Mad Wolf

Mad Wolf

By:  Agatha Rose  Completed
Language: English
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After spending a passionate night together, Alpha Ryker Cromwell rejected Xyrra as his mate in the name of protection and disappeared because of his Mad Wolf Disease and he didn’t want to hurt her. However, Xyrra disagreed on this. “Whether you’re a mad wolf or a cute puppy, I am the one to decide and I reject your rejection!” Contains sexual scenes, display of violence, and usage of profanity. Suitable for 18 years old and above. Book of The A.R. Were World Series.

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41 chapters
Chapter 1
His hands worked like magic. Everywhere he touched, my skin burnt and sparks flew. He touched parts of me that no other living being had ever touched before. His silver eyes which were holding mine had that glimpse of possessiveness as he watched me slowly sinking into that sensual trance his touch never failed to render. “Tonight I’m yours,” he said huskily, his lips were against the soft skin below my ear. And I could feel his hand with long, lean brown fingers that knew how to be cruel if the moment presented itself slid underneath my t-shirt and moved their way up my back. With his skillful hand, he unhooked my bra. “I need you,” he whispered again as both of his hands explored my skin, caressing, squeezing, and sending fire straight to my core. “I can tell,” I sighed out pleasurably. He was very aroused
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Chapter 2
It was a normal Friday and I was working at the cafe as a waitress. The day was rather slow and as I was cleaning the front window glass, I let my mind mull over what had happened for the last two months. To be fair, there had been tons of things. Two months ago I’d gone to a wedding with my boyfriend at that time only to have the groom, Ryker, turned to me and claimed me to be his soulmate and the love of his life. I’d gotten dumped by my boyfriend right at the spot and a few days later, I’d learned that there were creatures other than humans living on Earth and Ryker being one of them. Werewolves, witches, warlocks, and god knows what else truly existed and were hidden in the shadows. Then to take it up on a higher level of shock, I’d found out that my own father and my best friend were also werewolves. My father was a rogue, kicked out of his pack after killing his mate, my mother. Eros was actually sent by their alpha to mo
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Chapter 3
It was late in the afternoon when I’d parked my motorcycle in the garage and took off my helmet. Monday was a busy day but luckily I only worked for a couple of hours especially since my finals would come soon and I’d need time to prepare for them. My boss was more than okay with it — I was guessing that he could tell something was off with me and that I needed some time off. After all, since that odd encounter with Ryker a few days ago, the thought of him and the feel of his touch lingered longer than usual, occupying my thoughts almost every hour of the day.  I fondled the keychain that Ryker had once given me before pulling the key out and sticking them inside my pocket. With my backpack slung on one shoulder, I walked through the adjoined door that connected the garage to the packhouse. Surprisingly enough, someone must’ve forgotten to turn on the light because everything was dark. At least for a
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Chapter 4
It was odd to look my dad in the eye and not recognize him. He looked every bit the same, saved for the beard that he hadn’t had before. There was this haunted look on his face as if he’d seen terror and actually lived it. It made me wonder what had happened these past few months.  “Dad?” I greeted him as I stepped into the room and approached him. He looked up and immediately stood from where he was sitting. “Xyrra.” Despite everything else that felt different, the way he called my name hadn’t changed at all. I rushed to him, throwing my arms around him and burying my face in his chest. “Dad.” “I missed you, Sweetie.” He kissed the top of my head and breathed in. “So so much. You have no idea.” I pulled away slightly, my eyes searching for his. “Then why did you leave?”  “Because you’re in good hands. Alpha Ryker is a strong man, and I knew he’d protect you no matter what because you’re his mate. With Atlas being uncontrolla
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Chapter 5
Fair Warning: This chapter contains sexual and mature scenes that might not be suitable for some audiences, especially those below the age of 16. But since you choose to read this story despite the 18+ warning, well, enjoy what you signed up for.  °°°°°°° Days passed like a blur. Having my dad around did make it easier, although he was still wary of me. I guessed he was still trying to make peace with the fact that I was a sorceress, someone who was capable of doing malicious, cruel, and unspeakable things. But for the other part that recently discovered a side of me, he was sincerely happy. I could see it in his eyes and felt it whenever he was telling me all sorts of things that a wolf could do and what it meant to be a wolf.  In all honesty, I appreciated everything that he taught me. However, I didn’t think I’d like to go through the transforming process even though he’d indeed said that it wou
