Arrange Marriage With Alpha Alex

Arrange Marriage With Alpha Alex

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"The only reason I said ok to this mating was for the sake of my Pack. Our realtionship will only be a way to ensuring peace between our pack's. I don't like you. And I never will. So do not have any ideas." Ashly stared, "How is this fair to me?". "Life is unfair, Omega. I have my girlfriend. She is the one I will always love. You are just an inconvenience. I know how to get rid of you and I will, after making sure the thwart between our pack's wouldn't ever be affected. I hate you, Ashly James. That's a constant." Ashly, an Omega from Shadow pack and Alex, an alpha from Moonlight Pack are engaged to be mates as a peace treaty between the two pack's that have been odds for centuries. Ashly fall in love with the Alpha even though Alex is rude. Alex doesn't want Ashly as his mate. He is in love with Jasmine from the Starlight pack and does everything he can to make Ashly despise him and break off their marriage. Now, here Ashly is waiting for her Alpha to come home to her, from his secret lover. Will Alex realize Ashly worth or will Ashly get fed up of being stuck in a loveless mating and decide to leave behind Alex, the only guy her heart yearns for? At last Alex cross his line when he sleep with Ashly and make her pregnant. Life gets more difficult for Ashly when Alex leave her after making her pregnant. 15 year's later, Ashly lives in a small rundown apartment in the worst part of city with her 14 year old son, who won't stop asking about his Alpha dad. What happen when Alex and Ashly meet agin?

