Caught between two alphas

Caught between two alphas

By:  Divah Dave  Updated just now
Language: English
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What happens when Kayden falls in love with his brother's maid?. How would it end for Jayden who despises girls, but his heart is captured by his maid. In between an alpha and his twin, Ariana is confused. Should she go for the cold alpha or his twin who vows to become alpha at all cost?.

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50 chapters
Having two boys
"Now boys I don't want to get any report about you guys fighting okay"?. Fiona Sawyer, the luna of the pack of wolves in California said to her twin boys who are always at loggerheads. Wolves lived among the humans and they tend to protect their identity and keep their whole life secret coz they would be hunted by hunters, during the daytime wolves do not go out in their wolf form only at night do they go out. " yes mom, I promise I won't have a brawl with Mr cool pants". Kayden said sarcastically as he smirked. "stop it Kayden ". Fiona cautioned as she helped him knot his tie ."okay mom". Kayden replied gruffly. "I hope you'll be okay at school and no fight okay?". Fiona said to Jayden as she took his tie and started knotting it. "yea mom". Jayden replied and took his keys from the table and left without sparing Kayden a glance. Kayden went to school in his car and parked outside where the girls could see him. when he parked his car, he stepped out of his car to be met with scre
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Father's death
Jayden spent the whole day listening to music and left immediately the bell rang, though he couldn't find Kayden around as he left the school and went to his apartment and met his mom outside. "Hello, mom". Jayden said in a low voice. " how are you doing son". Fiona asked. "am cool". He replied and opened the door for Fiona who came in and looked around the dark large building he was introverted to a son who decided to stay in. "son isn't it high time you get a maid". Fiona said as Jayden turned on the lights. "Mom please just stop it okay, I don't need a maid and that's it period". Jayden said boldly as he went to the fridge and bought out a can of monster drink. " son I know it's hard to forget about Nicole but you've got to move in and find yourself a lady, you can't just mourn her for the rest of your days". Fiona said making Jayden feel terrible as Nicole's face appeared in his head. Mom please just stop it, I can't take it anymore. Jayden said as he stared at his mom with an
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Ariana gets a scholarship
"Argh, it's time for my second shift". Ariana muttered with exhaustion as she removed her cleaner dress and headed to BURGER IT ALL, the restaurant where she worked half time. "hey, boss ". Ariana greeted her boss who is an exceptionally kind man. " hey young lady, you're late again". James said as he shook his head slightly. "I'm so sorry boss, please I promise to stay extra time today.... please". Ariana said and joined her hand together as she pleaded. " yea fine how would a person reject puppy eyes". James answered with a fatherly smile. Ariana busied herself with the kitchen work since her job is tidy the plates being used. " Ari...... Guess what I just saw"?. Charlotte my best friend said as she waved her phone at my face. "What..."? I asked eagerly as I rushed to her side. She showed me the news that read that Ariana Stuart has been offered a scholarship to Sawyer College. " ahhh ". We both screamed and giggled as joy overwhelmed me. " you've got to go home and get rea
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She's your new maid
The school was so terrible. Ariana got home to meet her drunk father talking to himself and crying.''If those God dammed wolves hadn't taken her away, I would still be in good shape". Mark lamented as he gulped down beer."Hey, Dad". Ariana muttered as she covered her nose." oh welcome daughter, I was just thinking about your mother. Why were the wolves wicked and why did they take your mother of all people". Mark questioned rhetorically."I've told you countless times that mom died due to stroke. Her whole body went stiff and blood didn't circulate her body. Don't you get it"!.Ariana yelled as anger overwhelmed her. " you always talk about wolves yet none has been discovered and it seems beer seems to make you mentally unstable". Ariana said pained as she remembered what her mom looked like.Ariana went inside her room and scattered the whole wardrobe where she usually kept her money and with a look of horror fell to the floor and wept.<
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What kind of guy are you?.
Jayden angrily went to the room where his mom said Ariana could occupy, with a heavy knock Ari opened the door. "Look I don't give a fuck if you act innocent in front of my mom just because you want me but believe me I'll never fall for all your schemes". Jayden said pointing a finger at Ariana. " what would you like to have for supper sir"?. Ariana questioned ignoring his accusations. "Don't play dumb with me bitch, I don't go easy on girls, especially desperate ones". Jayden warned with a dangerous look which gave Ariana the chills. " Sir if you have nothing I can do, for now, I would like to make myself invisible since it was stated that I'm to be invisible when you're in the house". Ariana replied with a straight face. "make anything with chicken for supper, serve it in the dining and I do not want to smell your scent anywhere apart from this room and the kitchen understood"?.Jayden questioned with a cold look. " yes sir". Ariana mocked as she bowed and shut the door in his f
