raven should be the mate of two werewolves. What’s more, these two werewolves are good friends. However, they give up their friendship and choose to go their separate ways when they find their mate should be the same girl. Eventually, their pack encounters a threat, what will they do? Can they remember the past friendship and confront the threat together? What will Raven do? Read Caged Between The Beta & Alpha. Welcome to Goodnovel world of fiction. If you like this novel, or you are an idealist hoping to explore a perfect world, and also want to become an original novel author online to increase income, you can join our family to read or create various types of books, such as romance novel, epic reading, werewolf novel, fantasy novel, history novel and so on. If you are a reader, high quality novels can be selected here. If you are an author, you can obtain more inspiration from others to create more brilliant works, what's more, your works on our platform will catch more attention and win more adimiration from readers.

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122 Chapters
1. Prologue
TWO YEARS AGO… LIAM Another blood moon, another mating ball, another goddamn reminder that I had a mate, yet she wasn’t mine. How the hell do you come to terms with that? Dad was adamant that I come to this mating ball as we were off from the Alpha training regime for a week. No one really knew that I had found my mate already and I intended to keep it that way. What kind of Alpha has to share his mate? What Alpha would accept that? I couldn’t. That night was still raw in my mind, I won't ever forget that both Damon and I wished each other luck before stepping into the hall, hoping that we would find our mate.  The Blood Moon occured twice a year and it was only on this night where one could find their mate if they were at age. I still remember walking in, seeking out the woman I had loved for years. Praying that she was my mate and she was. My heart raced when I had laid eyes on her, in that sexy black dress, only for my best fri
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2. Returning Home
CURRENT DAY RAVEN The sun beat down on my skin, a thin layer of sweat coating it. I jumped back as the two men attacked simultaneously. Three… I twisted around, elbowing one of them in the neck, hearing a satisfying crunch. Two… I flipped backwards, grabbing onto the other one, and slammed him face forward into the ground. One… With a final spin, I slammed my fist into the first man's nose. He grunted as he staggered backwards, before falling to his knees. I smiled slightly, breathing hard, as I stepped back. "And that is how you do it." I said, looking at the group of teens who had been watching. They didn't say anything, just stared in awe at the two giants who were flat on the floor. "That’s amazing." One of the boys muttered. I crouched down and took off the weights I had tied around my ankles. I heard a clap and turned to see my Aunt Angela walking over. Her long hair was in a high ponytail, and she was dressed in jeans and an oversized top. "Once again, impressively
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3. My Mates
RAVENThe following day, I went for a run before showering and getting ready in black flared pants, a black high-neck top, and applying my signature dramatic eyeliner with some mauve lipstick.Opening my window, I climbed out, not wanting another run-in with my parents.Making my way to the packhouse with the memory drive of some training regime and ideas I had, I headed towards the Alpha’s office. I slowed down when a familiar scent hit my nose. Roasted walnuts and honey. A scent that enveloped my entire body and made every nerve stand on edge.Goddess, please don’t be around.With each step closer to the office my heart was fluttering with nerves. The last memory I had of Liam tugged painfully at my chest, and it was pretty difficult to breathe.Raising my hand, I knocked on the door lightly before I opened it and stepped inside, stopping dead in my tracks when my gaze fell on the man in the leather chair. His legs crossed at t
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4. Down By The River
RAVEN Her question took me by surprise, but I simply shrugged. "I haven’t been around for ages, Aunty." She smirked. "You girls do know, you and Kia." She stated. "But if you don’t want to tell me right now… That's fine, but nothing stays hidden. Besides, I have my assumptions." Trust Aunty Red to say that. She wasn’t dumb, I had to give her that. I really didn't want to ask her what she assumed because I might give something away… "Aww well, I hope you do get to figure it out. Aunty if you ever need this little gummy bear babysat, I will do it willingly. She is so adorable!" I smiled at Azura who was playing with my hair, and I won’t deny I liked it. She was so cute. "Oh, I’ll definitely hold you to that." Aunty said smiling. "Good," I replied, thinking this place felt so much better to spend time at. - Night had fallen and I was in my room, my stuff hadn’t really been touched since I had gone a
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5. First Training