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 Ashly watched from the balcony of her room as cars rolled in through the gate of the mansion. Today was the day. She was going to meet up with the person she had been engaged with, an engagement which had been arranged purely for the pack's greater good. Being an Omega, Ashly didn't have much of a choice in the matter. And, she couldn't just refuse when her adoptive father Brandon who was also the pack leader asked if she would marry into the Moonlight pack for the sake of the pack wellness and to put an end to the enmity between their packs. Brandon had always done what was best for her, and the fact he actually asked Ashly permission for marriage made her really happy, as an Omega wasn't given the privilege of raising their disapproval when it came to their spouse and marriage. So, of course, she accepted. She didn't know how her alpha looked, what kind of a person he was, but Ashly was already devoting her life to him, like any Omega should.
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"Jones.", Brandon welcomed gleefully and a bald man stood up and hugged him, while Jenny hugged a latino lady around her age. Ashly figured they had to be Jones and Jia Branson. She dragged her eyes away from them to a beautiful girl who beared a spot-on resemblance with Jia Branson. She seemed really happy to see Ashly as she waved at her. Ashly smiled back, regarding and turned her attention to a little boy dressed in a suit, seated next to her, who looked really uninterested and Ashly felt him, after all, what would a kid like about a dinner where nothing which he considered fun happened?   Her eyes then fell upon the one person whom she was so anxiously awaiting. Alex Branson in all his glory, was seated right next to the kid and he looked like he would be anywhere else but here. He refused to look anywhere except the plate in front of him but Ashly took note of his jet-black hair and his pale skin before she heard her name being ca
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  Alex was fuming in anger as he drove back home.   "Loosen the grip, Alex.", He heard the person from the adjacent seat say.   "Shut up, Seth."   "You're going to break the steering wheel.", His best friend countered.   Alex groaned, but loosened the choke hold on the steering anyway.   "Good, now tell me what's got you all...death grippy."   "It's that Omega. I hate her.", Alex snarled.   "What Omega?", Seth asked innocently.   "You know who I'm talking about.", Alex said, narrowing his eyes, not impressed at Seth act of clean hands.   "Nop
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Ashly was good looking, Alex will admit that. But his heart belonged with a blond-haired beauty whom he wanted to spend his entire life with. Maybe if he had met Ashly before he met Jasmine, everything would have turned out different.   He only hoped that Jasmine was willing to wait for him even after his marriage. He knew what to do, he would get married, yes but once he was sure that the peace treaty between the packs wouldn't ever be affected, he had to get rid of Ashly. He didn't know how, but he would do it for his love. He didn't even know what was waiting for him at Jasmine place and he desperately wished it wasn't a breakup. He didn't know if he could take it. It would kill him if Jasmine ever left him.   He soon reached the destination of his choice. He shifted back as the his bones popped back into their original places. Jasmine room was in the ground floor, and her room had a bal
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 Ashly felt like her world had crashed, spinning one second and stopped entirely, the next. Those words that escaped her fiance's mouth weren't the ones that she was expecting at all. She guessed she deserved the cold treatment because it was a arranged marriage and Alex wasn't in love with her. But what Alex had said......Ashly still couldn't wrap her head around it, ten hours later. Alex had someone in his life, Someone he loved, whom he planned on being with ever after their marriage? Ashly had never had an opportunity to fall in love. Being an Omega meant Ashly had a pretty sheltered life. People were never looking to build a relationship with her, they'd rather get in her in their bed. It had put Ashly off of relationships and falling in love. But after she had gotten engaged, she had started looking forward to sharing her life with that single person to whom she would give her everything. She had gotten ready to give everything to the cold and
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 "What the hell, Alex.", His sister's voice boomed through the emptiness of his room as soon as she opened the room door. "Where the hell have you been?" He groaned, sitting up on the bed. To be honest, he knew this conversation was due. He had returned in the wee hours of the morning from Jasmine place and sneaked back into the house, being careful not to wake his parents or his sister. He knew Rose was going to lecture him on yesterday's events and he wasn't really looking forward to it. He had a good time after leaving the Shadow Pack lands and felt at peace after spending the night with Jasmine. He was in a good mood and he wanted to maintain it that way. "Nowhere.", He replied carelessly. "Nowhere?", She scoffed. "That's funny because I don't remember seeing you at home last night." Alex sighed, avoiding her eyes. "None of your business, Rose." Rose narrowed her
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  "Monika, Ashly." Brandon shouted. "Come on down! There's someone you have to see." "God, why is he shouting in the morning?" Monika groaned, walking out of her room, her hair like that of a bird's nest making Ashly squint away her drowsiness just so she could get a clear look at her sister. And when she did, she couldn't resist laughing making Monika let a growl at her, before she carded her fingers through her messy hair trying to smoothe down the tangled strands, before they walked down the stairs, both wanting to know why their dad was yelling for them at 7 in the morning. They walked together to the living room and they looked at their father in front of whom another guy stood. And they squinted before the said guy turned around and they both squealed, "ADOM!!!" "Surprise." Their friend stated before holding his arms out knowing that the next moment Monika and Ashly were going to strangle
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"Ashly, you look amazing." Monika said, staring at her sister who was wearing a red, black striped glittery long Dress, with a royal black sequined coat over it. She knew when Ashly picked out the dress that she was going to look amazing in it, but actually seeing her all ready for the big event, it brought tears to her eyes. "Of course, I do." Ashly laughed. "After all, you're the one who did my make up." She smiled at her teary eyed sister. She hugged her, gently shaking her head. "I love you, Ashly." "I love you too, Moni." Ashly gently patted her back. She pulled away, smiling at her, blinking away the tears before her makeup could be ruined. "Oh shit." She said as she noticed the time on the table clock in the tent assigned for Ashly in the gardens of the Branson Manor. "Mom asked me to give this to someone before 4. It's half last already. Shit. shit." She pointed to the fi
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"What are you doing, sitting here alone?" Monika asked the blond haired man that sat by the pond, his blazer on the ground by his side. "Just sitting. Crowd's not really my scene." He answered when he looked at her. "Really?" She asked. "I would have pegged you for a love-the-attention kinda guy." "Oh, believe me, I am. I just don't want to steal the newly weds' spotlight." He joked. "Cocky, I see." She smirked. "Is that how you talk to an alpha?" Seth eyes hardened and Monika was scared for a second. "Sorry...I.." She stopped when Seth brow furrowed. "Relax, I was just teasing you." He chuckled. Monika relaxed. "Oh." She sat down near him. "Yeah.." "So you're not like your friend then?" She said, bringing up her knees to the chest. "Who?" Seth asked, confused. Read more
Alex wouldn't look at Ashly as he walked past her, down to their bedroom. "I'm going to other country for some pack business." "Of really you are! You always run to your problem, don't you? You spent our whole time outside when you can't give answer. You called things off almost every fucking time when we want to talk to you, and no, that's still not enough time for you? What about Ashly, Alex? What about your mate?" Rose yelled through the tears pouring down her face as she watched her brother pack a bag of clothes quickly. She can hear Ashly sob from outside. "I just need time to think. Jasmine tries to help me sort things out and I think I should go," Alex said, grabbing his toothbrush and throwing it in his bag. "I'm sorry," Alex mumbled to his sister, quickly walking out of the bedroom and down the hallway, not meeting Ashly eyes. "Alex, Alex no, don't go, cancel your work, think about Ashly" Rose begged, following
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