Emergency Wife

Emergency Wife

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Bon-Hwa Rohan Fernando was nicknamed 'Gravity' by his friends and 'Acada' by his family. His life was unpredictable and full of controversy. Handsome and super rich, he broke the hearts of many women and stepped on the toes of many men. On his wedding day, his wedding was interrupted by an aggrieved woman, prompting his bride to run away, Rohan was ashamed, embarrassed and too annoyed to leave the wedding hall without a bride. He threatened to kill the father of the bride if he fails to bring back his daughter within 30 minutes. When the bride's father; Chin Elvis could not find his daughter; Chin Sun, he forced his second daughter; Chin Cho to replace her step sister. Bon-Hwa Rohan cared less whom he was married to. Chin Cho refused at first, but latter agreed. after the wedding, the couple had an accident in the night of the wedding and was taken to the hospital. in the hospital, it was found out by the doctors that Chin Cho was 14 weeks pregnant. Rohan was mad and said to the doctors "take care of my wife and the baby in the womb, let nothing happen to them. when i come out of this hospital, am going to kill both the father of my wife and the father of the baby in her womb. At the end, he found out that he was the father of the child in the womb. will he kill himself?

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132 chapters
Chapter 1:  The wedding day
The bride and the groom were at the altar, the priest started the ceremony. After a long and bored admonition from the priest, he proceeded with the other aspects of the joining. At this point, the priest said to the congregation, “Is there anyone in this congregation who has anything against this marriage? say it now or keep mute about it for the rest of your life.” This was a formality observed in this congregation and its branches worldwide. It was not out of the ordinary, although some of the branches are beginning to skip this part saying that it was old fashioned. But this priest, being an old man himself, did not and has never skipped this part in any marriage ceremony he has conducted in his 45 years of ministry. The man looked at the congregation un-expectantly, and was to proceed to the next stage, when a woman of about 22 years of age suddenly stood up and shouted “yes, I have something against this marriage.” The whole congregation gasped in astonishment. Even the p
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Chapter 2: The bride runs away
    “can I have my bag; I want to redo my make up.” She said to a girl who has suddenly appeared from nowhere. The girl immediately gave her a bag, the bride’s parents and bride’s maid were all surprised at the strange girl but were too preoccupied with the incident to think about the girl.  Inside the bag were some clothes and other things for change.  she took the bag and went into the corridor, trying to locate the female restroom. The bridesmaid offered to follow her but she refused. But winked to the strange girl. When she reached the corridor, looked round and did not see anybody, she took another route to the back of the church. There was an exist gate connecting the church walls and the backyard of the church. Luckily for her, the tiny hidden gate was not locked but bolted. No! it was not a matter of luck; the gate was purposely kept unlocked for this purpose. When sh
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Chapter 3: NO! to that wedding
  Chin Sun was jealous of Chin Cho because Chin Cho was more beautiful than she was. In fact Chin Cho was adjudged one of the most beautiful women in Z country. If she had gone on a beauty context, she would have won without any stress.  She was beauty with brains, but she had no interest in things like that. On the other hand, Chin Cho was jealous of Chin Sun because their father only care for her. She was so annoyed with her mother for interrupting her preparation for her final exams and making her travel for more than two hours to come and hear such nonsense. She strode to the window and leaned on her elbows “am sorry mum, I would not be attending the wedding.” She said bitterly, slightly raising her voice, her anger clearly written on her face. She disliked her father, step-mother and step-sister, so she has no reason to attend that wedding. Observably, the dislike was reciprocal, her step-mother and sist
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Chapter 4: A Rich and Prominent Groom
  Trying to control her temper, Chin Cho said to her mother “mom, am sorry to disappoint you, I would not be attending the wedding. First I don’t have transport fare, and secondly, I don’t have a befitting clothe.” She said hopping that she would be able to dissuades her mother.“Well you don’t have to bother about those things, I have made provisions for those things, I bought you a new clothe and I have saved some money.” she countered her daughter.Ae-Cha was very prepared for her daughter. Not that she was happy preventing her daughter from preparing for her exams, but she wanted Elvis to know that she was behind him in the family matters.It was this her character that has made Elvis to cherish her more than the other woman. He had refused every effort by Fatima for him to divorce Ae-Cha, but he has sticked to her, let Fatima kill him if she wants but he would not divorce Ae-Cha.Read more
Chapter 5: More beautiful than the bride
