Her Forbidden Alpha King

Her Forbidden Alpha King

By:  Adry Moon  Completed
Language: English
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"I don't belong to anyone!" I hissed at him. I would never admit that I'm at his mercy, that my body begs to be touched by him. "I can prove to you that you are mine!" A devilish smirk is plastered all over his face, his eyes are flashing lust and raw desire. "I would like to see you try!" I forget how to breathe the moment he crashes his lips against mine. He tastes like heaven, a sweet intoxicating flavor that seduces my senses and puts me under a magic spell. His tongue explores the depths of my mouth, sweeping me off my feet. And then his hands reach my inner thighs, stroking over my soaking panties… ~~~~~~~~~~~ Allaya never thought her lovely boyfriend would cheat on her with her step-sister, moreover that she would catch them in the act. Betrayal pushed her to the edge, then Hayden and Landon showed up and turned her life upside down. Who will she choose? And how will she cope with her true nature?

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65 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Innocence
~~~ Allaya ~~~ Unreasonably gorgeous eyes of grass color, plump lips that suck you into dreamland when they take the shape of his signature sexy smirk, honey like hair soft to the touch and a rock hard eight pack abs that possess the power to melt you into oblivion. The handsome man I’m describing is my boyfriend Elijah, and though I never had a taste of the forbidden fruit, I’m drooling as I fantasize about him ravaging my body, turning me into a hot mess. Today is his birthday and I finally made up my mind, I’m going to let him do all those wicked things to my body, those hot things he whispered into my ears every time we made out. He’d been my boyfriend for over two years and had been nothing but patient with me, while I took my sweet time to decide if I’m going to do it or not. My step sister and best friend, Elena, is right. She warned me that a man like Elijah would move on if I don’t decide to throw out my innocence and indulge into the
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Chapter 2 - Cheating bastards
~~~ Hayden ~~~I run my fingers through my hair, three more weeks until I’ll bear the weight of the crown. I would never admit that it makes me uneasy.It’s my destiny to wear the title of King of Alphas and I’ve been trained for it my entire existence, but I can’t tell if that moment is dreadful or exciting for me. Perhaps a little bit of both.“What do you think about the redhead with that cleavage that could win her a place in both  Heaven and Hell?” My cousin, Landon, is pulling me away from my train of thought, his eyes flashing lust.I let go of the breath I’ve been holding, my glance scanning through the club and landing on the woman he was pointing at. High heeled boots, trashy dress that leaves nothing to imagination, dancing on the table like a little whore.I shake my head in disgust, no fucking way I’ll put my dick into that. It’s been a while since I had some rough meaningless
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Chapter 3 - Dangerous
~~~ Allaya ~~~My heart is hammering in my chest, so loud that I can almost hear it, rage swirls inside me and I’m trembling like a fool. What kind of devil has gotten under my skin to let an utter stranger touch me so intimately?But that man did not feel like a stranger to me.I relished in that moment like there was no tomorrow, he had me under some sort of spell. Our instant connection was powerful and addictive, almost like the hand of fate was influencing my senses, guiding my moves to the one destined for me.Wait… what? Where did that come from?My emotions are all over the place, my own mind gave up on me and my thoughts ceased to make sense.Sparks break all over my treacherous body at the mere recollection of his touch, and I feel my cheeks flush. His hands felt like magic bliss, while his hot lips on my neck transported me to another universe, where skilled gorgeous men like him really exist.Good God, I must
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Chapter 4 - Coveted prize
~~~ Allaya ~~~ I take out a small traveling bag and toss inside some clothes, just enough to last me a few days. I plan on telling my father to deliver me the rest. For now, I just want to avoid my step sister. I’ll leave the house in the middle of the night as a thief. I shouldn’t be the one chased out of my home, but I don’t have the strength or the will to face my parents and relate what happened to them. They should know, but I’ll give Elena the chance to tell them. I’ll miss my home, I’ll miss my parents, but I cannot live under the same roof with her, not anymore. A sense of loss wrecks over my soul, she used to be my best friend, my light at the end of the tunnel. Every time I believed I didn’t fit in, she would beat some sense into me. But it’s all in the past. Elena betrayed me in the worst way possible. I swallow my tears, she doesn’t deserve them. Zipping up my bag, I pick myself from the floor and just when I’m abou
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Chapter 5 - Undeniable Truth
