The Tales Of The Divine Sun Dragon

The Tales Of The Divine Sun Dragon

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Sun and Moon continent is know as a cultivation world,here strength is matter more!Its where the strong eat the weak! In the Sun and Moon continent is also where our mc,Xiao Long was born.Xiao Long is the Young master of the Xiao Clan who was born with special ability and a great fate waiting for him. Xiao Long also was born on a great day and at the moment he was born, the Sun and Moon world fall into silent,powerful martial artist,godly beast and other living beings faint except several peoples and one of them will be a great help to Xiao Long! *Each chapters contain around 1500 words ~ 3000 words .......... (The DP is not mine so if the owner want me to take it off,please tell me) (Hey guys this is my first novel! I actually a great fan to a Xianxia,Xuanhua and Wuxia novel and because of that,I tried to make my own novel after reading a lot of books and fanfic and this is the result:) In this novel I got a lot of ideas from other Xianxia and Xuanhua novels so there will be a little similarities with other novels that you have read. My mc also will have his own lucky chance since his birth but the things he got will grow stronger with him and thats mean, my mc will not be op from the start. My mc will only have one or two girls and there also will have a dual cultivate scene and one more thing that i want to said is, english is not my native language so don't be mad if you found some or a lot of wrong verbs in my novel.)

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45 chapters
Sun and Moon Divine Realm is know as a cultivators world!In this world the strong will eat the weak and the weak person will become like a slaves!Sun and Moon Divine Realm also was well know for thier two legendary figures or the cultivators call them gods,one of them is know as Huang Yu.Huang Yu was know as a Fire Emperor,he have a special physique and he also was know with his powerful fire element and the other one is know as Lei Yan or know with her title,Snow Empress.Lei Yan also have her own special physique and her ice element is also very powerful.Ten thousand years ago,Fire Emperor and Snow Empress are the ruler of Sun and Moon continent,they have a high cultivation of God and powerful strength and because of that they have a control over other cultivators.The Sun and Moon continent also was name by them and they become the dictators over the continent for a long time until ten thousand years ago.Ten thousand years ago Fire Emperor and Snow Empress suddenly
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The next day,the patriarch or also known as Xiao Hei called all the clan members,elders and the old patriarch to the clan's training ground where the Xiao clan's member training thier Dan Refiner Technique.The clan members and the elders was excited when they known that thier clan's patriarch is telling them to gather at the training ground because they already know the reason why thier clan patriarch called them and that make them too excited and can not wait."Do you think Patriarch's kid is a girl or boy?"One of the clan members ask his friend.His friend was in deep thought for a while before he answer his friend question."I think its a girl""Why you think it is a girl?"the other clan members ask"Because i heard from my mother that Matriarch is always rubbing her stomach when she was pregnant and that the reason why my mother think that the patriarch's and matriarch's kid is a girl!"He answer once again with full of determination."What
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After Xiao Long meet with his father and mother,his father then told him to go to the Dan Refinement Training Ground because at there,all the kids at the age of six year old will get thier first lesson and the one who will teach them will be a Silver Rank Alchemist of the Xiao Clan and she also the student of Elder Lai.Elder Lai is one of the High Elders of the Xiao Clan and she is also the Gold Rank Alchemist.Other than that,she is also the third strongest alchemist after Xiao Hei and Xiao Hai,but Elder Lai's true power can't be compare to Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai and this is because in her entire life, she just focus on Alchemist and did not really care about her combat powers different from Xiao Hei and Xiao Hai who focus both on Alchemist and Combat Power. Xiao Long after he heard what his father said he just agree with him and go to the training ground,the walk to the training ground from his house did take around fifteen minutes and when Xiao Long reach t
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At dinning table in Xiao Long house,there are Xiao Long,his father Xiao Hei and his mother Xiao Yu who are sitting at the table with delicious kinds of foods on the table.At this moment,Xiao Hei and Xiao Yu is focus on Xiao Long because they feel something different from him,the first thing that different is Xiao Long eyes.Xiao Long eyes who previously always calm and cold have change and right now inside his black pupils there just like a raging fire that want to explode and with the raging fire inside his beautiful and deep black colour eyes,he looked more dangerous and at the same time also more majestic that his usual self.The other thing that different about Xiao Long is his presence,his presence that previously feel like a calm and vast ocean have change and right now,its have become like an active volcano that almost explode."Xiao Long do you want to tell me something?"Xiao Hei asked his son calmly after he saw that Xiao Long is still in silent even though he feel lik