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Chapter 6
There was no mark. He hadn’t marked me. He’d bitten and he sucked my blood but that was it. It left me more confused than if he’d marked me. Eros had taken me back to the Ethereal’s packhouse about an hour ago. Despite what I’d told him, he didn’t believe that Ryker had indeed come and that he’d bitten me. The fact that the wound had healed itself by the time Eros had found me on the bathroom floor didn’t help, either.  “Why can’t you believe me?” I breathed out and sagged on the couch. “He was there. He bit me and drank my blood. Why else would I be passing out in the bathroom?”  “Maybe you had too much to drink.” My best friend annoyingly shrugged and, at this moment, I wanted nothing but to throw something at him. Anything. He seemed to realize that too, as he took a seat next to me and held my hand. “Look, Xy, Ryker is no longer in Europe. The pack at the border saw him leave when he nearly crossed their territory. There was no way that it was Ryker.” E
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Chapter 7
It took everything in me not to blast my power and erase her existence. A part of me wished that I could turn back time and not see that mark on her shoulder. Perhaps if that was the case, I wouldn’t have to hear her talking about her and Ryker. I wished I could erase that part of my memory so that my chest wouldn’t feel all the pain I was currently feeling. I did my best to shove those aching away and focused on Adelina instead. She could be lying for all I knew. It was possible that she’d simply had rough sex with a wolf that wasn’t Ryker and she’d only said that to piss me off because she knew she couldn’t possibly fight me and win. My thoughts must be apparent on my face because the next second Adelina opened her mouth and informed me all the details about her so-called night with Ryker. “He’s big, I have to say. I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle him.” Adelina let out a small giggle, which didn’t suit her at all as she was fifteen years older than any school girl. “But d
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Chapter 8
I shoved that thought away. It was lucidly impossible. My dad had told me what had happened that night. There had been at least a dozen of the Erebus’s members who witnessed my mother’s body being torn apart. Then there were those ladies who’d cleaned her body for burial, too. Hell, my dad was going to take me to her grave this weekend. The book must have been wrong, or there was another witch named Gaia Delvaux that wasn’t my mother.  Once I calmed myself down, I continued searching for any information about ‘Mad Wolf’ that I eventually stumbled upon one page that was filled with the Greek alphabet, albeit there was only one paragraph in it. There wasn’t a single Latin word on this page.  Mad Wolf is a rare, mythical disease that will drive the wolf crazy to the point where he/she will eat their mate and then die upon the realization of what they’d done. This disease was caused by the Sword of Damocles. I picked up my phone again and searched for a
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Chapter 9
Dmitry rarely called my name, but when he’d done it, there hadn’t been any emotion there, almost as if an AI was told to pronounce my name. Yet this time, he did it so softly and with his hand touching my face; I had to admit that I was shitting my pants right now. My mind kept telling me that this was Dmitry and Dmitry Vashkov was more like a walking robot than a human being.  I recovered from the shock quicker than if it was Ryker who was in such close proximity to me and I had to assume that it was because Dmitry wasn’t my mate. “As in a prince of a wolf nation or something?” I pulled back a little and frowned. My mind speedily caught up on the issue that I’d been wanting to ask about for days now. This time, it wasn’t about Dmitry. It was about me. “Then would you be able to explain why my wolf showed up one time then disappeared to god knows where?”  “Not exactly,” he said after a short while. “When was the last time you shifted?”  “Since
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Chapter 10
Two years later . . .  I packed up my things one more time, putting the Book of the Damned into my satchel along with some spare clothes that I’d brought with me when I’d left the packhouse two years ago. My wolf truly hadn’t come out ever since the first time I’d shifted which helped me a lot in covering the fact that I was half a wolf and half a sorceress. Thank goodness none of the witches, warlocks, and faes had a super smell either. I’d managed to find a sorceress named Deidre who taught me a lot about runes, spells, potions, and charms. She was the only person around here who knew that I had the Book of the Damned in my possession and did not want to steal it. She’d even warned me about how dangerous it was and to use it with extra caution.  I slung the strap on my shoulder and looked up to meet Deidre’s blue eyes. “Do you think I’m r
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