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Jericho Clay, a sixty-five year old farmer got murdered by his wife and best friend but was reincarnated into the body of one of the most ruthless Mafia boss in history called Giovanni Israel. Giovanni Israel had a criminal empire he wants to protect from his greatest enemy and rival, Lorelei Capello. Jericho made a deal with Israel to save his criminal empire from this mysterious woman. Israel granted Jericho with nine lives to accomplish this impossible mission.

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There’s an old English proverb that states: "A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays".A common myth that we’ve all heard is that cats have nine lives. But where does this fiction of feline immortality actually come from? And why is it the number nine?Nine is considered a magical number, which could also be part of the reason cats are attributed with nine lives. Cats have been both worshipped and feared throughout the ages and are seen as magical creatures.The myth that cats have multiple lives exists across the world. No one exactly knows where the expression came from, but it has been around for centuries.But do cats actually have nine lives?No! Cats have one life just like any other living creature, most people would say. Cats. Interesting lovely creatures. They're probably the most independent pet out there. They can withst
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I remained in the car, waiting. After a minute or so the men outside returned back to their cars . The obvious explanation was that I was a Mafia crime Lord. A big surprise but it was more surprising these men didn't realize I wasn't who they though I was. For fuck sake, I'm just a sixty-five year old farmer who got murdered by his wife and best friend. I can't possibly be a Mafia boss. I had an entire white Mercedes Benz left for me while the others took the cars they came with.Since I was still dumbstruck, Knife had given orders to have me driven back home. I noticed my men were scared or me as they bustled me into the car and rushed out into the highway.The mafia. Leaning forward with my hands clasped to form a triangle, I took my time to evaluate the situation I'm in.The mafia.I've read a lot about them; even watched movies made about them. From my little knowledge about
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" You must be Jericho Clay," the reflected image on the mirror spoke gravely. " I'm Giovanni Israel."I opened my mouth and closed it, feeling blood leaving my face. " What?"There was a long silence that chilled me. I stared at Israel's reflection, my heart banging hard against my ribs as he glared at me, his arms folded across his chest. I opened my mouth to scream but he cut me off immediately with a sharp note. " Don't even thinking about it. You do that, you're going to give the impression to everyone you're crazy and you don't want them knowing that. There are enemies everywhere. They'll kill you."I shut my mouth, feeling my legs going wobbly. " Who are you?" I asked, trembling. " How did you know my name?"Israel gritted his teeth. He looked disgustingly at me. " Where are  your guts, Jericho? I thought you had more guts than this. Quit being a chicken?"" A chicken?" I quavered, pointing my finger at him. " Y
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The weather suddenly changed and the sky rolled in dark clouds heavy with rain. Raindrops came in little showers until they gradually built up to become a heavy downpour. I stood before the window, staring at the rain, a cigarette burning at the end of my lips. Behind me, seated on the arm chair was Israel; the most ruthless, hardcore and feared Mafia boss. Israel sat with his legs crossed, a glass of Hennessy wine in his hand. He was watching or rather studying me as if trying to evaluate the sort of man I was. " I still find it hard to believe," I said after a long pause. " Not only did I wake up after being murdered, I awoke in the body of a Mafia boss. A Mafia boss who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for nine lives. Is it just me or does all these controversy doesn't just make any sense."Israel took a sip, he didn't say anything. " I really wished this was some sort of dream," I said, turning around
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Israel was stepping out of a night club in Las Vegas surrounded by his men. They walked straight for the parking lot, their eyes and ears alert for trouble. Knife followed his boss closely behind while the others guarded them. A while ago, Israel had been tipped by the club manager about some men waiting outside the club. They were the Capellos. Israel had only but a few men; about five along with knife. Reports came in the Capellos were a dozen men and heavily armed. Analysing the situation on ground, it wouldn't be long before the Capellos storm into the club to kill him. The club manager was under Israel's organization and was very loyal to him. He showed Israel the backdoor which led straight to the parking lot. Knife had suggested they remain in the club and fight but Israel thought otherwise. If it comes to exchanging bullets, he wouldn't want anyone in the club getting hurt. He was cautious about getting the cop