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Days passed and Xiao Long continue practicing the Spear Foundation Technique,since day one he start practice with the spear he have never stop practicing.His schedule everyday is full with practicing spear alone at the morning while at the afternoon,he will practice with his father and for the rest of the day,he will study about herbs and Dan refinement.Even though Xiao Hei did not use spear as his weapon,he still can help Xiao Long practice the Foundation Spear Technique and the way they practice is done via combat practice where Xiao Long will use his spear to train in true battle with his father and because of that in just one year of time,Xiao Long can be consider as expert in Spear technique but he still did not stop practice because of two reasons.The first reason is he can't use other technique to practice his spear because he did not have True Qi to practice other spear technique such as a Yellow Ranked Speae Technique because other spear technique other than
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6.Heart Tempering
When Xiao Long open his eyes,his previous deep black colour pupils flash with golden red colour dragon image before the pupils change into red colour vertical shape.But all this change just happen for a moments before the pupils change back into deep black colour pupils,Xiao Hei and Xiao Yu were looking at Xiao Long in shock and amazed because when Xiao Long eyes change they can see a frightening strength are bury under Xiao Long's eyes and they also can feel a domination aura like an emperor who rule over the world appear for a few seconds when Xiao Long's eyes change.But even though both of them were amazed and astounded with what they seeing,but they as a parents felt really worried about Xiao Long and because of that, Xiao Yu hurriedly ask Xiao Long if he is okay."Chen'er, are you okay? Did you feel painful anywhere? "Xiao Yun asked Xiao Long in worried tone while Xiao Hei just looked at Xiao Long with worried eyes. "I'm okay mom,dad.No,I actually fe
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7.The Herbs Arrived
After eating lunch together with his mom and dad,Xiao Long then continue his cultivation but before that his father also have told him something while they are in middle of eating.The first thing that his father told him is about the Yang Herbs that he asked the morning before.His father have told him that the High Elders,his grandfather,Xiao Hai and he,himself are sorry because they can't give Xiao Long too many Yang Herbs.Xiao Hei told Xiao Long that the Yang Herbs are one of the rarest spiritual herbs and if someone found it by chance,they can become rich in just one night because they can sold it with large amount of low grade spirit stones and this also make the Xiao Clan who know as Alchemist Clan have a little amount of Yang Herbs in thier storage.Spirit Stone is the currency of the large clan in Burning Phoenix Town but not everytime they use Spirit Stones as currency because Spirit Stones can be used in many ways and one of them is to cultivate when they rea
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At the personal training ground of the Xiao Clan's patriarch, there are a figure of Xiao Long and his parents standing there and right now Xiao Long is really excited because the things to fastest his cultivation already in the hands of his father.Meanwhile,Xiao Hei who is seeing his son who is very excited right now just have a smile curled on his lips and that can be said the same with Xiao Yu who is also looking at her excited son with a small smile curled on her lips.Seeing thier son who is very excited,Xiao Hei then took out a black colour ring with silver colour crack adorn the ring from the ring on his left hand."Xiao Long,the things that you want are located in this ring and even the couldron is inside this ring.This ring is called as a spatial ring and you can put your belongings inside this ring.Other than that, this ring also have a space as large as five hundred meters.This spatial ring is a gift to you from me."Xiao Hei said in soft voice before he gave
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"I have successful make my first dragon mark"Xiao Long told his father,Xiao Hei and his,mother Xiao Yu while smiling slightly.Xiao Hei and Xiao Yu who still in shock when they saw a spear appear from Xiao Long's body still did not heard what Xiao Long said because they are too focus on the spear but of course,they already know which spear came from thier son's body which is none other than the spear that appear together with the dragon when Xiao Long was born and they also recognized the spear because of its appearance.But they still got shocked cause they never once thought that once Xiao Long start his cultivation,this spear will appear again and they also staring at the spear because they want to know what the rank of the spear but unfortunately they can't see the rank of the spear.The reason why they can't see the spear's rank is because the spear just looks like a normal rank weapon but what is weird is they still can felt a very powerful strength radiating from
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The next day,At the training ground,there is a figure of Xiao Long who is sitting in the cross legged style and at this moment,Xiao Long just done with his spear practicing and his heart tempering.Currently, Xiao Long is trying calm himself down because he want to try doing something new.Right now Xiao Long is trying to control his flame ability because to practice his Dan Refinement he need to know how to control his fire and there are only one way to practice how to control his Yang Fire and that is by using the spiritual powers and right at this moment,Xiao Long is not in the physical world be he right now is inside his mindscape and is looking at the two snake that was made from a goldenish red colour flame who is swimming in the sea of red colour fire which is as high as three feet.Those two snakes have a golden colour scales with red colour tips and this snakes also have a pair of golden colour sclera with a pair of burning red colour vertical pupils.Ot
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