His Sinful Angel

His Sinful Angel

By:  Anannya Behera   Completed
Language: English
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"Tell me, what is all this? Huh? Were you...involved in getting my dad killed?" I ask in a whisper, too afraid for her to confirm my supposed suspicion. She just stares at me blankly and then nods her head up and down. And that is the moment where I feel like my world has been destroyed. ..... Darin Santi, a soft-hearted billionaire's son, has a crush on a girl whose name he doesn't know other than just D. Neither has he seen her face. He has become a fan of her since she saved him from being beaten by his rival football team. But when he meets another girl, Arabella, his supposed fiance, he gradually falls for her not knowing its consequences. Dhanishta Baidwani, a girl who has come with a clear motive, and that is to protect her sister, finds herself falling for the enemy's kid. Will this love survive amidst all this chaos? Will he still love his Angel even after knowing that she is not at all angelic but rather sinful? **Cover photo is taken from Google.**

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64 Chapters
Chapter 1
(AUTHOR'S NOTE: This novel is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance to real name, place or event is purely coincidental. Enjoy reading.) Darin's POVI look into her deep chocolate brown eyes intently. They are doing something in me. Something unusual, something I have never felt before. Is this what 'love at first sight' feels like? I honestly don't know, but I can tell that I can gaze into those deep chocolate brown pools of hers forever. She squints her beautiful eyes at me, the only thing that I can see as of now. Then she waves her hand infront of me making me finally snap out of it. I blink thrice and look back at her. She is there standing in all her glory, her body is clad in tight black tee shirt and pants with a leather jacket completing her all black badass look. Her jet black hair which is pixie cut with feathery bangs, is looking beautiful. Her face, well I can't see her face as she is wearing a mask, that too, is black. I can tell that black is her favorite color,
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Chapter 2
Darin's POV As I reach infront of the massive mansion where my parents live, I can't help but think what is the matter. Even if my dad told me not to worry, I can't really help it. He sounded somewhat stressed. And I don't know if it is something about his business. But if it would be about his business, he would have never involved me in it. I have had this talk with my parents before and they agreed that I won't be taking over our family business because it does not suit my interest. I have always wanted to become a scientist, a microbiologist to be specific. And that is why I am graduating in microbiology. I get out of my car and go inside the mansion. There is my mom sitting on the plush sofa beside my dad who is frowning at my mom. "Hey! mom, dad." I say and go near them. My mom gets up and hugs me tightly. "Oh, my baby!" She exclaims not letting me go. My dad then comes to my rescue. "Alright, Lizzy. Now it is my turn to hug him." Says dad teasingly but mom just gives him a
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Chapter 3
As soon as he drives away, I come out from behind the tree where I was hiding. Yes, I have followed him up to here and for a good reason, well not for them. As much I have heard them talk, I can tell that this boy, Darin Santi, has nothing to do with his parents' planning. Does he even know what his parents are into? I don't know but I intend to find. And if I want to succeed in this mission, I have to stay close to them, to him. But what if he is really innocent? I will be only hurting his feelings then! I shake my head. What am I even thinking? I am here to do my job, nothing else. Yes, I am here for my job. I chant in my head as always. And I saved him from being a prey to those bad boys before because I need to keep an eye on him and his parents and their activities. Yes, that is all it is! I quickly go to my midnight black street bike which I had kept behind the parking area, and ride back to my shabby apartment building. It is not like I don't have money or anything, I just lik
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Chapter 4
When I reach infront of the luxurious mansion, I can't help but envy my sister. No, don't go there, hani! You too have it all back at home, a big apartment, and most importantly your dad. Yes, I have my dad. I say to myself, smiling. I ring the bell and soon the door is opened by a maid there and she let me enter the mansion. Upon entering, I find Mr. Rossi sitting on the couch with his wife, and beside them is a girl wearing a floral white sundress. She looks exactly like me, same facial features, same eyes. Just our hair is different. That is my sister. A small smile etches on my lips. She is beautiful, just like our mother. "Ms. Baidwani, come, come." Says Mr. Rossi which pulls my attention to him. I nod in acknowledge as I stroll towards them. Mr. and Mrs. Rossi stand up but my sister stays seated with her eyes boring into her phone. She is looking the least interested to meet me. I sigh. Does she know that I am her sister? "Hello, dear. I am Isabella Rossi, Arabella's mother."
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Chapter 5