 If only she had money, she would take her mother to the best medical facility in the country for treatment.But she had no money, and she was just struggling to survive in the school.She was just hoping that her mother would hang on, until she finish’s school and get a job, make money and take care of her mother.All the money the father had been given them had never been enough.Thinking of her mother’s medical treatment, Chin Cho didn’t know what else to say, she nodded, “I have heard you mum, I will attend the wedding tomorrow.”she said this grudgingly, stamping her foot hard on the floor to show her level of annoyance. She really hated the idea of going to this wedding. But she had no choice, she has to do this for her father to be really pleased to give her mother the promised money.tomorrow is Saturday, and she was hoping she would come back with the money, and on Sunday,
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Chapter 6: The Groom
 Bon-Hwa Rohan Fernando was nicknamed ‘Gravity’ by his friends and mates. He was nicknamed ‘Acada’ by his family.  He was like the wind; impossible to trap, dangerous to offend, difficult to predict. He was very arrogant and full of himself.He was tall, handsome, cold and dashing. The domineering aura round him made people breathless when they came close. He was the grandson of the great Bon-Hwa Fernando.The Fernando family has ruled the business sector in Country Z for many generations.The Bon-Hwa Fernando Group was the number one in the country when it comes to money. And also ranked top in the world business ranking, courtesy of Rohan Fernando.The group touched all sectors of the economy; banking, entertainment, health, electronics, hospitality management such as hotels, etc.Rohan was a shrewd businessman, a dare-devil investor, very calculative and intelligent.He was not on
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Chapter 7: Sex would be on our wedding night.”
 If Rohan Fernando had not been born into a power financial dynasty, he would have been completely destroyed because of the scandal of three months ago. But his family has maintained its financial position for a considerable time in K city in particular and Z country in general starting from his great-grandfather; Bon-Hwa.But right now under the leadership of Rohan, the business has been making waves overseas.The scandal of three months ago was enough to pull an ordinary person to the dust. But the Fernando businesses were too established to be pulled down, no matter what happened.The scandal did not affect the Fernando businesses, it only brought Rohan personal shame and embarrassment.This morning, the cathedral was parked to the brim with people.He had avoided all protocols and had come to the wedding with only three cars. He had his bride with him in one car, the best man and bride’s maid and the bodyguar
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Chapter 8:  The wedding must continue
  “Do you think that the issue of your having a child for him is strong enough to stop this marriage? as a matter of fact, this marriage will go on, then after the marriage, you two can ratify the issue through paternity test.” he concluded.This was final.The priest wanted the girl to stay in the church office till after the marriage, but Rohan refused. “the girl must be in police custody until after the wedding.”On the insistence of Rohan, the girl was taken away by the police. She sure will be tortured at the police custody, that would make her to tell the truth. Rohan was sure of that.The priest asked “where is the bride? Can we go back to the hall for the continuation of the wedding?” It was high time to continue the wedding, the enemies thought that the wedding will not continue. But unfortunately for them, the priest, though old was very resolute, he coul
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Chapter 9: the wedding must continue II
 When it became apparent that the bride is not coming back today, the priest suggested postponement of the marriage. “Mr. Bon-Hwa would it be okay for you if the marriage is postponed till your bride comes back?”The priest of God asked in his priestly voice.“With due respect sir, I can’t ever postpone the marriage!” Rohan roared like a lion. Even though he was trying to maintain some level of respect to the man of God.Two international catering companies had been hired to cook; one group was to   cater for the stomach of those who would come to the church, while the other group was to cater for those who would come to the reception at Hotel De Tycoon.While the bride was being awaited, Rohan ordered the food to be served to everyone. Everyone in the church was busy eating and drinking while the couple was yet to be joined.Mr. Chin Elvis reiterated what the priest
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Chapter 10: Taking her sister’s place
 That was when Fatima; Elvis present wife and the bride’s mother remembered that she had seen someone who looks like Chin Cho, when she was looking for her daughter.But she had shown no interest in the girl, but now maybe the girl could be of help. “Elvis, I saw Chin Cho, come and force her to take her sister’s place for the main time. We need her to save the situation now.”Chin Mae Elvis could not believe his ears; Chin Cho was in this wedding? What could have forced her to be here in this wedding.While wondering these things in his mind, he followed his wife to where she had seen Chin Cho.And he tapped Chin Cho on the shoulder.Chin Cho turned slowly and saw her father. She looked at him without any expression.“Can we talk in a quieter place Cho” her father said softly to her.Chin Cho followed her father to a quieter place inside one of the empty ro
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