The Alpha Of Valmore: His Fight For His Luna And Heir

The Alpha Of Valmore: His Fight For His Luna And Heir

By:  LiLhyz  Completed
Language: English
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Alana Hope was a wolfless girl who was unaware of her nature. Her true form gradually awakened when she met the father of her son, eight years after an eventful one-night stand. Alana had no idea how her life would immensely change after that. Alric Valmore was the Alpha of The Valmore Blood Pack, one of the biggest packs in Eastern Dhuran. For as long as he could remember, he had been searching for his mate, his future Luna. After stumbling into Alana, he sensed, deep within his bones, that she was his mate, but with her wolf not coming out, will he ever know for certain? Fate would have it, Alana and her son were taken to the Port of Valmore, the biggest territory of The Valmore Blood Pack. Would Alric rise to the occasion and fight for his Luna and son? What would happen when Alana's roots are shed into light? What would happen when the wolves that treated her as inferior, learn that Alana was the missing piece to the strength of their pack?

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87 chapters
Chapter 1: Forgettable Man
~Alana~   “Mommy, I could have gotten to school by myself.” The young boy with dark brown hair groaned in obvious dismay. As he held the straps of his backpack, he grumbled, “What’s the use of a school bus?” “Ha. Ha.” Alana let out a sarcastic laugh and replied, “No, Kai. Not when girls are fighting over you. Nope! That’s not going to happen. Uncle Aiden will take care of you. Remember to be a nice kid. I love you. Bye!" "Love you too, mom!" Kai replied, walking towards his uncle Aiden.  It was laughable! Alana’s initial thought came through.  Just the other day, two young girls, aged eight and nine, were fighting over who should sit next to her son. The bus driver pleaded with her to have Kai take a mode of private transport to school. Apparently, the scene in which girls fight over Kai was a daily upset to the poor old man. Her son, Kai, was still seven years old, yet one could say he was a standout amongst
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Chapter 2: The Wolfless Girl
~Alric~   Alpha Alric and a few members of his pack flew to Bay City to eye a potential investment. While The Valmore Blood Pack had dominated many states of Eastern Dhuran, masked in the name of The Valmore Group Of Companies, Alric could not deny the growing market, west to their nation.  He, together with his Beta, Dean Barrick, and a few of his Gammas, had flown via private jet and were now riding in a convoy towards the best hotel in the city.  Gazing through the window of the car, Alric gasped and purred, “Eastern Dhuran is the refuge for all humans. Most of them are not aware. They live so blindly of our existence in the west.” “You know that well, brother. Not only was it your forefather’s peace treaty with the humans, but this is... your third time here in Bay City,” Dean reminded, his face reflected a hint of mischief.  With the recollection of his previous trips, Alric snarled at Dean, his nose flared
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Chapter 3: New Sexy Thing
~Alana~   “Good afternoon, Mister Valmore.” Putting a hand on her chest, Alana found herself squeezing near where it throbbed. Seeing Mister Valmore walk away from her ached, and for whatever reason, it was beyond her grasp. She maintained her head down, trying to soothe her discomfort.  Alana observed how their General Manager had left his post to accommodate the valued guests. From a distance, she could hear them exchanging words. “Yes!” “Yes, anything!” “Absolutely, Mister Valmore. Anything you ask.” Alana could hear Patrick, her boss, confirm whatever request Mister Valmore had in mind, but she dared not look their way again.  Strangely though, she could feel eyes on her, as if they were burning through her slender frame. Still, she ignored her senses, merely wanting to get this arrival ceremony over and done with.  Not a moment too soon, she heard footsteps fading against the
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Chapter 4: It's Me
~Alana~   Alana was in dreamland.  Here she was, pinned against the wall by a handsome CEO, his arms protectively holding her. With the way Alric Valmore was whiffing the life out of her, she easily drowned in dirty thoughts of him.  It was shameful to admit, but she could not help the attraction she had for this man. Her body acted on its own and her hands moved up to his chest as if they were holding him back, but in truth, she was enjoying the hardness of his sculpture.  “Mister - Sir -” Her assertions were stuck in her throat. Her eyes fluttered to the sensation of the man’s warm breath against her skin. “Oh, dear...” “You smell so sweet… so divine,” she heard him say while he brushed his finger gently against the side of her face.  With all the tension building up between them, Alana recognized the dampness in between her thighs that she clamped them together, holding back the irresistible arou
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Author Announcement (February 24)
