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Isabella is a story of a young african american girl Isabella Gomez ,who is born into a world of drugs ,guns, threats and cold love . She has no control over the happenings in her life . She falls in love with a rude, sexy, powerful, billionaire ,ACE . Ace a powerful CEO , who doesn't believe in love , makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her other than return the favor of her father . They both have alot of things in common, betrayal, rejection and abuse . Would Ace be able to resist forever ? Or would Isabella back down if she finds out who Ace is ? .

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18 Chapters
CHAPTER ONE My eyes drooped slowly as I laid, sprawled across the bed. My hands were limp against the books that  were on my bed, making me more uneasy in my sleep.  Suddenly, the bang tore through my ears, causing me to jump up, my heart in my mouth. I stood up  almost angrily, my legs proving to be weak due to the long time I had slept.  Who could it even be? I opened the door to reveal my best girl who was the worst at this moment. “Don’t tell me you slept on your books? God, why do I have a nerd for a best friend?” She questioned no  one in particular and I rolled my eyes at that. “Jane!” I shouted to stop her from going on about me, slightly shocked. She looked at me, giving me a  dead pout, and continued almost immediately, causing
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 CHAPTER TWOAt 7:55 pm, we took a shuttle down to Dave's party, he lived in a two-bedroom self apartment. Dave was one of those extremely rich kids on campus, whom everyone wanted to get hooked up with.Dave however was not your stereotypical rich bad boy. He was sweet and nice without an iota of pride, making him accessible to everyone and that explained why he was friends with Jane and me.I guess that was why his party was stacked up, with different calibers of people, I mean who would want to miss a party hosted by Dave?We entered the party, there were red cups everywhere. The music was loud as usual and girls dotted everywhere. Some grinding on boys, some kissing, some drinking.Suddenly, everyone’s focus shifted to us for a split second. I felt the least comfortable, I stole a glance at Jane to see how she was faring and I wasn’t surprised to see that she was
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CHAPTER THREEThe images of my older sister's corpse came flashing back, she died of blood insufficiency, after been gang-raped.My father, the one who got us into the mess we are, was once a very wealthy mafia boss, he achieved fame and wealth at a very young age before getting married to my mum.A year later they had my sister, after which I was born two years later, coincidentally we were both girlsand the mafia needed a male heir to continue. This plunged my father into depression as his associates mounted serious pressure on him. He wasn't ready to listen till threats came in, the mafia he ran was a collective one, there were two main share holders. When Santiago became greedy and wanted it all to himself since he felt my father had no heir, my dad was forced to turn him in to the police, he had been wanted for a long time, he served a sentence of six Read more
CHAPTER FOUR“isa!, this like the third time am calling you, you can’t come to a party and be thinking aboutGod knows what? “ Jane said sounding annoyed"I need to go home jane ""you can't be serious,are you?,the party just started""I'm sorry ,I promise to be fine , just have fun darling"  I said assuring her"Just be safe okay?""I will girl , bye"Too bad I couldn't see dave before leaving, well I would call him later.I ordered an uber ,which came in less than five minute,the ride was silent , as I tried not to think about everything,it was just too much.As I alighted from the cab and made my way towards the door , I noticed a white envelope with a red seal , designed with a butterfly shaped metal . Who would drop a letter for me without an address?, " You cannot run forever"SANTIAGO.Looking around to find traces of a possible spy or danger , I  qui
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     I moved straight to my closet , stripped off my garments , changed into my shower robe , as I went under the shower to have a cold bath, I was going to grab a drink at the bar close to my house , i had never gone there except our freshman year,when we went for our departmental welcome party, I guess I needed somewhere to clear my head , I couldn't think of anywhere else, I wore my short peach gown and a black turtleneck top , I locked my door and headed straight to the bar , they usually close by 12pm , this was still 7 , entering the bar I noticed it was a bit scanty than usual , only about four tables were occupied, one with three men on suit ,seems as though there were discussing business, the other three were occupied by people whom I supposed would be couples .I made my way to the boot at the back, as soon as I settled in, the waitress approached me,"Please what can