~~~ Allaya ~~~** My eyes sharply explore the depth of the woods, butterflies are ravaging my stomach in fear, my heart is pounding against my rib cage, as ready to explode, it’s nothing that I have felt before.I run, I run for my life is in danger, my life and the life of my unborn baby. Unworthy sensations for my kind are stirring inside, my body is tense in that emotion called panic, which was created for blunt human weaklings.I run with inhuman speed, as fast as I can, searching for a good hiding spot, the chances of survival are low. They will catch up on me soon, I’m not going to make it, it’s just too many of them and I’m alone.My heart rate is on overdrive while racing against all odds, my life depends on it, I know every inch of this place, but so do they. Howls cracking through the silence of the forest, making everything more intense, the dreadful noises are getting closer.<
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Chapter 6 - Dance The Pain Away
~~~ Allaya ~~~ “Man candy at 12 o’clock! Don’t look, he’s coming your way!” Alexis smiles mischievously and my treacherous mind instantly travels to that man that looked as sexy as the devil himself, the absurdly gorgeous man that of course has a girlfriend. ‘You’re a terrible person, Allaya!’ I silently reprimand myself, yet my heartbeats are going wild in anticipation. Though I can’t explain exactly how, I can feel his presence in this club, that all-male fragrance mixed with fresh ground coffee scent is everything my nose can pick up in here. Time moves in slow motion as I wait for him to show up, it seems like an eternity passes until someone is lightly touching my shoulder. With no delay, my hope falters, I don’t feel my insides bursting into flames, so it cannot be him. “Allaya, you’re here again!” A man’s throaty voice is pulling me out of my train of thoughts. I turn around and meet a pair of charming baby blue eyes. A
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Chapter 7 - Mood swings
~~~ Allaya ~~~** “She has to die!”“That child is a nefarious creature which will bring destruction by drawing the wrath of Gods and the grudge of our ancestors!”“The child will bestow misfortune on all of us!”Their atrocious shouts are sharpening as we edge near the sinister castle pertaining to the Council of Magical Creatures.Why are their judgements so bloodthirsty, what do they know about us? Nothing.“The rules are very clear, why didn’t they follow them?”“Yes, this would not have happened if they just respected our laws!”“Kill her!”“Kill her along with her abominable child!”“Nooooooooo!”I cry out with the little strength I have left. “It’s just an innocent child!” My tone low, my voice shattered, I
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Chapter 8 - Beautiful Beast
~~~ Allaya ~~~Big blue eyes and dark black fur, almost beautiful, if not for those fangs and for the fact that I’ll probably die in the next seconds.The beautiful beast seems disturbingly familiar, it’s something in the way he looks at me that strains me. I must be losing my mind, but I see a sort of warmth shining in his dark storming gaze.‘Of course, you’re the food here, Allaya, he probably thinks that you’re delicious!’I close my eyes as I collapse on the ground, I hope this will end quickly, I already feel my energy draining from the fear.Thump.Thumpp.Thumppp.Thumpppp.My heart is threatening to make a hole in my chest to jump out of it.Seconds pass and nothing happens. I feel a human touch on my arm, I open my eyes even more scared and I see… L-Landon.Landon is standing between the huge wolf and me, his body shielding mine.The shock or the h
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Chapter 9 - Mate
~~~ Hayden ~~~Motherfucker!That was the first thought that crossed my mind as I opened my eyes this morning, my 21th birthday morning, just before my body was invaded by emotions and needs I was not aware that I can be blessed with until that right moment, when everything became fucking crystal clear.How the fuck is even possible for Allaya to be my mate?I’ve been suspecting this since the moment I’ve set my eyes on her, but still, how the fuck did this happen?There is a rule against it and I’m not even concerned for my Alpha status, if this information reaches the wrong people, my mate will be in great danger. The Head of the Council is waiting patiently for an opportunity to strike me and my close ones.She might even get killed, I have to hide it as if our lives depend on it for our lives do depend on it.But it’s not a fucking easy task, it’s required for the true Alpha to introduce hi
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Chapter 10 - Remembrance
~~~ Allaya ~~~As I entered the house earlier, after the event with that massive beast, I reached to a conclusion, not to ponder on that incident again. I would have doubted my own senses, if not for Landon, that witnessed everything. Anyway, I’ll place it in a corner of my mind along with my nightmares, it won’t do me any good to speculate about it, and it certainly won’t bring me any answers. It’s better to prepare for the party, seeing Hayden with his girlfriend, that’s a real challenge.I am prepared for the battle ahead, my outfit is my armor, I analyze my figure from every angle possible, doing pirouettes and all kinds of dance moves. My lips form into a satisfying smirk, the dress my parents got me looks stunning on my body.My weapon is my make-up and unlike any other day, I used a ton of it. This shade of black that I’ve never applied before literally hides my age, I’m totally gorgeous, I look years
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