Tough Love

Tough Love

By:  Ramona Els  Ongoing
Language: English
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Based on gender-based violence If you were ever in a position where you couldn't defend yourself - please read the book. There is always someone out there who is willing to help! “if you can’t handle the punches, how will you ever stop them from abusing you?” “Hit me?” Blake yells. Making my eyes watery and angry. “Hit me, or I will hit you,” he said again. I picked up my fist to punch him as hard as I can, but he grabbed me and picked me up before my fist could connect with his jaw. Our eyes melted together, and I’m slowly disappearing into a dark place the more I stare. Emily Dawson was walking home one night from a small restaurant In Virginia where she works to pay for her doctor’s degree when she got jumped by three-man. they beat her and took all of her belongings. 12 years ago, her stepfather abused Emily when she was a child, so she never learned how to defend herself until Blake, the most popular and successful kickboxer in town, came to her rescue. At first, it was only about training and helping Emily get over her fears and learn how to defend herself until she fell in love with him, but that was a dark place she had to go in. Blake has a past of mistreating women, not abusing them but using them. Will he fall in love with her as well? Or will he keep their relationship with no strings attached?

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19 Chapters
        “Please, you’re hurting her. She’s only 8 years old.” my mother pleaded for her drunken boyfriend to stop hitting me, just because I didn’t wash the dishes properly.      “Joe, she can’t survive another hit, please stop!” she yells again, but he kept hitting me, telling me how useless I am.      “You will never be able to stand up for yourself. Just like your father, you are useless. You will never find a man that will love you, only abuse you,” he shouts. I can’t even lift my head with blood surging out of my mouth. My ribs were full of bruises and my mother was crying for her useless abusive boyfriend to stop hurting me.      “You want more? I can go all-new night, little girl,” he yells while he gulps a bottle of whiskey. My mother is sitting at the table, crying, but she’s not stopping him. I guess she&rsqu
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        “Where am I?” the unfamiliar man is busy doing push-ups and God knows what.        How did I end up here, but mostly, who is this handsome, gorgeous guy, shirtless, muscular man in front of me?      “I brought you here. I actually wanted to take you to the hospital, but you were quite adamant not to go. What are you, some criminal that got a beat down?” he asked, his eyes dark and his veins visible from the workout he just did right in front of me.      My face feels swollen and my ribs feel like they are crushing my insides.      “If I was a criminal, don’t you think I would’ve been able to defend myself? And if you thought I was one, why did you bring me here? I can kill you.” he smiled while pulling his T-shirt over his head.      My eyes moved to his boxers, staring at him like a pervert.&n
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No strings attached
        Emily’s Pov      I watch how he uses his body to help kids defend themselves, and how confident these kids look, more than what I feel like a grown-up.      He hadn’t noticed me yet, so I looked around the gym. It’s massive. Gloves hanging everywhere, kickboxing bags hanging in rows. Weights everywhere and a cage obviously to learn and defend yourself.      I sat down on the bench, waiting for him to finish his class.      I don’t know what to expect when he finishes, but he did tell me to find out who he is, so that’s what I did.      I’m amazed by these kids, how they know how to turn themselves out of a position when they're in trouble, how they can block a punch and how they use their legs to stay firm.      “Thank you, guys. We’ll catch up with some warmups tomorrow and choose wh
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      Emily’s Pov    I keep checking the clock. My shift ends at 3 PM, so I have to rush to the gym and hope Blake will still train me. It’s 2:34. Jeez, can these last few minutes just fly?    “Emily, can you please help with these patients? We’re short stuff and the nurses can’t keep up.” I sighed, watching the clock. There are literally 10 minutes left.    I rushed to the first patient and then the second one.    “I really need to get going,” I said to Linda. She glares at me like I had a date or something.    “No, it’s not what you think? I’m actually...” I kept quiet before I told her where I was going. Blake asked me to keep this to myself. I’m sure Linda won’t say a word, but I need this. I’m already 5minutes late, so I pray he will still help me.    I jumped on the bus and it wa
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Dance with emotions