RAVEN Last night, the image of the Omega Ryan kept replaying in my mind. I couldn’t sleep or anything. The way his mouth had been cut open, his teeth ripped out and no lingering scent? It was creepy. I shuddered, unable to remove that image from my head as I got dressed for training in a sports bra, leggings and an oversized hoodie before grabbing my portable music player and jumping out the window. This had always been my way out, and although my parents hated it, if dad wasn’t so controlling I wouldn’t have to. Ok, maybe I still would. I walked to the training fields and to my dismay, Damon was standing there, dressed in baggy bottoms, a black vest and sneakers. He was leaning against the wall looking at the throng of people who were training. My heart skipped a beat as I looked him over, he really had gotten even more handsome over the years, if that was even possible… He had lost the boyish looks he once supported, his face was now more angled and rugged. His eye
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6. Fire & Ice
LIAM I returned to my office, trying not to let her anger get to me. I don’t know what I was expecting... Seeing her again, those gorgeous eyes of hers. Was this mate bond only affecting me? Damon seemed to be doing fucking fine too. Was it just me suffering like this? Jealousy reared its ugly head at that thought. Don’t fucking let shit get to you, Liam. I sat back. With the killing that happened last night, the pack was a little restless and everyone had heard about it. Although I made sure everything carried on as usual as best as possible. The tension was clear in the air. The uneasiness of what happened the night before still lingered on everyone’s mind, it wasn’t something we were just going to forget overnight. The darkness that had settled over the pack was palpable and I could sense the unease and fear clawing its way through the pack link. I really wanted Dad and Mom to go away for a week or so. Dad needed it, and with all of
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7. Babysitting
LIAM It was evening, Mom had mind-linked me to stop by only for me to realise she had tricked me. "Me alone with her?" I asked, looking at the little pumpkin. "She’s a good girl, Liam." Mom said dismissively. Dad smirked. "Yup, a real angel." He added, not sounding very convincing. "We could do this tomorrow?" "No baby, we are going." Mom said firmly. They were going to visit some lone wolves who lived near our pack territory. Considering the murder, Mom and Dad decided to check in on them, and here I was stuck with my little sister Azura - Aunty Indy’s girl that Mom carried. "Wiyam, I be good." She blinked those large blue eyes as she assured me. No, that was an alarm bell right there. No kid who says they will be good will be good… and I had seen the devil, Dante. Kids were scary… Don’t mess with them. "So, since you're visiting a few elderly wolves… you should be home by eleven?" I asked. Mom
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8. A Walk In The Dark
RAVEN Staying in was suffocating, so I did what I did best: I jumped out of the window and left. I was enjoying the fresh air; it was slightly chilly, but nothing that would affect us werewolves. I wrapped my arms around myself while walking along, glad I wore my suede thigh high boots. I was just walking around the edge of the trees when I heard someone crying hysterically. A child at that. Concerned, I followed the sound only to find Liam wrestling a very upset Azura. Her face was a dark pink and she looked distraught. "Need help?" I asked without thinking. He stiffened before turning to me sharply. Goddess, he was so annoyingly handsome… Even while wrestling an angry, red-faced, little cute chibi. My stomach fluttered nervously, feeling undressed under his intense, sharp gaze that still threw me off. It was like he was a stranger I didn’t recognise. His eyes were burning into me, I saw them darken when they fell on my bare thighs. T
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9. It Hurts
RAVEN The moment those sparks rushed through me; my eyes blazed as I looked at the man beneath me. "And this is an even nicer punch!" I growled quietly, before punching him square in the nose. The sickening crunch as I broke it satisfied me. How dare he! I jumped off of him, resisting the urge to kick him in the balls, and instead kicked his knee, hard! How dare he! Grabbing my boots, I turned and stormed down the stairs. My heart was thundering with a hundred emotions, but above all, I felt angry. How could he ignore me for three years and think he could just start flirting with me? Nope, not happening. I am not a pushover. I will not- "Raven!" He grabbed my arm just as I reached the front door, and I was annoyed to see he had put his nose back in place. "Don’t touch me, Liam." I hissed, yanking free. "I’m fucking sorry." He said, raising his hands in surrender. "That was out of line." He looked
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10. Trying My Best
Damon I said it, the reason behind the guilt that had been fucking consuming me since she returned... I needed to tell her anyway. Her porcelain doll-like face stayed in its perfect mask, yet I could feel her pain, hear her racing heart and see the way her fingers trembled ever so slightly on that donut. Her eyes, which were so fucking unique and perfect, looked at me, but there was no hatred there. Dammit I fucking hurt her… I'm fucking sorry, Raven. "Raven?" I whispered closing the gap between us, but she suddenly snapped out of it, despite her erratic heartbeat. "Thanks for telling me. Do you have anything else to say?" She asked with a blank face. I frowned, slightly concerned. Shit, I didn’t know what to say… Fuck it. I stepped closer, pulling her tightly into my arms. I didn’t care if the donut went everywhere, I just needed to tell her I'm fucking sorry. Her fresh floral scent and the beating of her heart soothed
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