Darin's POV When I reach the mansion, I see my parents are already out and are waiting for me by their SUV. I look at my watch and it is two minutes past seven. I sigh. I know all too well that my father is a very, very punctual man. Unlike me. And I am in for some damn lecture now! I park my car and get out of it. My dad has a serious expression etched on his face and I know that he is about to lash on me. But I am just two minutes late for crying out loud!! "Hey! mom, dad." I say with a sheepish smile across my lips trying my best not to be a victim of his oncoming outburst. My mom shakes her head at me. "Had your mom not called you earlier to remind to come by before seven, young lad?" Asks my father in a cold tone that is enough to make me gulp. Yes, she had called me but what can I say? That it slipped my mind? No damn way happening! "Uhmm...I am going to have a seminar, dad. So, I was preparing for the same and kind of forgot to take notice of the time. Sorry?" I say sheepis
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Chapter 6
Darin's POV "Hello, Darin!" I flinch when I heard that voice. No, not again! I slowly turn my swivel around to see Arabella standing at my room door. I force myself to smile at her."Hello, Arabella! Please come in." After all, you have taken the pain to come to my house even if you I never invited you. I stop myself from blurting that out. She smiles brightly and comes into my room. After that day when we went to have dinner at their place, my father told her that she could come to my penthouse where I live, alone, if she needs any help from me. So, here she is now, in my penthouse. I guess, she is here because she needs my help in something and not just want to pass time with me! "Hey, what are you doing?" She asks with enthusiasm, something I am lacking right now. "As you can see, I was trying to study. I have a seminar to present in less than three days from now." I inform her thinking that she will leave now. But guess I am damn wrong 'cause she goes to sit on my bed beside w
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Chapter 7
"Uh...I don't think so." I can see that his eyes are frowning as I say this. "What? I...I am so sorry, I just thought that we could be friends or something. I am so sorry I overstepped my boundaries." He starts rambling. "Darin! I mean to say that ofcourse we can be friends but the thing is...you don't seem to be too fond of me. I mean, from the day we met, you never showed any interest in talking to me or even when I talked to you. So..." I trail off not knowing what else to say. I just want to get away from here, from him, as soon as possible 'cause I don't think that I can control my emotions while talking to him like this seeing as I have almost lost control while talking about my papa. He sure has a way to get people to talk their feelings out. And I sure as hell, can't keep up with my act anymore today. I feel fed up now. The only thing I can think of is my bed, in which I will just sleep. "Hey, I am sorry if you felt that way. I know that I can be a total jerk sometimes but
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Chapter 8
Entering the huge campus, I feel a bit awkward since I am not wearing a uniform like everyone else here. I walk straight towards the cafeteria of this campus where Darin is waiting for me. He has called me some ten minutes ago that his lunch break has started, so here I am to meet him. I am wearing a mustard yellow color sundress with ankle length black boots. I usually don't wear any makeup but since I am into this act, I have to. So, I have applied some foundation, compact powder and a bit of mascara. As soon as I enter the cafeteria, my eyes found the one I was looking for. There he is, sitting at a corner table alone with one of his earplugs plugged into his ear as he surfs through his phone. I go near him and sit infront."Hey!" "Hi!" He squeals, surprised. And I laugh. "Arabella, you almost got me a heart attack there!" He complains with a cute pout. Aww..."Sorry, sorry. I saw that you were quite busy with your phone, so I did not disturb you." I say teasing him."He glares a
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Chapter 9
Darin's POV Just as my last class ends, I quickly get out of the room and go straight to where I have parked my car. Reaching there, I call back my best friend who has called me three times earlier but I could not pick his call because I was in class. So, I had just left him a message saying that I will call him later. "Hey!" I chirp as soon as he picks up."Hi, where are you now?" He asks impatiently. I know that patience is not his virtue!"In my campus, why?" "Okay. Can you come pick me up, real quick? I have been waiting here for a cab but can't find any." "Alright, but where are you right now?" I ask getting into my car."I am at my training base. Come quick." "Okay!" I say before hanging up and turn on the ignition. But then a thought comes running into my mind. Oh, no! I have told Arabella that I will come by her mansion. But now I can't, my best friend needs me. I kill the ignition and call Arabella. And after five rings, she picks up."Hey!" Her light voice comes from th
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Chapter 10
"Please, just agree with us? It will be good for our plan, don't you think so? And besides, at times like this, you would not have to fret yourself much." Says Mr. Rossi. "Yes, darling! Don't think about this much now." Now says Mrs. Rossi."And don't think that we are doing it just for the plan. You are always welcome here." She adds."Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Rossi, but..." "Please, no more buts!" She interrupts me. "You don't understand! I don't stay alone in that apartment." I tell them. "Whom do you stay with then? Your father said that you have come here alone." I shake my head at Mr. Rossi. "No, I don't stay alone. I have my Bambi with me." They frown at that. "Who?" They both ask at once. "Bambi! Oh, sorry. Bambino, my baby. He is two by the way." I inform them proudly. But this does nothing to help the creases that are formed on their foreheads. "You have a kid?""That too about two years of age?" Okay, I think they are confused!"Uh..yes! And he is an iguana.
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