Love of an Alpha werewolf

Love of an Alpha werewolf

By:  Kelly  Completed
Language: English
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Azura was born despised by the wolf race because, in the past, her father was a traitor who caused a disaster for werewolves. She is hated by her kind and thinks that her whole life, she does not deserve to have love from anyone. During one of the missions given to her by the leader, she met Conal; he is an Alpha, a werewolf with immortality, and a brilliant CEO; he is perfect in every way. Whenever Azura was in danger, he showed up and rescued her. Experiencing life and death together, the love of both people has blossomed and burned. For her, Conal is the most precious gift God has given her. He is ready to protect and give her a life she never even dreamed of. The secret of his family's death was revealed when the two were engulfed in happiness. The person who caused Conal to lose his loved ones was none other than Azura's father. Will Conal overcome this shock and ignore the hatred in his heart to continue to love Azura? Or will Conal give up his love for the girl he loves the most to avenge his family?

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93 chapters
Chap 1: Azura
Montana - Northwestern United States.At the top of a high mountain, a pair of eyes as bright as lightning was gliding fast, watching from afar and then approaching. Those crystal blue eyes were Azura Helen's. She is the one tasked with guarding and protecting the territory of wolves. In other words, wolves are Azura's race.Azura has a beautiful and seductive face like a goddess and the pink and white skin of a 23-year-old girl. She has a sexy body and is full of life. All the men looked at her lustfully and wanted Azura for sex.Azura was despised by the people of her race, who considered her a criminal. Because Galvin Helen - Azura's father, betrayed his race. The vampires captured Azura's mother while she was pregnant to intimidate him. Galvin was forced to lead them to where the werewolf race lived to save his wife and unborn child. That's why more than 20 years ago, the werewolf race suffered a horrible massacre filled with the solid fishy smell of blood.After tha
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Chap 2: Azura's dangerous mission
Azura watched as Harem's subordinates led the criminal away. His pitiful screams begged Sir Henry to make those around him embarrassed. He paid this price for breaking the ban on the werewolf race.This charter was issued by Harem Henry and the people in the organization. They are strictly forbidden to reveal their identity to humans. Because once exposed, werewolves will be pursued by humans. In the past, the wolf race was destroyed by humans because they thought they were wild animals, which would bring danger to human society. Because of that, the former leader had to lead them to other places to hide.However, not all werewolves followed Harem. A few of them practice living in harmony with humans. But it is necessary to commit to the organization that they must not reveal themselves. On full moon nights, they are forced to use drugs to suppress the transformation or go to the mountains and forests far away from humans, not to be detected by humans.Azura rem
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Chap 3: Departure to California
Early in the morning, Azura was awakened by screams and car engines. She lifted the curtains of the window and looked outside. Men with tall, athletic bodies are making fun of Elmer. They locked him with a rope and took him to her car.The door opened and made a loud noise. Azura's face was grave and full of anger. One of the groups who saw Azura say disdainfully: "Your bitch's out, Elmer."Their disgusting laughs continued. The bastards looked at Azura and were very coveted. She coldly approached Elmer, her blue eyes filled with gas as if to finish off all those evil men. But Azura tried to suppress her chaotic emotions. She pulled out a sharp knife on her side and cut the rope, freeing Elmer.Azura said and brushed the sand over Elmer: "You're okay? Did they make fun of you?"Kayler, who led Elmer's bullying group, was also the leader of the warriors and also the grandson of Harem. He was always egotistical, claiming that he was the one who was respecte
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Chap 4: Face to Face
Seeing Azura really out of sight, the guards returned to their positions. However, Azura did not leave the building; she sat in her car and watched the people entering and exiting the skyscraper. At this moment, the edge of Azura's mouth smiled. That's it. She found prey to help you get past those guards.Azura opened the car door and followed a woman. She is relatively similar in stature to Azura and has light brown hair. Azura's hair was slightly darker than the other girl's, but perhaps the guards probably wouldn't have noticed. Azura moved forward, walking on a par with the beautiful, petite woman who said:"Ma'am, can you help me for a while?"The woman heard Azura's pleading voice, and her eyes begged without a doubt. She stopped and asked Azura politely:"Of course. How can I help you?"Azura looked around, her arms around her stomach, her face grimacing as if she was awkward about something. The woman who only looked through her expression
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Chap 5: The unexpected comes suddenly.
