The Cursed Hybrid King, Luna Slave

The Cursed Hybrid King, Luna Slave

By:  Jay Mhekzy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Cinzia, brutalized and sold off after the death of her parents, found herself at the mercy of the ferocious Hybrid King. Cinzia lost all sense of reasoning whilst with him and even her main goal which was to avenge the death of her parents. Will she succeed in bringing justice to her dead parents as she found the killer or cower forever in the presence of the Hybrid King who more than ever treated her as nothing? He was said to be the Hybrid King. Mixed blood, a man filled with many mysteries. But, no one truly knew who he was. Cinzia was a cure to the problem he suffered for many years. A slave he acquired and desired to punish for the wrong of her father. The presence of Cinzia in his life was redeeming despite the way he treated her. Would she succeed in penetrating his frozen heart and cure him of the curse before it becomes too late? -------------------------------------------- "I, Cinzia Aetos, daughter of the slain Alpha and Luna of the Royal wolf tribe, reject all your possible advances and whichever you have in mind..." His anthracite eyes swirled into a dangerous golden colour and his hands tightened on my wrists. "W-what are you doing?" I sputtered. "Let go of me this instant!" "I, Raphael Grace, The Hybrid King, approve of you, Cinzia Aetos, as the mate sent by the goddess Selene and I promise to do whatever I desire with you. I swear on the river Styx and by my father, Zeus, the god of the sky!" The heaven thundered and I saw a lightning flash in his eyes briefly before he shoved me away from him. What had just happened? He swore and accepted me as his mate?!