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Isabella's POVFor some unknown reasons I felt good , Dave just kissed my forehand , I felt a lurch in my stomach , I ran straight to the toilet to empty my stomach content , I was definitely going to regret yesterday for a while.I got off from my bed after clearing the takeouts dave bought , I changed from the clothes I wore the previous night , carefully removing my bra and lingerie, I went under the shower, I let the water do miracles , I needed a soothing aid . I came out of the shower after spending close to an hour . I got out dried my hair and creamed my skin , putting on my pink tank top and shorts, I continued my project on my laptop, I was already rounding off chapter three , after typing for close to thirty minutes , I decided to shut the laptop and watch movie , after finally surfing for movies I settled down with 365 days , the hype was high online.It was interesting
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While we were talking, we heard the booing of an helicopter outside the building , it sounded as though it was moving closer, I looked around , hoping to find an explanation. The guards seemed as confused as I was , I could hear people jumping down , their feet echoed as though they wore hefty boots .The guards left us and began going outside to check what the commotion was about , we heard shouts and two gunshot , we didn't know who died or who was killing whomThe door burst open and we saw two African American men on clothes which seemed like uniforms.The first made his way and began untying my mum, the second hesitated and began untying me too ."Who are you people, who sent you"" Ma'am I think , this not a time for questions , we are just following directives , and you're safe now "With that they led us to the helicopter outside , we flew to Lagos and at lagos we were taken to 
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CHAPTER 8ACE'S POVI had just finished making out with the sexy brunette I picked from the club yesterday when Jason's call came in."Where are they""There are here and safe ""Did you leave traces ""No we didn't " with that I ended the call.That was all i needed to hear, turning my head I met the the rosy lips of the brunette, we were at it all day and she is still not tired, such prowess for a lady , well that's how I loved them.Getting up from the bed,with the blanket wrapped around my waist, i made my way into the bathroom, turning on the shower , i washed off the memories of the previous session as I always do, after towelling my body, i tied the towel loosely around my waist, coming out of the bathroom I was stunned to find her still in my bed , I'm sure she didn't get the message."Hey , what do you think you're doing" I said realizing I don't know her name"What ?""Why are you still in the bed?""I was waiting f
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CHAPTER NINEIt's no news that charlotte seizes the least opportunity to seduce me , that would have worked if only she wasn't my secretary. I loved women , but I had my limits and an ounce of self control, the least I could do is having an affair with my staff , it took cheer hard work and discipline to bring my company to the heights it has attained, after it was willed to me by my father, the company was almost in shackles when I became CEO.Charlotte is an attractive,curvy lady , with all endowments in the right places , but she isu secretary and that is a strong barricade."Good morning,boss" she said smiling brightly"Morning, charlotte" I replied almost immediately, without looking at her . Walking past her I got into my office. After minutes of settling down to work , I heard a knock on the door , it must be charlotte."Yes , what is it? ""I'm sorry i have bad news boss""I don't have time for this , can you talk!""The emeralds just called t
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CHAPTER TENCHARLOTTE'S POVThe cracking of ACE'S door brought me back to consciousness, he had phoned me two minutes ago , and I was still seated, that is going to be serious trouble!. Entering his office I saw him standing with his face against the window , I wondered, what the problem was ."Boss , you sent for me " I said genuflecting unconsciously"Two minutes ago, I sent for you two minutes ago charlotte, do you think I have all the time in the world , or I am that jobless?""I'm sorry sir , I was sending the reports of the last minutes to the auditing department ""Do I care ?""No sir , I'm sorry it won't happen again""Yes it shouldn't""Okay si..""Summon everybody got a conference meeting in an hour , anybody who gets the notice and fails to be in attendance , stands the risk of getting fired""Sir but, there is always a twenty four hours notice for meeting, there's no how they are going to make it , sorry I mean I could send th
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