BROKEN BY THE ALPHA a dark romance

BROKEN BY THE ALPHA a dark romance

By:  Esther Onumonu  Completed
Language: English
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The billionaire playboy of Carli State Uni wants her, and he would do anything, hurt anyone you get her. Alecia had been warned by her parents to stay away from werewolvess especially the werewolves in her school, but when she goes to a werewolf party and gets noticed by an Alpha, Ryder she finds herself falling a little for him. But Ryder does not love her -- not as she loves him. He has more pleasure breaking her heart over and over again, till she is too broken to be fixed

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Alecia stared at the mirror in the bathroom, into her lifeless blue eyes. She had been broken, and this time, broken beyond repair.    Ryder had no soul. Every promise, every word spoken in love was nothing but a means to get what he wanted.      She walked into the large room filled with the lemon and lime scent of his aftershave and closed the door behind her. and grabbed a small leather bag resting on top of the sink. She opened it and found a pair of scissors he had once used to turture another werewolf. Turning, she leaned her back against the sink, and closed her eyes. This was the only way to be free. She could not bare to wake up one more day knowing she belonged to Ryder. To crave his touch when she knew she should hate him. He had successfully made her his plaything. An object to be toyed with, but never to be taken seriously.    She pressed the scissors to her wrist right above the vein and drew it across her s
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ONE; before she was broken
The state university was a world of power, riches and connections. The werewolves rulled, and a few well connected humans -- if they were rich enough came under werewolf protection. Each protected human wore an armband that said 'belonging to,' and then the name of the werewolf under whose protection the human was.   Alecia found it disgusting that people should willing submit themselves to werewolves as slaves, all in the name of protection, and no matter how much her half werewolf, half human friend, Helen convinced her otherwise, she was not going to succumb to the lure of coming under protection.    Her parents did not want that for her in anyway. They had strictly warned her against 'being protected,' she had even been banned from ever speaking to werewolves. Her mother had not wanted her to school up at the state, but since she had no choice, as it was the only school that had offered her a scholarship, she had to take it.  &nbs
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    The low lights could only cast a light gold shine through the thin veil of smoke. Alecia took a deep breath and the scent of cigarettes filled her.    She waved a hand in front of her face as the smoke traveled through her. A cough pushed from between her lips. Her hands flew to cover it.        Helen shook her head, chuckling. “Come duckling. You’ll get used to it.”     Helen  led her through the crowd gathered for the party, introducing her to one person after another. The living room was packed with people, holding beers, drinking and swaying to the loud rap music on the screen. So many people here were some important person’s child. The long list of senators’ and CEOs’ children amazed her although she knew Carli uni was populated with such people. The street and yard surrounding the house was packed with Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Tesla's, cars she
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Alecia went straight to her room, and sat on her bed, She got under the comforter and hugged herself tightly. Her heart beat was erratic, and for some reason she could not name, she could feel tremors running down her body. She placed a hand on her cheek. Heat, rose over her skin. Ryder's pale gray eyes filled her mind. He would probably never talk to her again, finding her too much trouble.    A small sense of loss filled her. Alecia shook her head. She snatched up her cell phone and dialed Helen’s number.“Hello,” Helen answered.     "I left the party,” Alecia said. “The alpha came up to me and started hitting on me, so I left to get away from him.”     Helen laughed even though she could hear a trace of sadness in her voice.      "Did he hurt you once?” Alecia asked. She did not know why, but she just couldn't shake off the feeling that the alpha
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Ryder opened the door to Becca's house without knocking, and walked in, Lucas was following right behind him.      Kat was sitting on  the kitchen table, nibbling on a pretzel. His eyes scanned her body. She looked nice in her short leather skirt and tank top. But she was forgettable. Too many fake red heads in the university.   “Hey Kat, you're look good in that outfit.”      Kat did a fake yawn, and continued looking at the voluminous text book on the table in front of her. She was trying to ignore him, but he could see by the blush that stole up her cheeks that she was finding that very difficult.      He liked women who still had the ability to blush, there was something about blushing that made them so innocently beautiful, and Kat wasn't such a bad girl either. He might have decided to sleep with her again, if he hadn't met Alecia. That girl was innocence pers
