The Billionaire's Illegitimate Daughter

The Billionaire's Illegitimate Daughter

By:  Yizre'el  Completed
Language: English
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Angel Jazmin Miller's father requested that she return to the country to meet the woman he will soon marry. Her father has been a single father for many years, and this is the first time he has had a serious relationship that resulted in an engagement. Jazmin granted her father's request, but she had no intention of staying for long. Jazmin met her soon-to-be mother, and to her surprise, it was the woman she thought she'd end up with for the rest of her life and the reason she lost everything when she was in high school. What will triumph? Her admiration for her father's decisions or her desire for vengeance on those who have wronged her in the past?

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33 chapters
Chapter 1
"ANGEL!" Angel Jazmin Miller smiled broadly at the cute girl who called her name even though she isn't used to being addressed by her first name. Her name, however, sounded lovely when spoken by the girl. "Baby!" Jazmin exclaimed, hugging the lovely raven-haired girl tightly. The raven-haired girl laughed. "You're k-killing m-me," the raven-haired girl says, choking herself. Jazmin burst out laughing. "I'm sorry, baby; I just missed you," she says, pinching the raven-haired girl's cheeks. "Ouch!" The raven-haired girl took a step back from her. "That hurts," she grumbled. "Cute," Jazmin said
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Chapter 2
HANA FINALLY, MY FAMILY IS COMPLETE! The scenario that I'm seeing right now has my heart racing. I'm thrilled that my big sister is here with us, and I mentally promise that I'll do everything in my power to keep her here permanently. When Dad marries Averi, we will be a completely happy family. I can't help but smile. Angel or Jazmin preferred to call her by her middle name, and we were stepsisters. When he was sixteen, her mother was my father's girlfriend, and he impregnated her without knowing it. My grandparents threatened her, so she didn't tell him. Jazmin's mother was impoverished, and my grandparents believe she is only after my father's money. So they give her a small sum of money to keep her away from my Dad. J
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Chapter 3
JAZMIN I BEGAN TELLING DAD ABOUT MY TRAVELS WHILE I WAS AWAY FROM THEM. I told him about my adventures while touring the United States searching for unusual chocolates to use in my new recipes. It can be good or bad as long as it is distinct from other chocolate recipes. That's precisely what I did after graduating from NYU with honors, learning more about chocolates and sweets. Then Dad called Hana's name, and she seemed unconcerned about our presence. She's frowning now, but she'll smile again soon. She was utterly unaware that Dad and I were staring at her. Someone is lost in thought. I've always loved sweets and chocolates since I was a child. My mother was a fantastic
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Chapter 4
JAZMIN Flashback continues… AND THE WINNER OF THIS YEAR'S CUPCUPCAKE AND DESSERT WAR IS..." the emcee's voice echoed throughout the school gym as the fake drum rolls played. My stomach is doing somersaults, but I'm confident I'll win this competition. "Angel Bonnie Ramirez!" The crowd applauded my name, and I heard my name called and announced as a winner, but I'm still processing the situation; I'm so overwhelmed that I think I'm going to cry, a cry for victory and happiness. "Miss Ramirez, please take the stage!" The emcee called me again, and this time I obeyed. "R
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Chapter 5
JAZMIN "I MISSED you, Ma," I said to myself. I buried my face in my knees and sobbed silently. I don't want to bother them with my sobbing right now. I don't want them to see me like this. After a long bath, I went out to the bathroom and put on my white nightgown. I went to my bed and lay down. I sighed a heavy sigh. I'm exhausted physically, but my mind refuses to shut down. I'm thinking about Averi again. I've always wondered how she managed to keep her slender and beautiful figure over the years. She grew into a stunning woman. I can't stop staring at her sexy toned legs, revealed in her working skirt a while ago. Her s
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Chapter 6
JAZMIN I WOKE up at one-thirty in the afternoon. I slept too long, but it felt great. I'm not sure when was the last time I slept that long. It's perfect to be back home. I went for a shower, and after that, I wore my ripped jean short shorts and a white V-neck shirt, then my slippers. I have no plans of going out today. I still needed to rest. And I'm hungry, so I need to eat first. Although I can make this easy by just calling the maids, even if we are rich, I'm not taking advantage of anything that I have right now. Though at work, if I start in the Angel Food Industry, which I'm sure it's pretty soon, I'll take advantage of my position as the owner's daughter for them to respect me. "Good morning, Señorita," the maid
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Chapter 7
JAZMIN Flashback starts… "KIDS, dinner's ready!" Mama called from the dining area. We rushed to the dining room. Yes. WE. Who else is with me? No other than my two BFFs. They are having dinner with us. We are here at our new house. Yep, new house. I rented a new house owned by Pearl's aunt. It's bigger and more presentable. Her aunt abandoned the house because she married a Korean, so her husband wanted her to move with him; that's why she left the house vacant. Pearl has their house nearby, and Ben rents an apartment nearby. But actually, they're crashing here every
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Chapter 8
JAZMIN Flashback continues… THE DAYS at school get even better because Ezra and I have the same classes together! I keep on reciting to myself that I'm not gay and I only admire her. My 'admiration' got more profound when I learned that she's the President of the student council and the volleyball team captain. I don't know how she managed her time, but she's doing great.  Wow! And I saw how the students adored her. They respect her as their leader; I mean, they love her. Even Noah agreed that she is a great and friendly person. Her boyfrie
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Chapter 9
JAZMINFlashback continues…I DON'T know what to wear to the dinner, but thankfully, Pearl is my super best friend because she did all the work and helped me with the dress. I'm happy I have a friend like her. She's my fashion designer. All thanks to her!I'm nervous about what to wear. I want The Mendez to be impressed, but I want Ezra to be impressed with what I will wear deep inside."And finish," Pearl said, finishing my makeup. She just put on light makeup; she knows I'm not a fan of it. "I'm pretty sure they'll look at you in awe," she said, looking at me up and down.Read more
Chapter 10
JAZMINFlashback continues…I SILENTLY opened the girl's bathroom and heard someone crying. Someone is trying to suppress her crying, but I can still hear it. I saw Ezra looking at the mirror while tears flowed down her face. She was sad and hurt. But why is she still beautiful when she's crying? Unlike me, I look terrible when I'm crying.When she noticed someone standing behind her and saw me through the mirror, she immediately washed her face in the sink and dried it up with her handkerchief. Her eyes are still puffy and red."Hey, what's wrong?" I ask with a concerned look. I just stood there, and we were staring at ea
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