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You are too problematic
Jayden went to the office and checked the list of students he approved to get admitted into his college.With a sigh of regret, he saw Ariana's name."Ariana Stuart, seventeen years old, dark hair, brownish eyes. " Geez, I wonder why I gave her the scholarship."Good afternoon sir". Dan his secretary replied." sir you have a call from one of the court members". Dan continued, Jayden collected the phone."Hello". Jayden said."hello hope you're coping well, there's a problem actually . A wolf has been missing for some days now and we're suspicious that someone is using black magic ". He replied to Jayden who stiffened." I'll be over there if you send the address immediately ". Jayden replied as he stand up and took his coat.He went to the address sent to him and saw the wife of the missing wolf mourning.He remembered how his mother mourned and shook his head to forget about it." He said he was going to work, h
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After getting home, Ariana feeling hurt just went to her room and cried her eyes out.Jayden who was in his room trying to figure out what he could do the stop Dracula didn't have time to think as his thoughts were disturbed by the crying demon."Argh must she always be a nuisance"? Jayden thought with a groan.Standing up he went to her room and barged in without knocking.Ariana who was on the floor stood up and used her palm to clean her eyes."Seems like you've forgotten that you're the maid here not the boss?". Jayden said folding his hands."I'm so sorry". Ariana said." rather than saying sorry why not get a vacuum cleaner, clean the house and trim the flowers. Then start making lunch". Jayden said as he walked out leaving Ariana shocked.She wore a short knicker and the same top he gave her then she walked out and spent hours cleaning the house.With excess sweat, she took a shear and walked to the garden.Read more
Ella's nagging
Ariana continues eating her food as everybody muttered their opinions. Ariana couldn't eat anymore due to the stares she was getting so she stood up with her tray. "Woah, slow down cutie". Chad the most brutal and mean boy at school said. Ariana tried passing but was waylaid. " Just what the fuck do you want from me?". Ariana yelled with frustration. "Good question cutie, how about a blowjob and a fuck session". Chad mocked to the amusement of everybody. " don't waste your time chad she's too poor and way below standards ". A girl shouted. " yea she's poor but cuter than your plastic face". Chad smirked making everybody laugh at the girl who stumped away in embarrassment. "Now cutie how about we go on a date then get things started". Chad continued as he held Ariana's hand. "let go of her Chad ". Kayden said as he walked towards Chad who grated his teeth out of anger. " you win this time fancy pants but I'll be back for her". Chad said to Kayden and left the cafeteria. Kayde
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I left the house and went to a bar to cool off things as I remembered today's Nicole's birthday.I ordered a bottle of vodka and was taking it slowly when a girl, in a short, tight mini skirt and a crop top walked to where I was.She also ordered a vodka and tried to strike up a conversation with me."Hello, handsome". She said seductively.I wanted to ignore her but knew she would be a bother if I didn't reply." hello". I said dryly praying she would leave when she gets bored."You need a nightstand because you look like you could use a good night fuck". She flirted." no, I'll pass". I said uninterested and she poured her drink on my shit and muttered "asshole" and walked past me.Feeling unbothered, I continued drinking and remembering Nicole. If she hadn't died I wouldn't be this way.Being drunk already, I wobbled as I rose from my barstool and pushed my way amidst the many dancers and people in the club.Oc
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Sexy in an indescribable way
Ariana brought out a pale yellow short gown and scrunched her face. "Too short". She muttered. She brought out more dresses and tried them on.All the gowns were either too short or too revealing. He knows I don't wear such that's why he bought excess.I checked the jeans and admired a few but wearing skinny jeans ain't my style. I decided I wouldn't wear any of the dresses he bought. " but won't he get furious with me". I thought again Looking at the drawers I gasped when I saw skimpy sheer lingerie. My boss is so unpredictable ". I found a new Samsung galaxy s22+ on the table and almost passed out with shock. This phone is very expensive and only the wealthy use it. But isn't all this too much, I mean paying me in advance, getting me new clothes and a phone!.With a shrug, I took the phone and checked the contact list and was surprised to see his number saved as " master". I couldn't help but laugh at how odd it sounded. 
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