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Ameira Delos Reyes is a young girl that was diagnosed with split personality disorder as an aftermath of her traumatic childhood of witnessing a murder. She meets Aleja Montevallo, an ex-convict framed of killing his own father, and whose sole purpose now is to find the murderer and avenge his father's death. When a family is gruesomely murdered in one part of the city, the two crosses paths with Detective Mike Russell who is on the hunt for an elusive serial killer. What links these three people together? Are they all just different people looking for the same person? Or could one of them be the culprit they are looking for?

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55 Chapters
Y E A R 2006,T W E N T Y-S E V E N T H O F O C T O B E RT R I A L C O U R T“We jury, in the case of The Republic of the Philippines versus Aleja Montevallo find the defendant guilty beyond reasonable doubt for the crime of parricide." The clerk of court’s voice echoed within the walls of the regional trial court. He then continued, “That on or about October 25, 2006, in the City of Manila, Philippines, and within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, the said accused did then and there willfully and feloniously, with intent to kill and taking advantage of Alejandro Montevallo, his legitimate father, killing the latter by poisoning him with a currently unknown deadly substance and thereby, hereby sentence him reclusion Perpetua or imprisonment for forty years. Court is adjourned. Order in the court.” The gavel banged as the order was announced.Aleja Montevallo, with his mouth shut and eyes on the ground, remained stolid during the entire trial and even now while standing in fr
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F I F T E E N Y E A R S A F T E R “You’re my honey bunch, sugar plum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin, you’re my sweetie pie. You’re my cuppycake gumdrop soogums boogums, you’re the apple of my eye and I love you so and I want to know that I’ll always be right here, and I love to sing sweet songs for you because you are so dear.” Aimee sang with a wide happy grin as she drew Hello Kitty’s face on the cupcakes, humming as she squeezed her piping bag.For the final touch, she grabbed the bottle of pink sprinkles and showered it above the cupcakes. She stepped back, arms on both sides of her waist as she stared at the pretty pink cupcakes. Her grin grew wider, eyes squinting like a kid.She craned her neck, eyes wandered around the small kitchen. Flour was everywhere as if it was snow, some bowls were left untidied on the sink, but the girl only smiled; lips sealed together while she rubbed her neck. A kid in a kitchen played with tools and mixed ingredients. That’s how it may look like but beneath t
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Aimee’s eyes squinted as the sunlight hit her face. The light from the sun might be quite blinding, she always loved the warmth it brings as it touches her skin. For her, it’s a light and calm embrace, just like what her mom does before.After a long day at the cake shop, she took a nap and finally removed the ‘Ameira’ in AMEIRA’S SUGAR PLUM SWEET CAKES before the real owner arrived to take over. Sure, the shop owner was confused at first with the girl’s request to rent the shop during October but knowing how excellent Aimee’s baking skills are, she agreed and was not disappointed. The sales of the shop hit the roof at this time of the year, and with this, the real owner thinks she does not need to know the true reason behind this rent a shop plot, anymore. Ameira set a single important condition which the owner agreed; Aimee must not do the deliveries. She must not be seen by many though she could still do the customer service at the shop. Ameira did such to keep ten-year-old Aimee s
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Misty’s eyebrow rose as she watched people pass by her. Arms crossed on her chest, thinking where the hell can she get money to change this Mickey Mouse pullover and denim overalls into something fashionable for her taste. She leaned her back on a mall’s staircase, sighing and almost stomping her feet in disgust.   'Shitty childish fashion sense, Aimee! When will that kid ever change? Why don’t they wear something pretty? Tacky outfits everywhere—oh gosh, my eyes are gonna burn! This is making me stressed! No way, I’m gonna get wrinkles! This is all your fault, Aimee!' She ranted in her mind.   Among her siblings, she believes she’s the prettiest and sexiest, with a great fashion sense, that she can flaunt in every outfit no matter how much she disrelishes them. Well, she’s still thankf
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C I T Y J A I L, M A N I L A P H I L I P P I N E S.  O F F I C E Mike examined the pictures attached to the white board. The killings are in order, from the first crime that happened in 2006 and until the murder continued. This is the hot case he handled. Every murder victim's death is so gruesome that it leads to the question of why this murderer wants to target married men and elderly ladies in their forties and fifties. If his conclusion is accurate, it has something to do with the murderer's background or there is another reason why she/he kills, because all victims have family issues, such as physical abuse of children, and males have issues such as abandoning the wife or cheating. So he really wants to handle the case because he feels emotional outburst and he wants to be the one to catch this murderer himself. The deaths of the victims were very suspicious and it look
