She Knows

She Knows

By:  K  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Eri is here , she will never leave ....she will always have you" Sein is a boy who was adopted in the house of a rich man. He was never an outcast to his new family but outside the house he was that quite kid who confuses every single things in his life. But he had friends as well.

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3 chapters
17th July --- “Ding dong I know you can hear me Open up the door I only want to play a little” A young girl was busy crouching on the ground as she taps the soil with a shovel three times in those three mounds of dirt that appears like Mountains of dirt and sands. She made sure it was the exact same size because, for her, everything should be organized and perfect. “You misbehaved...” The young girl spoke as her eyes wondered at those three mounds of dirt, the shovel was just beside it all dirty, the girl had this small grin as her eyes adored the thing she just finished dealing with and then starts to dust her clothes that have a mist of soil. After dusting herself, she took the shovel and went near the water hose that was 10 steps away. Turning the faucet on, she splashes the shovel with it and washes it with soap. After about 5 minutes of washing, she carried the shovel back to the garage. Suddenly, right as sh
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Chapter 1: Don't Misbehave
“Ding dong You can't keep me waiting It's already too late For you to try and run away I see you through the window Our eyes are locked together I can sense your horror Though I'd like to see it closer” In a place where a span of oak woods surrounded the manor that was at the center, Sein was walking around those bushy corners in hope of finding his sister. Both agreed to play Hide and Seek, Eris had chosen this place as she thought that no one except her and her mom know the entrance and the exit of this place, even her father back then when three of them played hide and seek, her mother would have to look for the seeker instead of the seeker to look for them, he always gets lost. And now, it was Sein’s turn to be in such a horrific experience in his entire life, this was his first-time playing hide and seek with Eris. Instead of having fun, he found himself lost in the middle of those tall woods and not having fun the sli
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Chapter 2: Her Sisterly love
After 20 minutes of walking, Shayne couldn’t help but look at Sein who was obviously preoccupied with his own thoughts. She had been aching to know what happens to Sein whenever he falls asleep and then seemingly has nightmares, but since their friendship just started a week ago, she didn’t push the thought of asking him about it. But since this would be the right time to ask about it, she cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention. “I didn’t bother to ask you about this on our first day of school, but what is it your nightmare about?” asked Shayne who didn’t look at Sein and just kept on walking as they reached an empty table enough for 8 people. “I don’t exactly know what it was, come to think of it, I already forgot what it was all about, though after forgetting my dream I get headaches and migraines.” Sein shrugged off his shoulder after answering Shayne's question, he wasn’t lying anyway. During the walk, Sein was in deep thoughts that he had come t
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