Mated to a Vampire

Mated to a Vampire

By:  Noelle Clarke  Ongoing
Language: English
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"M-Mate.." She mumbles the words, mesmerized by the haughty piece of flesh standing before her. Her coyote eyes glaze over as if in a trance that she can't snap out of. The figure cocked its head to the side, engulfing the view of Nadia as if she was a meal. A low snarl rose from within it. Mate.. Her inner canine explodes with relief, howling incessantly. There is no way this is my mate. She shoveled the coyote thoughts aside and stepped back, but the darkened figure only followed her lead and stepped forward simultaneously. The moonlit opening among the trees shed light on the figure to reveal an evermore astounding creature. "No.." She whispers in hopes of mercy. As the lone coyote of the pack, Nadia typically keeps her head low and submits to the alphas orders-her lifelong friend Dakota. Forever grateful for being accepted into the largest pack of the region, she has built strong friendships with everyone there. When she stumbles away from the territory, she realizes she is no longer in wonderland. Outside the wolf regions, lie the unspeakable enemy-vampires. Even with an ancient peace treaty in place, vampires still lurk the night, stalking innocent prey. What will happen when Nadia comes face to face with a blood-sucking leech?

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    5 chapters
    Chapter 1
    CLINK. The sound of glass echoed through the group, followed by a thunderous roar of laughter. "Chug, chug, chug, chug!" The crowd cheers and clap their hands in encouragement for them to drink the beer without any hesitant stopping. "Ah!! Done!" A man yells in joy while throwing the glass bottle into the ten foot high bonfire next to them. The other individuals followed pursuit and threw their hands up in the air for more. "Alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha!" The crowd chants. The man flashes the watching crowd a smile, melting the hearts of young girls in the process. He gives them a wink and turns back around to pat his friends on the back. "Better luck next time, dude." He teases with a growl and the others laugh."I let you win, Alpha Dakota." A girl standing next to him smiles warmly. Her expressions taunting him, but he only returns the grin. "And don't you forget that name!" He exclaims, stepping away from them to face the entire cro
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    Chapter 2
    Nadia spun around in hopes to catch another glimpse of the vampire. She then shut her eyes tight as a lump formed in her throat.This isn’t happening, she thought. Impossible..She continued. It was an irrevocably overwhelming rush of emotions when realizing that the villainous creature was her mate. Coyotes do not mate with such a bond much less to the opposite species. Vampires were cruel and unworthy. Their sole purpose is to kill and devour-that’s it. Whatever heart felt emotions they had were long gone and nonexistent. They weren’t capable of such responsibilities other than drinking blood. The stories Nadia heard were from within the shadow pack. The elders would tell stories of the ancient past times of when Mayan wolves and vampires were sworn enemies. Wars broke out and lives were lost to conquer territories and claim leadership. Thousands of years later, vampires and werewolves came to an agreement. A peace treaty to heed the boundaries and respect f
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    Chapter 3
    Nadia’s eyes open slowly, greeted by a flame lit ceiling. A sharp pain emanated from her legs to her brain to signal the injury. She groaned in response and reached up to her eyes rub them gently. Did someone come to save her? Dakota? She longed to be back in the shadow pack. Back to safety and comfort under Dakota’s wing. The outer boundaries were not her kind of liking. With a short push against the bed rails, she lifted herself up to a sitting position. Her nose filled with a fiery scent that sent a jolt of shivers through her body. It was familiar and then she realized that she wasn’t in a place she knew well. She didn’t recognize anything in this room. The drapes across the tall windows were a dark burgundy color laced with a black outline and the walls were made of stone. It trapped a cold temperature and Nadia instantly covered herself even with a fireplace next to her. She then remembered that she shifted so how did she get clothes? An
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    Chapter 4
    “We’ve search a hundred miles around the territory, boss. Nothing has turned up.” Aspen directed his attention to Dakota who seems like a worrisome alpha. Scattered search groups went out of the boundaries to find Nadia but there was no trace of her. Dakota was able to pick up her scent into the woods, confirming that she went on the outskirts. He didn’t understand why she would do such a dangerous thing. She knew exactly what was out there and with her vulnerable state, she wouldn’t stand a chance. Another scent was picked up but it was so revolting that the members chalked it up to a dead animal carcass nearby. “Damn it!” Dakota slammed him fist onto the desk. It had been one whole day that she’s been missing and he couldn’t think of anything more. He needed to find her. “Why are you so hung up on this? Maybe she’s gone rogue.” A girl slouches into the sofa, propping her combat boots onto the ottoman. Just the mere thought of her going rogue drove Dakota m
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    Chapter 5
    Dakota impatiently tapped his fingers against the wood grain desk. He contemplated on what he was going to say during the meeting, unsure if he was right or wrong. You’re right, his inner wolf reassured him which made him smile. The frowning emotions swam back in as he thought about Nadia, hoping she was recovering well. She hadn’t awaken yet but he was to be the first notified when she did. With a growing impatient expression, Dakota stood up and walked over to the bar. He ripped a bottle of bourbon from the rack and poured a small amount of liquid into a whiskey glass. The drink went smoothly down his throat, leaving a burning edge behind that gave him relief. The tension since the night he inherited alpha was becoming much to bear. Was he ready for this? Maybe he should ignore it. No, he and his wolf thought in unison. Nadia deserves to be justified. She didn’t deserve any of this. “They’re here.” Aspen steps in, flicking his cigarette into the
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