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Aleja laughed out loud with Kendrick's jokes. He was also introduced to Samara Evangeline who was once chased by his friend when they were in University. Kendrick is in college while Samara is a graduate from senior high school. Samara jokes that he looks like a playboy and then Kendrick is known throughout their school as a womanizer and whoever became his girl, that's why Samara doesn't get serious about him. Kendrick said, "You're jealous because I have so many girls, but don't worry; you're just my only girl now." He winked at her, Samara just raised an eyebrow at him and laughed at Aleja's arrogant friend. Aleja is also asked to talk about what happened to him in high school and college life but he doesn't want to and he has no plans of telling what happened in his past
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"STOP!" Misty shouted loudly at the man who refused her. No, she will never let him go just like that! No freaking way! She wants him. She will make him fall for her and beg for more! But the man did not stop and just kept walking. Misty was so annoyed that she took the stilettos she was wearing and threw them at the man before she could climb the stairs. This was because the Paradise club was downstairs and hidden. It is a big city and many people come here, whether they are artists or businesspeople. Misty was about to take a step when someone suddenly grabbed her hand. This time, she exploded even more in anger. Her ears were red as she looked at the person who had stopped him. "It's you again?! I told you, I don't have time for you. I'm married and I'm chasing my husband! Let go of me!" "I don't care about the fight between you and your husband. You hurt me and I can't let you go just like that," the man's tone was low yet brave. Misty chuckled, "So, what do you want me to
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Upon arriving at the apartment where she was staying, Ameira headed straight to the bathroom. She washed several times, violently washing her face until she was satisfied. Then she looked at her face in the small glasses hanging in front of the faucet. Some makeup has been washed away, but there are still traces of lipstick and mascara on her face. "What just happened to me?" she asked herself as she examined her face in the mirror. Her eyes widened when she realized what had happened. She quickly grabbed the wig she was wearing and threw it straight in the trash. Her back was smeared with bruises and marks from the insult and from those who wandered on it. It may be covered with foundation but you can see the marks when you look closely. Others say that women are most careful not to get scarred or have any marks that can disfigure a woman's body. However, this is normal in Ameira's situation. This proves that she is alive and even in spite of everything, she chose to continue ra
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Her personality keeps changing every October, the month of her birth, no matter how much she tries to prevent it. In the past, she remembered how happy it was when her mother was still alive and how hurt she was when everything changed. She sighed and shook her head, then covered the peanut butter and set the remaining bread in the basket. She got up to get a glass and headed to the fridge to get a drink. Her fridge was bare except for a pitcher filled with water and three eggs. She also returned the pitcher after drinking enough and returned the glass to where it was placed. The glass wasn't so dirty so it was okay to put it back. It will result in a waste of water. She walked into the room and sat down at the table where she was working, opening her laptop. A portion of the wall was covered with images, locations, occurrences, accidents, details of how the victims died, and of course, a map of Manila with varied directions. There you can see how and who her victims were. T
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AMEIRA is on her way to the convenience store where she works. Everything you need for your home is already there, such as food, materials, and paint. Her hands were in her pockets as she headed to work. She wore a long black cloak, which she used to wear so that she would not be recognized. Maybe she didn't want anyone to recognize her identity because her beauty undeniably grabs attention, she doesn't know why. Her eyes were just focused on her feet, and her face was expressionless. Many convenient stores, such as the sari-sari store and food stalls, have already opened, and many individuals were getting ready for work and were now opening their shops. There is also not only one convenience store, but a plethora of food businesses in this area. There are some that are even bigger than the convenience store where she works. Ameira looked up when she saw the store owner, a middle-aged woman, opening the convenience store where she worked. She ran quickly to help her. "Good morning
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