Hello Readers! For those who have followed me from the start, thank you for giving this new genre a chance. For those who are new to my stories, welcome to the world of LiLhyz. You may follow me on social media by searching LiLhyz  - Author.  A quick introduction about me. I am a mother of three and I love to create stories. On this platform, "The Alpha Of Valmore: His Fight For His Luna And Heir" is my fifth story, but my very first werewolf novel. If you would like to read contemporary romance, you can search for my other books, using my pen name, only here on Goodnovel App.  Know that you have an option to read for free by earning daily rewards, and you can get the best rewards by regularly updating your Goodnovel app. To support the author, however, please also consider unlocking chapters with paid coins. Updates will be an average of two chapters a day. On Sundays, I often take my rest.  Thank you once again fo
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Chapter 5: One And A Half Day
~Alric~   “But werew -“ Alric stopped himself, recalling how this girl had no idea of her own true nature. All the more, she did not have her wolf, another mystery to her he had to solve. ‘She doesn’t remember? And all because she met an accident?’ Alric was in doubt, but he also discerned her sincerity.  He gulped his theories down his throat and further tightened his hold around Alana. He maintained to savor the surrounding air, pressing his lips on her head. Alric recognized, perhaps, there was some truth to what she said. Since she had no wolf, she could not heal the same way as he did or any regular werewolves. She could not be a late bloomer, though. As far as he knew, Alana should already be twenty-six by now.  Back in The Port of Valmore, the largest territory within their name, they had late bloomers who shifted after they turned eighteen. Alana, however, was a different story. If only they were together then, h
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Chapter 6: Eight Years Back
~Alana~   Patrick, Alana’s manager, was in doubt. Alric Valmore allowed her to leave when he had earlier named Alana to be their aide while in the city. Thankfully, the powerful CEO confirmed his approval, but the odd thing was, he did not allow John to relieve her for that afternoon either.  Still, Alana’s working hours were nearly done, and she deserved time off, anyway. More than just being worn out during the days prior to Alric’s arrival, she utterly had to think things thoroughly.  ‘Is Alric really Kai’s father?’ She pondered while walking into a grocery store located close to her neighborhood. She was still in her uniform. Her mini-skirt displayed her slender legs and her vest hugged her frame superbly.  Alana knew it would be for another two hours before Kai would arrive home, and since she needed the time to think, she made it a point to walk around. What better way to walk around than buying groceries at the same
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Chapter 7: A Son
~Alana~   Inserting the key in, Alana’s hands were shaking. “Darn!” The memory of Claire and Lilith belittling her still remained in her thoughts that her face was still red in exasperation. Alana was standing on her porch, trying to open her front door, and had been for five minutes since she arrived. When she dropped the set of keys, she bent over and carelessly attempted to open the door once more.  It did not open. Her blood was rising, so she shook the doorknob vigorously, and alas, she broke it with ease. Alana’s mouth fell agape, and she took the deepest breath for that day. “Great. I guess my day is getting more exciting by the hour.” “Mommy!” She turned to find her son, being escorted by her neighbor, Aiden. “What are you doing here so early?” “Good afternoon, Alana. Didn’t expect to find you here at this time,” Aiden said, his smile was from ear to ear when he offered, “How about... we have d
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Chapter 8: Crush On Daddy
~Alana~   “Mom, what’s my daddy like?” Kai inquired while his amber orbs sparkled to near bright gold. His lips thinned as they curved up, unable to hide his excitement.  Alana was tucking Kai into bed. She sat on one side, pulling the blanket up to his torso. She beamed at her son’s curiosity and replied cautiously, “Well, Kai... I - I have yet to know your father.” Slightly throwing her head back, she blinked, and her mind wandered to her very remarkable afternoon. She blushed at the thought of Alric and she flushed while describing him, “But, physically, he is a tall and muscular man. He is a businessman from Eastern Dhuran.” “Is he as handsome as me, mom?” Kai asked, chuckling. A giggle escaped Alana’s lips. Her striking blue eyes glinted as she revealed, “Yes, he is very handsome. In fact, you resemble him very much.” “Mom, why is your face so red?” Kai probed, making Alana feel her cheeks with her fingers. “Do y
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Chapter 9: Mine
~Alric~   “Max,” Alric greeted, his chin up and his eyes intensely peering at his Gamma. His colossal figure, shadowing against the dusk, his walk wielding like always. “Alpha,” Max replied, lowering his head. “You did not have - “ “I have to!” Taking a deep breath, his gaze landed on the second floor of the small home, and he resumed his words, “I had to know for myself.” Seeing how Max nodded, the great Alpha probed, “What is the best entry to the rooms? Up the tree? Climb at the back?” He was ready to put his muscles into good use, ready to climb like a Romeo would for his Juliet, and then Max replied, “Alpha Alric, the front door is open. You can enter there.” “What?” He snapped, snarling at his Gamma. “And why is that, Max?” Poor Max, strained at the mood of his Alpha. He swallowed air down his throat like it was his fault, to begin with. He stammered through his answer, “It - it was her doing, Alpha. Our futu
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