Prideful Lust

Prideful Lust

By:  Arthreen Tiu  Updated just now
Language: English
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Amaya and Max are two young ceos from different countries that are both afraid of comitting to an intimate relationship because they were being tied up to their work. Though among their hectic schedule their thirst among sexual intercourses was never gone that their selfish desires would keep hurting the people around them. Amaya is someone who can't avoid thinnking ahead of people's perspectives towards her and the hatred she had for her parents. While Max is living in a competitive world wanting no one to overrule him who has nothing but his business. Yet meeting Amaya in a University in Canada was someting he wasn't pleased with because of her Max's pride was triggerred and wants to bring her down. Though how far will he be able to drag her combining his prideful personality yet can't resist the temptation of mating?

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    Chapter 1 - The lost CEOs
    AMAYA'S POV    "Ooh!! Let's party! Another deal closed!! Can you believe that! This is so amazing!!"    "Isn't she the CEO of that company named Galiviosa?"    "She's so hot."    "I know right? Want a taste?"  These whispers I can hear from almost everybody every time I am in a club anywhere here in New York. But who cares right? I lived my life!     The energy from my mind and body was just as extreme as anyone else in this club. Can you believe that? So many people are here to celebrate with me!  A moment of freedom that is.    Read more
    Chapter 2 - Recklessly Yours
    AMAYA'S POV    Later that day, I knew someone would start calling me as any one else would follow. Starting with my sister,  Vanique Wescott.   "Amaya?! Where the hell are you?! Mom is furious! People are talking about you leaving with another guy again!" She's back at it.   Being a worry goat. She's just troubled because I might mislead my responsibilities and then our parents would choose to let her handle this again. When she was actually living the life beyond our parents' control now because of her irresponsible actions, they had no choice but to let her go. We are both adults. She's twenty-nine and I'm twenty-two but yes, our parents are still in control of our life. That whenever we'll be seen by the public doing wrong actions they would cle
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    Chapter 3 - Sex in California
    AMAYA'S POV  So Malia settled all my schedules attending meetings to announce my suspension for the next few months and that Malia will be in charge of them. That means she needs to be strong for this. Yet, knowing her she just might get bullied by the members of the council. But I won't let that happen. I'm gonna assign someone to look after her too. For five straight days I attended all the concerns my partners requested from me. I've never felt this tired from work at all. Because Malia limits all the meetings that I need to attend in one day but right now, I have to be present in everything within five days.  After settling with New York City's stability. It's time for me to fetch someone from California. Malia booked me an ordinary ride with other people to avoid the media following us around. And while we're on our way, I reminded Malia to
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    Chapter 4 - Her Absence
    MAX'S POV  We found her. She was born in New York City. CEO of Galiviosa, the youngest and richest entrepreneur  in the city. She was praised by most business men and there are also some that envies her. She has also been taken to model for products too. And based on my first impression of her, she is indeed sexy. She’s the kind of woman that men can never say no. But she’s smart and abundant and for me she’s a threat. Her beauty doesn’t matter to me.  “Max?” When Vesna brought me back to reality staring at Amaya Wescott’s face. Then I started frowning.  “We are going to New York City and meet her in person.” I said then closed the folder filled with Amaya’s information that I ha
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    Chapter 5 - Identities Changed
    MAX'S POV So I booked my own flight to Vancouver, Canada. Because I don't have to bother Vesna for that. Especially her being so distant towards me. It was a complicated decision because I just arrived here yet I have to leave again. Arriving in Canada makes no difference to New York. There's still no Amaya Wescott here. But Liam gave me this crazy idea. "You know, if you think that that front desk woman is telling you the truth then you can wait for Amaya here in Canada." At first, his suggestion didn't matter to me.  "Liam, I have more things to get busy with. Especially back in California and who knows, Vesna might give me a mouthful of where the heck I am, especially that we lost her civilian bodyguard." 
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    Chapter 6 - Double Trouble
    MAX'S POV After class, Miles immediately ran towards Amaya Wescott who's now Amy Wills to introduce himself. Yet, since we are a group I had to tag along wherever they go. Even though I don't want to. I don't wanna get recognized by her. "So.. Umm.. Hey, I'm Miles Taylor." Miles offered his hand and she gave hers for a handshake.  "Hi Miles. You're charming." Her smile disgusted me. I'm not sure if it is because I hate her or I just can't see that for now.  "Thanks. These are my friends, Kade Lee and Marco Holland." He pointed to us. In which, I'm definitely not interested in doing so.  "Pleasure to meet you." Kade bowed to her as a greeting as she offered her han
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    Chapter 7 - Poorest Rich
    AMAYA'S POVBeing here in Capilano University is fun. Though not at the part where they want us to choose a specific sport to train with and participate in some games soon. It was totally not ideal for me since I am not physically sporty. I am more of a strategist. That's why I play chess instead. Somehow, someone tried to challenge me.His name is Conan Evans. He is not from my class and he's definitely not the type of person I'd like to hang out with. "Hello, Newbie. You need more luck than just my pretty face in this game so be ready." As cast his hands in front of me and the board. Yeah, he is attractive alright but being too confident with himself is a little bit way overboard."You know? I've been playing this game since I was 11. I know a lot of techniques that you don't know of." I rolled my eyes on him and couldn't care less."Really?" I looked at him with a grinned smile as he made his move.The first move already occurred starting with him. And I also followed mine."I def
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    Chapter 8 - Debate
    AMAYA’S POV    As soon as Max arrived our professor also dismissed us, making me feel relieved because the rest of the group couldn't think of any entrepreneur and just decided to talk about it the next day. But fate just keeps mocking us. Our dear professor visited our circle and gave us a subject suggestion to report because he thinks that it is gonna be interesting especially for our generation. “Have you thought of which entrepreneur you’re gonna report yet?” He asked before giving the suggestion.“No, we can’t think of someone interesting sir.” Freya replied.Read more
    Chaper 9 - Thirsty Souls
    MAX'S POV After attending that messed up class and having an argument with Amaya I went straight home to attend a meeting with Vesna and the board members online. Which also reminded me of how much I made myself such a fool to Amaya's face. I can't believe I ruined my own company's reputation just for a class project. I sounded so stupid. Not to mention the slapping of Conan’s hand on Amaya’s. That part was worse, why am I even caring about her? I even made that foolish excuse that made me glad that she actually bought it. Yet the truth was I’m just staring blankly on the board and just noticed Conan’s odd look to Amaya so I got alarmed. I even acted  so dumb when she tried to thank me. Releasing my stress through eating. It was my first time doing that so I never thought I can stress out like some obese kid from grade school.Read more
    Chapter 10 - Intimacy
    AMAYA'S POV It happened when he asked why I hadn't left the car for about fifteen minutes already. I was just silent sitting on the front seat waiting for the right timing. I really don't want to leave like this. "Amy.. I-" He looked at me as he was about to start talking, that movement alone was a go signal for me to kiss him. He was cut off from what he was about to say and moved his lips along mine. He cupped my face as I started to move closer to him, making myself sit on him. I could feel his hands drifting in my body like he was trying to figure out its shape. We kissed passionately. It felt similar to how me and Flynn do it.  I took off my shirt and so did he, having ourselves half naked. The heat has finally released between
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