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Must every party be covered in a thin layer of smoke, Alecia wondered. It had now become like a decoration.She took a small breath, inhaling the scent of cigarettes and folded her hands at her waist. The girls around her chatted about their latest adventures, talking about who they’d slept with as if they were male soccer playersin a locker room. Some humans to the left were discussing the upcoming pledge, and the werewolves they had decided to offer themselves up to.   Alecia bent her head to the side. Off in the corner, plastic red cups filled with PJ covered a table. Someone had placed a few condoms on it as a joke. She glanced at the clock. Only ten o’clock Helen had called insisting this party would be better than the last, and she only came because she had spent the whole week hanging out with Helen, studying and watching chick flicks. The girl filled a void college had created in her and she didn’t want to come off as judgmental on
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Alecia played with her hair as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. There was a smile pasted on her face. Gabriel had indeed been a gentleman, taking her out on dates, spending on her, and treating her like a princess. And unlike Ryder, he didn’t wave the fact that he was a werewolf in her face, when he was with her, they were just like two people having fun together.Suddenly the thought of coming under a werewolf’s protection did not sound as bad as her mother had made it sound. It was not that she was considering coming under anyone’s protection, she still hated the idea of being anyone’s slave, but . . . It would not be so bad if she had a legal reason to call him anytime she felt afraid. Alecia realized she wasn’t thinking of Gabriel, she was thinking about Ryder.She sighed. Why was she thinking of him? Because he was so dreadfully handsome; more handsome than Gabriel with his pale gray eyes and dark hair. The guy invaded her
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Alecia opened her eyes, they felt very heavy. A yellow light blasted into them, blocking her vision. She blinked a couple times. It was a car light. What was going on? A black wool coat covered her. Alecia rubbed the smooth fabric with her fingers. It must be made out of some kind of rich material. The strands were so delicate, like rose petals newly fallen to the ground.“Do you believe me now?”She tensed, turning to see Ryder typing on a laptop. What was she doing with the Alpha in a car? His gray eyes held a glare in them as he focused on the screen of a laptop. Gabriel had drugged her. She placed a hand on her head, pressing hard as it all came back to her. The cup flying through the air. Brown liquid dropping everywhere as two large hands grasped her, yanking her to him. She closed her eyes and took several small breaths, but her nerves wouldn’t settle. Why had Gabriel drugged her? He was going to rape her. She had been a fool.
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Alecia sat on the wooden bench out in the park. Today was her study date with Ryder, and she found she wasn’t even thinking of her books. The wind danced around her, ruffling her clothes and playing with her hair. A smile curved at her lips, Ryder would be there any second. He had called, wanting to study at his apartment, but she knew it would be wrong be alone with him so she’d suggested a picnic. She shivered. He might be a nice guy, but still, anything could happen. One look at his gray eyes and she’d crumbled. How could someone be so handsome, like he was a Greek statue? A silver Bugatti pulled into the street in front of the park. Alecia bounced on her feet, as the warm feeling spread through her. She placed a hand on her cheek. Her mother always said a woman’s face glowed in the presence of her beloved. Did hers? The car stopped in front of her and Ryder opened the door and came out from the driver’s side, dressed in a dark blue T shirt
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Alecia sat on the bed as Ryder searched for a song on her laptop. His black long-sleeve Yankee t-shirt stretched across his skin, showing off the muscles underneath. Someday she would have to run her fingers over his powerful chest, touching his skin. Just the thought made her tingle all over. They had just returned from dinner and here he was alone in her room. She kicked her feet out in front of her. Ryder was a nice guy. He never did anything he shouldn’t.   He clicked on one. ‘Justin Bieber's melodious voice filled the air, singing you are the only one I'll ever love.    ''How romantic,” Ryder said as she stood and held out her hands for him.    Ryder sang the words as his sensuous smile stretched across his face. His voice was smooth and held the pitch so well, and even though Alecia knew it was just a song, she still wondered how awesome it would be if Ryder meant the words he sang, if she was indeed
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