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12 Chapters
My eyes watered as I stared at what used to be the palace of the Royal Wolf Tribe. Everything was in shambles. No Alpha, no Luna, not even I, the only daughter of the Alpha and Luna of the Royal Wolf Tribe could ascertain what was going on much less control a bunch of people that had already lost hopes whilst watching their Alpha gasp for his last breath.It was weird and I didn't imagine something like that would happen. But then, I had been living in my fantasy world to make sense of reality until now.I believe the world was cruel to me. They had taken my parents without a second thought and right now, I was already held captive. Maybe, they would slaughter me as they did to them. I didn't know my fate yet, but that was what it felt like as I was shoved roughly.I let out a grunt whilst shrugging off my captive hands."Are you okay, princess?"I stared at my handmaiden as she attempted to come to my aid, but one of our captors held her down, and then slapped her hard on her cheeks
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CINZIA POVA large door opened and I was shoved inside without a second thought. The door shut as soon as I was inside the building, and I gazed around.I sensed I was the only one in the room with my sense of smell. Also, the guard that had pushed me was nowhere to be found.Blinking for my vision to adjust to the dimness of the room, I stepped towards the only door I could see and nudged it.My eyes went round as I entered a room and I felt like I was in another dimension even though I was certain I was still in the same place.It was just like my room back at home. But, this even seemed more perfect.It felt as if I was someone that they were expecting and had prepared the room, especially for.The room was decorated in a hot pink colour and several murals adorned the walls.The large four-poster bed which was neatly made had red roses scattered on it. The lovely scent in the room and the romantic ambience made it seem as though I was a bride who was stepping into the room to cons
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The escape
CINZIA POVDays went by and I was still in the room they kept me in.Although Rhea visited me from time to time, it was like a prison to me and they didn't let me out even if it was just for a second.The door was locked from the outside and secured by a guard. Anyone coming to visit me only needed to plead for the keys from the guard that was in charge of me.Again, it was only Rhea who had the right to visit me.I lay on the bed and sat up again as I thought of what to do. Then, an idea entered my mind as I stared at the chair before me.I grabbed it and took it to the window side, it was my only escape to the outside world, I believed.I stood on it and peered out of the window. The other women they had captured with me, including Rhea, were outside.They were in thin clothes- Camisoles and knickers- despite the frigid air and each was with a shovel working on the overgrown lawn.I grimaced as one of the women was shoved to the ground after getting a whip on her back.She grunted
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Cinzia POVFor the umpteenth time, I stood from the bed where I sat and stepped towards the window.It had been a while since Rhea left. Even though I sort of enjoyed her presence in the room, she needed to leave.Also, I didn't want to be the reason she was going to get punished. It had been a fact that whoever was to visit me shouldn't stay even close to an hour, which was absurd to me.It was made clear that I was in a beautiful prison where I had no right over my life.It got darker than I imagined, and my eyes went to the sky. I was certain that in thirty minutes, it would become even darker and the guards would assume their position.Likewise, I'd have the time to carry out the plan I executed perfectly in my head.I had made sure Rhea didn't suspect me doing this because she'd throw a fit. I didn't want what happened earlier to happen again. Likewise, I believed I had got enough scolding for the day.Besides, I would flee alone. Rhea needn't be with me. I was certain when the ri
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A 100 million?!
CINZIAI snatched a glass of champagne from the tray of a server as he passed by.I downed it in one gulp and winced. My throat scorched and I gasped whilst I searched around the vast hall for water to lessen the pain slowly making its way to my chest.I had never had a glass of wine since my existence. However, the champagne looked quite inviting and I wanted to have a taste.But, I now realized it was an awful idea."Thank goodness," I mumbled whilst I clutched the sealed plastic bottled water on a table that was in the corner of the room.I sighed as I gulped the content and tossed the empty can in a dustbin before staring around me once more.We- I and the other captives had been in the hall for only God knows when. I didn't know what the time was, but I believed it was getting late.Yet, I didn't know the reason for us being here.I couldn't see anyone due to the mask we had been told to use but I was sure we were the only women available.Nonetheless, I hadn't seen the other wome
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Lucky b*tch
CINZIAA hundred million?!Who would bid such an outrageous amount on me?I didn't know who had done so but I was glad the hand gripping the strap of my gown stopped.Even the room was silent. Until a mic dropped close to where I was.I believed everyone was as startled as I was. Nonetheless, I was glad to be out of the stage.I met Rhea once more as soon as I entered the room. I ran into her embrace and sighed whilst my arms tightened around her."I'm glad you are safe, I was worried about you." Her hand caressed my hair."I am safe," I affirmed."What happened?"My mouth opened but no words came out of it as Jerome barged into the room. "You are really a lucky bítch, aren't you?!" He yelled. His hand shot out and grasped a fistful of my hair, he wrapped it in his hand and yanked.I groaned, "What is your freaking problem? Do you intend to pull my hair out?""I'll happily do that if I can," Jerome said. A wide grin on his stupid face.I nudged him with my elbow and he growled.His ey
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My prized possession
RAPHAEL “Sire, we were able to get hold of the princess,” Johnson, my loyal bodyguard and a Delta in my pack, said.He bowed, and his head was on his knee.I stepped out of the shadow and stayed behind the curtains. I tapped my chin and nodded. “Very well, and make sure she is well received.”“But there is a problem, sire…” Johnson stuttered.I noticed his knuckles had turned white as my eyes glued to his trembling hands, which were on the tiled floor.He was the most skilled werewolf I had in my pack, The Blood Lust Pack, and having a problem when it came to doing jobs was rare with him.“Speak,” I said, tilting my brows.“The princess said she won't go anywhere if she didn't come with her maid. The maid was also bid on, and it is about to cause a disagreement as they wouldn't let the maid go…”“She said that?” I asked, with an amusing smile playing on my lips.It was my first time hearing a helpless girl was defiant.I didn't see that all the time, and, might I add, it was startling
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Call me, Lady Delicia
RAPHAEL"Let go of me!" My ears twitched as I heard the shrill cry.I grimaced whilst I kneaded my temple.My eyes narrowed as the door to the throne hall opened, and in came my prize possession.She was shoved inside, and I stood abruptly as her body slammed the sapphire rug in the middle of the room.I clenched my hands and glared at Johnson and the other guards.Despite how dark where I sat was, I believed they saw my reaction since they began to tremble."Sorry, sire... We didn't mean to be rough..." Johnson bowed, and I waved off his apology."This is the princess," Johnson added and hurried out of the room almost immediately.My eyes strayed back to the girl as soon as he left, and I sighed. Almost immediately, my throat closed up again.I had that weird feeling. The one she had ignited in me the first time in the auction house.My heart thumped, and I clenched my fist as a new fragrance from the one I was used to wafting into my nostrils.I couldn't tell what it was precisely,
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Look me in the eyes...
CINZIAI think talking back was my first ever severe punishment as far as I was concerned. I didn't know why I had done it but the bitch slapping me was uncalled for.Yet, I couldn't fight her.Not that I couldn't, whatever I had wanted to do to her had been dismissed by the Hybrid King.The mysterious hybrid king.I didn't see his face. For some reason, he hadn't come out of the shadow and I didn't think there was something more annoying than that.He had put the bitch in charge of me and the worst part was, she was making me see hell.Also, today was just my first day in the palace.My first freaking day and receiving punishment was unwarranted!I thought of what would happen on my second day, the next, the day after the next…"Put this on!" Delicia yelled.Even though I was close enough to hear everything she said, she preferred yelling. I snatched the clothes I believed she had knowingly tossed on the floor and dusted them.I tilted it in the air and grimaced. It was a khaki shirt
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Take her out of my presence!
RAPHAEL POV"Set aside the best room for the princess, my newest prize and let her live there."Johnson nodded and did a slight bow, "Very well, sire."I paced back towards the curtain and turned as I sensed Delicia in the room.My hand went to my temple and I kneaded it. I wonder if she was here to throw another tantrum as she did earlier.I didn't want to get mad at her. I seldom do that. But I loved my peace and sometimes Delicia does the opposite of it.As much as I enjoyed seeing her face, I didn't enjoy her temper."You are going to set her free? I thought I was the only one you needed." She heaved a breath and twisted her fingers."Delicia," I mumbled, pouring a considerable amount of wine into the flute wine glass."I thought you needed me alone!" She repeated, forcefully, this time around. "But you kept bringing more women. I have been patient enough but this is the height of it all!""Silence!" I bellowed. I exhaled through my nostrils and my eyes narrowed at her.Delicia fl
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