Conal's attack took Azura by surprise. He is truly an immortal werewolf; his strength is robust. Not only that, but Conal's movement speed is also breakneck compared to normal werewolves. Azura knew that she would not be a match for Conal even if she resisted him now. Azura calmly said, "I'm not your enemy." "Why should I trust you?" Conal said while squeezing Azura's hand hard; one of her cheeks seemed to be pinned to the wall. "I thought you knew Sir Harem Henry? I came here to find you on his orders." When Conal heard the name "Harem Henry," he loosened Azura's hand a little. She realizes that Conal still has doubts about her; he hasn't let go of her hand. She didn't know how much longer she had to stand like this. After Conal searched Azura's body with no weapons but a picture of himself, he released her. Conal stared at her with a strange expression - one of hostility and anger. Azura hurriedly turned away, stunned, her cheeks sud
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Chap 6: Conal care about Azura
Conal returned to his office, took a long, black coat that hung neatly on a hook, and gave it to Azura. He said, "Put it on and sit over there waiting for me until I'm done. I'll get you out of here." Azura was surprised at this action of Conal. She shyly took his shirt and put it on. The faint scent of his shirt made her feel at ease. Like that, Azura calmly sniffed the smell of the shirt right in front of Conal. She didn't know that Conal's eyes were following her every movement and strange action. He said: "I just wore this shirt today; it's still clean. So you don't have to worry too much." Conal's words startled her, and she looked up at him. Her face suddenly turned red. It looks like he misunderstand her. Azura was a bit confused; she stammered reply: "Not. I do not mean that. It's just...just the scent on the shirt; it's…it's so pleasant." Conal heard her say these words and laughed. His smile is so magical but attractive to people. Th
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Chap 7: Facing danger
On the way back home, Conal saw a car following his car. Conal stepped on the accelerator; the supercar sped away on the empty road. In an instant, Conal's car disappeared at the boulevard intersection. The vehicle following Conal stopped, not knowing which direction to continue. Azura got out of the car; she looked around at all-white snow. Even though it was just over five o'clock in the afternoon, it was already much darker. The weather is also awful right now. In the end, it was still to lose track of Conal. Azura sighed, looking at his decrepit car, too old to follow an expensive vehicle like Conal's. As Azura was about to get in the car to leave, Conal's soft voice echoed behind her, making her jump. "So the one who followed me just now was you?" Conal grinned at Azura. When he knew a stalker, he speeded up the car and stopped by a nearby bush. It was also thanks to the weather like this that he could cover the eyes of the people following him. Standing
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Chap 8: Word of challenge
Conal's car stopped in front of a large mansion. Azura looked for an empty spot to park the car. This place looked around relatively deserted, only more than a dozen houses. Azura slung the backpack over his shoulder and got out of the vehicle. She squinted her eyes and looked into the distance; it seemed to be a pine forest. Azura didn't understand why Conal chose this place to live. As far as she could see, here, aside from the open view, everything was inconvenient, especially for Conal. The distance from home to the company is quite far.Conal saw Azura still standing outside in the cold rain and snow; he called out to her: "Azura, what are you still standing there for? Let's go into the house."Hearing Conal's urging, she quietly went inside the house. Azura looked at everything, the golden light from the chandelier blinding her. Everything here is highly luxurious and expensive. Azura was so absorbed in watching that he didn't realize Conal was standing behind hi
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Chap 9: Unexpected meeting
After dinner, Conal led Azura to the bedroom on the second floor, at the end of the hallway. Lying on the soft bed, Azura thought over everything and the conditions he offered. If she defeats him, he will agree to return to Montana with her; otherwise, she must not appear in front of him and bother him anymore.Azura sighed; she knew that she wouldn't be Conal's match. Becauseusually, he was much stronger than her. If on the night of the full moon, Conal will have terrible power. Because he is the Alpha werewolf, her chance of winning Conal is only 0.01%. Even though she foresaw such an outcome, she still gave herself a little hope and accepted Conal's challenge.She stood on the second floor looking through the glass window; she saw a family of three who were very cheerful and happy. They hold hands, walk together, enjoy life. Azura looked at them happily and involuntarily laughed along.Yes, what Azura wanted was freedom. This time she came here to com
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Chap10: Disappointed in you
After Conal's parents left happily, Conal let go of Azura's waist. Seeing Conal walking silently towards the living room, Azura got a little angry and said, "Don't you have anything to explain?"Conal still had that indifferent and obnoxious face. After a moment of silence, Conal spoke up. Hearing the way he spoke, he seemed a bit embarrassed."Sorry for dragging you into this. If you had woken up a little later, you probably wouldn't have had to pretend to be my girlfriend. And maybe shortly, join me as a couple of lovers in front of my parents.""What? What are you saying?" Azura still didn't understand what had happened to her. What the hell is Conal, after all calculating?Conal sipped his coffee and continued: "Actually, I had a date with another girl arranged by my parents this morning. I don't like this, but I have no way of saying no.""So you took me out as a beer to help with bullets?" Azura coldly asked ConalHe paused for about h
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