The Woman Who Could Call Fire

The Woman Who Could Call Fire

By:  CreativeSoul98  Ongoing
Language: English
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For Veronica most of the moments in her life never made sense , There was times when she would remember moments where everything felt normal. From love to hate, family and friends..but those memories where nothing made sense is what scared her the most. Not because of fear but because some part of her never thought she could ever feel welcomed anywhere. Well that's until she met them the others, The ones who would help her save the people she loved. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nothing could have prepared her for the strength that her powers would bring, right along with the mate She never knew she would have, Zekiel. [ Warning this book may contain Violence ,Sexual content , Explicit language]

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16 Chapters
Chapter 1
" Veronica wake up it's time " i could hear the calls of the servants bound here by whatever sins they were accused of. I didn't want to wake up not because of this endless hell but becauseMy body craved to stay asleep to pretend , to maybe just ignore the outside world, i use to hope for a savior someone to tell me that this is not my reality but i guess you could say I've learned to put away those childish thoughts of love , hope , dreams i was numb i could no longer feel what used to bind me to the everlasting hope that maybe I deserved to fight for a chance at survival. I was nothing I blinked open my eyes repeatedly, instantly cringing from the sight of the madam of the house . She hated me from the moment i was born as my mother used to tell me , the madam couldn't bare kids due to a condition nobody dared to speak of. My mother just so happened to be the one who was forced to be surrogate to madam by my father the head commander also the king of our kingdo
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Chapter 2
It wasn't long before i heard the carriage out front ready to take me away from the only life i knew into a life i knew nothing about, I wasn't going to wait around any longer though this was my chance i grabbed my sack only to bump into someone hard "ouch " i squeaked out .  "You would think after getting punished so much you would be on your feet " i heard my friend lily say. Causing me to turn around in full speed giving her a bone crushing hug , " what are you doing here " i screeched out.  it had been ages since I'd last seen my friend lily, Me and her we're known to do all of our sneaky little deeds with one another causing both of us to be sent away on punishments . Last i had heard she was on a ship loading docks for 5 months to a year which was a very long time for a women of our age " okay so lily it doesn't matter they are finally letting me out " i said in desperation,  by the look on her face i could tell this was no surprise to h
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Chapter 3
Darkness is all I remember not just in this moment but from the moment I was born , it was all i could understand especially now. Maybe it was the secrets i had finally begin to understand or the pain for my mother , or just the blow to the head I received but something in me had begin to burn and something about it just felt so relieving like i almost could grasp the power right between my hands."What do you mean this is it , how the hell are we supposed to survive out here let alone find whatever pack it is you claim she belongs to " i could hear lily's voice clearly now , it was obvious i wasn't in darkness anymore. Stretching out in the carriage i set up in looked out the window, it was clearly almost time for the moon to come out and so far all i could see was woods and trees this couldn't be it. " this is it " i whispered questioningly at the guard and driver who delivered us here , " where are we supposed to go " i raised my voice , i was beginning to
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Zekiel’s Pov
From the day i was born my mother always told me i was a fireball, but she never knew at the age of fifteen that i would become not only the first of our kind to attain the power of fire but the only of our kind that didn't shift into a lycan but instead some type of hybrid of a hellhound and a werewolf but also coming with the ability to manipulate fire. some called it a gift but to me it was a burden no matter where i went my entire life I've been one big ball that people just can't seem to understand, It also didn't help that i could care less to help them understand either. I've been alpha of my pack since i was sixteen that was about the time when the last war between the humans in the forbidden had last happened, also the last time my father stood as alpha . That was the day they stripped his title by death and because of my duty as the next in line as Alpha i was forced to take over , some gift huh , if only it had saved my father." Alpha " my beta Jonath
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Chapter 5
"Okay this is the best were going to get i guess " lily said yarning tiredly. We had been walking for hours in all we had managed to find was nothing, complete nothingness. I couldn't help but wonder what we could be missing it seemed like it would take us ages to find this pack i apparently came from, what signs were we even supposed to be looking for. I could feel myself all a sudden getting agitated with the queens games," do you think maybe we aren't seeing it because we just don't want to " i said openly, " I don't know about you but I definitely want to find this pack " she snorted while stuffing her sack behind her head to rest on. " you know what i mean " i said rolling my eyes , " maybe we need to think inside the box , I'm apparently this monster with powers right, so how about in the morning we test that logic out. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough " i said out loud more so to myself ,  " look first thing in the morning if
