Fallen From Grace [Married to the Mafia Novel]

Fallen From Grace [Married to the Mafia Novel]

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(18+ Explicit Content) Buy me.” My voice rings clear through the room. "Buy me and I will serve you until my purpose is through. Buy me and save me from death.” Dante merely laughs at me, "Why should I save you? I'm no hero, girl. You've stepped into a dragon's den and you're committing yourself to me.” I don't budge, fighting through the urge to cower before him. “I'll give you one chance to walk away, Atwood girl. If you don't, you will be mine and no one can save you from me.” But that’s exactly what I need. Not a hero, but a monster who could tear the world down and bring my sister back to me. I would sacrifice anything for her, including my freedom. Jean Atwood was at the top of the world. A perfect life for the perfect daughter of the esteemed and powerful Atwood family. But one mistake turned her life upside down and brought her family's name to the ground. Drowned in debt after her parents' deaths, Jean must find a way to free herself and her beloved younger sister from slavery.

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104 chapters
Chapter 1
“No,” I watch helplessly as my parents’ bodies lay on the ground, blood pooling around their bodies from their wounds. “Mom? Dad?” I call out but there’s no answer. I crawl toward them, uncaring of the danger still looming. I hear gunshots being exchanged in the background. Screams fill my ears as I reach my parents both shot dead. It’s not until I feel my throat dry out and my vision blurry with tears that I realize the screams are mine, drowning the war raging outside this room.   How did it come to this? Cradling my mother’s head against my chest, I wrack my brain to figure out what’s going on.    “They’re dead, little Jean.”   I know that voice. Shive
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Chapter 2
That one word gives me the last straw of hope and I hold onto it like a lifeline. My legs throb and my lungs burn from exhaustion but his outstretched hand keeps me going, running toward it like a beacon of hope.   With every step I take closer to him, I feel safer, but at the same time, I can sense his aura. His intensity and his displayed strength just by standing there. Against the barrage of gunfire from Serafino and his men, this man stands proud, completely unarmed, and that says a lot about him.   Without slowing down, I sprint straight into this stranger, colliding with his hard chest. With my mind hazy with adrenaline, I hide behind his broad back, hands gripped tightly around the material of his shirt.   “Thank you,” I gasp out, unsure if he heard me. I’m not safe
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Chapter 3
“I’m selling myself to you.” My voice rings clear through the room. If I didn’t have Dante’s attention before, I have it now. He stares me down as he waits for me to elaborate.   It tells me he’s not a man of many words. His piercing gray eyes hold mine and it takes everything in me not to lower my eyes. I hold my head a little higher, my back straighter. I explain to him as concisely as I can about my escape from the Regis family and how Serafino Regis now owns me and my sister. “Buy me and save me from death.”    Dante merely scoffs at my declaration. “Why should I save you? I’m no hero, girl. You’ve stepped into a dragon’s den on your own and now, you’re committing yourself to me? Do you know what that means?”    Read more
Chapter 4
He’s serious? I can’t believe it.   “What?”    Dante smirks, amused at the results of our negotiation. “I’m granting you a favor, but now you owe me, Miss Atwood.”     “You’re serious?”   Is this really happening? I won’t have to go back to the Regis family and become their slave? I have a chance to reclaim my name and save my sister? “Don’t regret your decision. And don’t make me regret mine.” He all but growls his words toward me. “Now, leave.”   Read more
Chapter 5
It’s still dark when I come to, but that’s probably because of the blackout curtains. I have no idea what time it is or how long I’ve been out. I’d guess maybe a couple of hours. What am I doing on the bed? I could have sworn I was outside on the couch.   Someone must have carried me to the bed.   I don’t recall much after Luca escorted me to this room. I remember having a panic attack but what happened after that is a blur. I haven’t had a panic attack that severe in years. I make a mental note to ask Dante for permission to purchase some meds. In my hurry, I left everything back at home, my phone, wallet, everything.   “Wait,” I mutter to myself, my voice sounding hoarse from all the screaming. I remember being injected with
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Chapter 6
I get dressed in the clothes provided, a simple black shirt and black jeans that are a little too small for me, hugging my ass and thighs like a second skin. I don’t wonder where the clothes came from because it’s most likely from one of Dante’s or his men’s women. At least that’s my best guess for these mafia men with their multitude of women.   I head out of Dante’s room. There’s still something I need to do.    I don’t need to look far because Dante’s right there waiting for me outside the room. I flush immediately, embarrassed at what happened inside the room a few minutes ago.   “Follow me,”  Read more
Chapter 7
Digging graves is probably the very last thing I had expected to do in this life, yet here I am, digging the graves of my parents.   There isn’t time to hire anyone to do it or even prepare a funeral service. Serafino’s men could return without warning to seize the property, and I wouldn’t want to be caught here. Luca explained to me earlier that it’s the most probable reason why Dante changed his plan and came with us, just in case the Regis goons return.    Would they really come back? I figured Dante hasn’t completely finished dealing with Serafino yet if he’s worried about that.   It hasn’t been a full twenty-four hours since my parents died but I’m pretty sure the news has spread already. Read more
Chapter 8
“You’re to stay here until Dante gives further orders. Feel free to roam the main house, but don’t leave. Find Killian if you need anything.”   Those were the last words I heard from Luca before he left to God knows where. It’s been two days since then and I haven’t heard from him or Dante since. I’ve taken the liberty to get familiar with the huge mansion.   The D’Angelo estate isn’t a mansion or a couple of buildings put together, but a whole expanse of vast land. It’s so big that it might take a few hours just to walk around the perimeter. It consists of the main house-- where I’ve been provided a room; the stables; the garage; and the open yard. At least those were what I could see from the second-floor terrace. I haven’t really left the house since I’m
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Chapter 9
“Jean?” My mother’s voice rings clear in my ears even as she strides toward me. “What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be back!”   Looking around, the house seems to be in quite a fuss. Hired men are running back and forth lugging around suitcases and boxes, my father running with them. “What’s going on, Mom? Are we moving?”   My mom clasps my face in both of her hands, “God, my dear Jean. You shouldn’t be here.”   Confused and starting to get extremely annoyed that she won’t answer my questions, I ask. “What’s going on, Mom? You told me to come back, remember? I got your message.”   “No,” Her voice is barely above a whisper but I hear the pain in it. My mom sways and I reach out a hand just in time to cat
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Chapter 10
“Are you serious?”   Fucking ridiculous. I’ve been summoned early in the next day for this crap?    “Why would you think I’m not?” But he can’t be.   “You want me to marry you?” I ask as I wave the marriage registration papers he had handed to me when I walked in. From the corner of my eye, I see Luca standing beside Dante fighting a grin. It makes me want to walk over there and smack him across the face.   “Simply put, yes. I’m cashing in the favor you owe me. Fo
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