Hybrid Daughters Of The Mafia

Hybrid Daughters Of The Mafia

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Andrius Grundell is the leader of a mafia organization who fell in love with Xanthea, the Luna of a wolf pack, despite knowing she's a she-wolf. However, a cold-blooded angry Alpha, Xanthea's destined mate whom she refused to be with, tracked them down and attempted to kill their triplets, a mafia boss and a she-wolf's identical daughters, the half-blooded trio. After years of developing their minds and completing missions to track down their father's and organization's adversaries, They will evolve into stunning ladies capable of transforming into beautiful she-wolves with tremendous strength, the daughters of a Luna who will inadvertently fall in love with a man who wishes to live a simpler life, apart from the life he knows. They adore and trust him, only to discover that he is the son of Luna's destined mate, an Alpha who murdered their mother. Will they be able to carry out their plans and obtain the justice they seek? Or will they kill one another when they discover they're in love with the same man? Who will emerge victorious in the battle?

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140 chapters
CHAPTER 1: The Beginning
Vanessa stood up on her seat, swaying her body in a romantic beat of the music coming from the radio speaker while looking intently at the man in front of her. She chomped her lower lips and wandered her hands around her body, from her thighs to her enormous boobs that were about to explode in her silky lingerie dress. The man started walking towards her, he gulped as Vanessa touched the lace of her bra, dripping down her shoulders she pouted her lips, trying to seduce the man who's now sweating because of the sensation Vanessa's giving. While the man is thinking about claiming her, she looks above and spots the smallest camera she put before this set up. Their plan was about to succeed. 'Make it fast, idiot. I'll definitely kill you once I lose' she thought. Ashleigh smiled while checking out her sister, she could have read her mind. She took the espresso to her table, it somewhat stripped on the wire of her devices so she raised her brows up and sat folding her
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CHAPTER 2: Their Life
Vanessa was yawning as Ivory strolled down the hall with her. Everyone they passes by was bowing their heads in acknowledgement that they are the organization's future leader. Andruis, their father, is now responsible for the organization that their grandparents established ages ago. They unlawfully sell an assortment of deadly weapons in a few nations, but they are shielded by the law and government authorities. They won't be frightened assuming that they are found. In exchange for their help to catch an organization or an individual with a major abundance that police can't deal with. They had many departments assisting their organization in collaborating effectively with the most trusted wolves and humans they knew.Ivory took her coat before trying to escape out of the door. It was already midnight yet she still has a plan to go outside."Where are you going?" Vanessa asked, attempting to figure out her sister's move."Rooftop," Ivory said and made her
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CHAPTER 3: Mission; Meeting the Pack
They've already found their objective, Ashleigh has positioned her sniper rifle in a structure a few meters away from it.According to the information, a high-profile murderer was residing in a unit in front of the building where she is presently.Alfred Rotchster, a 35-year-old father with three daughters and a crippled wife, murdered a large number of people and selling their organs in order to fund the treatment of his child's illness. He has a background in chemical engineering and is well-versed in how to kill people in the most bizarre ways possible. However, their organization is different, and they can get any information they want in just a blink of an eye. This man has a huge bounty, but he was so good at hiding from the cops.She observed her sisters walking inside the hotel with her binoculars. Vanessa wears her provocative clothing and scarlet lipstick while Ivory disguises herself as a businesswoman.Ivory made a meeting with their t
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CHAPTER 4: Ambushed
The wolves guided the three of them on their base. The way was so dark, however their eyes seemed like a bright light making the way be more visible to them.On the other hand, the three of them were still skeptical to go the same way. They didn't know these wolves yet, even though they were their own pack as their grandparents were the leaders.It's been some years since they last saw them, especially their grandfather who was rumored to be the most powerful Alpha, he managed to defeat the rogues and the one who took them to the battle, Nicolas Cruzvelt, their opponent many years ago to take a step back. However, he was enraged when he realized that his daughter had been killed."You are all here," a voice said. The triplets looked at the person who spoke. Ashleigh smirked seeing her. "Aunt Estella," she said. They didn't realize that they were already in front of a log cabin where a woman who was just a bit young at their father's age
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CHAPTER 5: Alpha Garmon