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Spaghetti carbonara was served to me by Bistro himself. He wore his chef outfit while he laid out the dish for me. My mouth watered the moment I saw my meal. " This looks delicious." Bistro gave a wane smile. " It's today's special but I made it a lot more spicy. Just the way you like it." It's funny how I could easily interact freely with him in Italian. We were both speaking the language as if we were speaking English. Bistro drew out a seat opposite mine after filling my glass with wine. While he waited for me to start eating, I took my time to regard the food. There were no trace of poison in the wine or food. If there was one I would have detected it immediately. I took a bite then another and another. It was so good. I nearly cried for joy. I've never tasted anything so delicious in my entire life. Bistro was watching me, surprised to find my expression like that of a child who just got a Christmas present. " This is," I said, drinking my wine. " This is classic, Bist
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I stood staring at her as she apologized once more and moved away for the restaurant's garden. I was still staring at her as she rolled her hips in a sensational way that reminds me of a wild cat. Again, I got that unmistakable electric vibe. This woman was dangerous. I don't know why but the feeling was just there like it's been there for a long time, waiting to be awakened. Somehow, I thought I must've seen her somewhere but I couldn't place where. " Who's that dish?" I asked Bistro. Bistro needn't be told I've taken a keen interest in this girl. " Her name's Ginny. She's one of the regulars around here. She recently bought a VIP membership green card," he then wrinkled his nose in disgust. " She works as a stripper at the Vegas Moon club. You don't wanna get involved with a hoe like her. She's bad news. She's also a messed up junkie when she's not sober." This only made me more interested in her. A messed up junkie. So she was a drug addict. I left Bistro and followed h
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BANG!!!! The noise resounded in my ears as I fell into darkness. I couldn't feel anything, couldn't hear anything. The noise of the gun was all that I heard. It's dark and it's cold. Was this what death felt like? " Hey, idiot," a voice came to my ears. " Wake up." " Huh?" I was confused. " Who's calling me an idíot?" The voice came again out of the darkness. " Get up, you quitter. Nap time is over. Wake up. Idiot, wake up." I flared my eyes opened to find myself in a deserted area. I was standing beside a man who stood with a cigarette burning at the end of his lips. It was Israel. We were both standing on a hill overlooking the sea. The beach was a little further away from us. It was a dark moonless night and the beach was as quiet and as peaceful as a graveyard. I never thought I was ever gonna see this dude again neither had I ever thought I'd be glad to see him. " Israel, I—" " Shut up, idiot," He cut me short. " If you're about to tell me you missed me I migh
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The crocodiles snapped their fangs hungrily, gazing up longingly at Ginny. Ginny was as pale as the belly, of a fish. I've never seen anyone so frightened in my life. Can't say I blamed her. If I were in her shoes, I'd be scared stiff. Rather than being eaten alive, I'd rather take a shot in the back. The pain would go away and it'd all be over in an instant when I shut my eyes and drowse into darkness. Seriously.Being eaten alive by a swarm of crocodiles wasn't my ideal of death– I swear. So yeah, I understood Ginny. She had every right to be frightened to her bone marrow. She yelled at me. " Let me out of this thing. Let me out."I didn't say anything. Even her voice sounded like a dying frog. " I've got a few questions for you, buster," I said, pointing at the muscular dude. " What's your name?"" Clive!" He said, raising his voice so I could hear him clearly. " My name's Clive."Knife had ordered someone to bring a chair for me. I wandered over to the fancy cushioned chair
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" Don't get excited, boss," knife said, his voice like ice. " I just need answers. Who are you?" We sat in the Rolls Royce, studying each other's eyes, the automatic revolver aimed at me. I didn't say anything. I couldn't. My mind raced with numerous thoughts but it was in a mess. His eyes told me he was going to shoot. If I said something stupid or out of line, I'd have a bullet pulled into me. Up till now, Knife was the least of my worries cause I felt all would go my way. Guess I was wrong. After a moment silence, knife spoke through locked teeth. " Come down, buster." I had to finish my whiskey before I stepped down. I needed that drink badly. My throat and lips had gone completely dry. Once outside the Rolls Royce, Knife led me to the end of the cliff, the gun covering me. Then he stopped and snapped at me. " Turn around so I could see you." I turned around and looked him directly in eye. In my mind, I was done for. Once he pulls that trigger, I'd receive multiple sho
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