Loving The Cold-hearted Billionaire

Loving The Cold-hearted Billionaire

By:  PromzyM  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Why is it that everytime I met you, you were busy running from me?" He asked me, his hand still holding mine captured above my head. I felt powerless. I couldn't do anything. I hate being vulnerable. No matter what I've always loved to have a sense of power in me but with Michael Milan it just seems impossible. He was like hard drugs mixed together in my system. No matter what I do, I just couldn't get away from him. "Because I'm saving myself from you, Micheal." I whispered softly. "You will destroy me if I get too close." A love at first sight. A love that was so wrong and so right at the same time. Aisling was torn between protecting what she loves and surrendering.

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4 Chapters
Chapter One_ The Break-up
Aisling POV I hate my life. You might ask me why I said what I said but it is the truth. I hate my life so much. When I was in high school I always thought that at the age of 25 I would be married with one kid, but you know what? At 26 I have gone through so many breakups than Taylor Swift. Could it be because I love her? Is that why I went through the same thing as her? Men ain't shit. My first boyfriend in highschool called me a dummy just because I wasn't topping my classes. He broke up with me on our graduation day. My second and third boyfriends were simply ashamed of being with me. Why? It is simply because I didn't go to college. They couldn't be with someone that didn't go to college. All my boyfriends find one way or the other to dump me. My boyfriend of two years was actually dating another woman he was plan
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Chapter Two_ The Meeting
Aisling POV: He look so handsome! So powerful. So rich. Everything that I'm not. He walked inside my flower shop without sparing me a glance. It was actually a relief. I dont kniw what would have done if he'd looked at me.   Damn it, I look pathetic right now. I took in a deep breath and wipe my cheek with the back of my hand before walking inside my shop. "Miss Garcia, this man here is in search of a beautiful flower." Piper called on me. Oh shit. Oh shit. Please not this time.   "Can you please tend to him? I'm trying to regulate my breath here." I told her.   "Of course."   Read more
Chapter Three_ The Second time
Aisling POV:   I got to my apartment and dropped my bag on the couch inside the living room. I walked inside the kitchen and opened the fridge, I grabbed a glass cup and poured in some water.   It has been almost a week since I met that man who was still embroidered in my head as if I just met him 2 minutes ago.   I can't do anything without thinking about him.   There I go again. Thinking about a man that is probably with his woman. I rolled my eyes and drank my water then put back the cup inside the cabinet.   I am hungry. I opened my fridge to see if there's anything edible but goddamn!There was absolutely nothing inside my refrigerator. It was empty.  &
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Chapter Four_ The Intimacy
Aisling's POV:   "I am going to make creamy shrimp fettuccine pasta, I hope you don't mind?" I asked him when he walked inside the kitchen that I was.   He sat on down the bench and smirked. "Are you going to cook something else if I say no?" He asked me.   Would I? Of course not, if he doesn't want to eat it I'll cook and and make instant noodles for him.   "I'll still cook it because I'm craving it." I said and shrugged. He chuckled and stood up from the bench. He removed his blazer and roll up his shirt sleeve.   "Whatvare you doing?" I asked him, my eyes widened as he walked closer to me.   "Trying to help you with the cooking." He told me.
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