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Zekiel’s Pov
" No you LISTEN i need to know every name of every female wolf who has entered your land within the past week " i ordered to alpha darren into my phone " look here pup I don't know what boundaries you're trying to cross but i owe you no explanation " darren said before i heard the line disconnect."Arghhhh " i said slamming my head onto my desk like I've done for the past seven years since taking over my pack as alpha. I could tell by the complete silence following the footsteps that walked up to my desk that Jonathan was indeed laughing at me, " i think the last person who we should be expecting a war from is alpha darren , you know he just loves to get a rise out of you and i see it worked " Jonathan said to amused obviously by the pain i was causing to myself. " it would help if you could maybe provide the information on the task i gave you " i said while pinching the bridge of my nose. "I checked the boundary lines over twenty times not to
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Chapter 7
I could feel my body heating up the more we walked through the forest, we had been walking in circles for a hour. Not finding munch but a endlessness of trees I had taken my coat off long ways back my body could obviously stand the cold now, unlike lily who was shivering away next to me. "It's obvious that something isn't quite right about this forest, or were you just waiting for me to say it" i insisted looking at lily. Before either of us could get out another reply a huge beast like creature tore through the tree's completely missing the sight of us at first,"Veronica run now " lily screamed yanking at me to turn back towards the way we had came. I couldn't move though, i was petrified I couldn't stop staring at the glowing red eyes , the way it turned around in incredible speed to snarl at me. It looked exactly like a wolf but three times the size it's fur was the exact color of pure black , anyone could tell the damage this monster had
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Chapter 8
I didn't imagine that the moment i closed my eyes i would instantly wake up but i did, I just never imagined that i would wake up to the most beautiful sleeping man I've ever seen, but it wasn't his fiery hair that reeled me in, it was the way my body and mind instantly felt connected to his as if my whole body was humming with this invisible energy i could feel connecting us, I don't know what made me feel so sure but i was positive this had to be the man the moon goddess had spoken of , my mate. Everything sounded so much louder or maybe it was the immaculate hearing i had managed to gain , but the sound of over hundreds could be heard letting me know that i wherever i was did in fact have a lot of people. But that couldn't distract me from the fact that i knew that this man was my mate,Looking around I slowly set up taking in my surroundings trying not wake the sleeping man while i was at it. "I'm glad to see you're okay" a deep voice
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Zekiel’s Pov
I could feel my beast get restless the more i pacedI just couldn't get her out of my mind, My body was fighting against every single instinct my beast was having. The moment he saw her through my eyes it was enough to send him in a spiral, enough to almost make me lose control again. The way she looked at us told us everything we needed to know. She could feel the bond, I could tell from the bond itself that she had a million questions. I also could tell she wasn't a rogue but not exactly human either meaning she had to be the girl that gloria told me i was meant to find. But never did i ever imagine she would be my mate, " ughh what is wrong with me" i yelled to myself in frustration, i had been waiting all my life for this one moment; I couldn't fuck this up. I hadn't thought about how much of a prick i must have looked rushing out of there like that, of course she needs me with her, why wouldn't she ? I'm her mate i knew she could feel the bond just as much as i could. "okay
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Chapter 10
Talking to the healer had eased my thoughts about my mate not being interested in me, not to mention seeing lily over these past few days have helped me more than i knew it would. Every since the healer gave me the green light they moved me and lily to the medical house until they was positive we were healed up. But i knew deep down it was to keep us under surveillance cause obviously they still couldn't fully trust us yet, but no matter how much i tried to not think about all the events that had happened; i couldn't help but let my mind wander over all the possibilities, or questions that rose the moment we arrived here. I just couldn't get him out of my head, i don't know if it was the meds but i even was beginning to smell him Causing me to sit up in the bed sniffing for that intoxicating earthy smell. "Find anything" i heard a deep voice say jokingly and If it wasn't for the bond enlightening me that it was my mate i would have been shocked by the sudden intrusion."Omgforfuc
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