ASHLEIGH'S P.O.VI couldn't even sleep, the cold blow of air that was coming from the window of the cabin's making me want to wreck it away.I realized that it's been an hour since I tried to go on and sleep, however I really can't do it. I just don't want to go outside at this hour, it will surely disturb my sister's rest. I smirked and took a gaze at Vanessa, I knew she was already sleeping. She likes complaining about this place but in reality, she was more comfortable with this than me and Ivory.Ivory, I don't know if she was already sleeping. Though she was by my side I can't tell if she was really sleeping in that position. Her arms were crossed and she's laying down in the bed with a straight body. This is really her position whenever she's asleep. It's like I just need to get her a coffin for her own peace.I smiled and closed my eyes instead. I am wishing to get a good night's sleep in 10 minutes. However, it's only been 5 minu
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CHAPTER 6: The Pack's Territory
THIRD PERSON'S P.O.VThe morning has come. The three of them prepared themselves. Ivory is already somnolent, however she was trying to fight it. She knew that there's an event waiting for them that day. And she can't afford to lose focus on it."She is coming," Vanessa said when she saw Estella walking towards the cabin where they were. The two ladies nodded at her and waited for their Auntie.Estella knocked on the cabin door. Ashleigh quickly opened it to see her clearly and noticed that she had some sores on her face, if she wasn't taught to observe in the most keen way, she wouldn't see it."What happened to your face?" she bluntly asked. Estella wasn't expecting her sudden question and touched her face. She smiled when she realized what Ashleigh's talking about."You have a good eye, I thought I already cleaned all the wounds.""It will leave some traces," she said."Yes, that's why you are a sharp shoote
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CHAPTER 7: The Hunting
The field inside the woods was very wide, however the three of them were already observing the place in 30 minutes but there were no rogues coming out.'Do they know that we are waiting for them?' Ashleigh taught. Her hopes to fight with some of them were already fading every minute.'I am tired of waiting, come out ugly rogues.' Vanessa impatiently thought.While Ivory was just looking around and trying to feel their presence, even though they hadn't seen one yet and didn't know to sense if a wolf was near them. However, she knew that if she could feel it, it was a powerful one.Vanessa put down her fan in one of the trunk of the tree where they are and rested her back on it. She rolled her eyes and sighed because of tiredness."They were not coming out," Nelxus said, he was on the Alpha's side observing the triplets not so far from their place. They will guide them on this fight if ever they will need their help but they are so sure tha
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CHAPTER 8: Knowing The Pack
3 days have passed since they got inside the pack.Because of the decision happened, the triplets begin to learn the things they need to know inside the pack. With the help of Farrah, the Sigma who imposed herself on guiding them."As a wolf of this pack, loyalty is the most important thing. We once fell off the bridge, but all of us who stayed didn't let anyone from our pack die on falling more, deeply. Instead, we lifted each other up to begin a new life as a new pack. I want you all to know that being a wolf is not only focusing on the thing of changing appearance, having a strength and an identity that a normal human can be scared off, however it will test your loyalty." Farrah said. They were under the tree, not far from the base. While Nelxus was just watching them from one of the branches. He was the one that Alpha Garmon instructed to go with them wherever they are as long as they are in their base.They also discovered that he was the only son of
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CHAPTER 9: Three Guards
VANESSA'S P.OVI am currently walking inside the woods to see a place where I can stay. I really want to go back to the organization's base. I want to feel my bed and sleep for a whole day!It's been three days since we arrived here, I wouldn't deny that I am enjoying it, especially the flights. However, I want to see guys. And I can't even look at these men here. They are all with someone, I think there is no single at all. I am hopeless."Hey, what are you planning to do here? Let's just go back to the cabin, I am sure Ivory was already curious where we are." Ashleigh told me, but I don't want to. I don't want to hear those people calling me a princess, I am not just a princess. I am a queen."Don't follow me if you are scared," I said and faced her, she's making me irritated with her questions. I don't know why she followed me here, I want peace and she wants a war, I can't give it to her now. I think I am already exhausted."Who'
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CHAPTER 10: Going Home
IVORY'S P.O.V"We saw Ashleigh unconscious," a voice said. I opened my eyes and saw Jake, in front of him was Vanessa. I frowned when I saw her unhooked bra. What are these two people doing?But what I hear, Ashleigh was unconscious. I quickly stood up on the wooden bed and looked at them seriously. "Fix yourself." I seriously told Vanessa and gazed at Jake who's now looking at me. "Where is she?" I asked."With your grandparents." The moment I heard it, I immediately went out of the cabin. I am wondering what happened to her. I need to make sure she's safe.The moment I went inside the house, I roamed around my eyes at the hall, trying to figure out where she was behind these doors. "4th one." I heard a voice, it's from the upper part of this hall. To see who it was, I looked up and saw Nelxus. He likes hanging himself on higher places, I guess he was more than comfortable with it. I didn't waste any more seconds and went dire
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