        Blake’s Pov      “Can I get you something to drink, Sir?” the bar lady asked, while my eyes followed Emily’s every move. Her beautiful blond hair hanging perfectly down her back, her bright blue eyes that can make any man go numb by just looking at her. Her body is slim and perfect.       “No thank you,” I responded while she threw herself at me.       I try to figure out why a nurse wants to learn how to defend herself? I know it’s not just because of what happened in the Alley the other night, something happened to her that made her angry, and she’s been holding on to that anger and pain for a long time. I’ve seen kids being abused that came to me for support and the same anger and pain they showed is multiplied on Emily’s face.       I know how to teach you to defend yourself, but with her it&rsq
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Punching bag
  Emily’s Pov    “Hey.” I greeted Blake when I enter the gym.  He doesn’t greet me back. He threw the gloves at me and instructed me to punch the kickboxing bag.  “Okay.” I thought we connected last night, but clearly, he is still a jackass.  I put the gloves on and hit the bag as hard as I can. I kept going with Blake busy on the phone, glaring at me like I’m failing a math test.  “You’re doing it wrong,” he said, walking up to me.  “Clearly, that’s why I’m here for you to show me how to do it, remember?”  “Get your posture right by standing with your feet and shoulder in a wider distant, and your front foot facing the punching bag.” he grabs my leg and pulled one to the back and one facing the bag. He pulled my shoulders up.  “Don’t shy away from emptying your punch
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Blake’s PovEmily has left the club. It’s silent and just me and all memories hanging around in the club, staring me in the face!I picked up gloves and put them on. This time I used Emily’s.As I pull it over my hands, I can feel the pain. I don’t know her story, but I have my own story about why I started to become a kickboxer. The memories of my father run through my mind when I pull the punch bag closer.“Did you hit him back?” father is sitting with a knife peeling his apple on the front porch when I came home from school with a bloody nose.“I asked if you punched him back?” I hear my father’s voice clearly as I punch the bag.I just stared at him that day, remembering how he used women, how he was never there for me. He only cared about his title as the world-famous kickboxing champion and how women were falling at his feet. And here I am, getting bullied at school because I&
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      Emily’s Pov                        “Miss, what happened? You need to tell us what happen so that someone can help you.” the unfamiliar woman is laying in the ED, her lip busted ad can barely keep her left eye open. My day shift is almost finished and Blake said he will pick me up so that don’t have to take the bus in the rain.      “Miss?” she picked her head up long enough to look at the man that was standing in the doorway with his arms crossed.      “Did he do this to you?” I point a finger at him and asked her again, but she looked scared when I pointed it out.      “Did you do this to her?” I push forward to the man with so much anger inside me.      “Wow, wow. I would never beat a woman like that.” he jugg
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Blake’s PovI’m still sitting on the couch like an ass. What was I thinking?If my dad was here now, he would’ve said with your *dig* but yeah, he is not here, and that is not what I was doing. For the first time in my entire life, I felt something, something that I wanted more of.I’ve had women in my life before. I know the adrenalin feeling of winning over and over, and I know how it feels to have a joint and to zone out, but this feeling I don’t know.It’s a feeling of wanting someone or something so bad that you’re willing to give up everything for that.It’s a feeling that you can’t see or touch, but it stares at you brighter than the sun and cuts you deeper than a knife. It’s a feeling that you beg to hold on to, but it’s slowly slipping away into the darkness, and the only way to grab it is to climb down the lather and pull it up.*meet as, at the club, drinks on
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    Emily’s Pov            I watch the clock against the wall for the 100th time now. Linda was supposed to be back by 10, it’s already 1 PM, and I haven’t heard from her. I pulled my phone out and there were no messages, no calls from her.        What could’ve happened to her? Surely you don’t take that long to evaluate someone?        The patient called this morning to go to a house call. She actually asked for me, but Linda took the phone before I could answer it and said she will go. The lady apparently wasn’t strong enough to get to the hospital, so we had to send someone out to evaluate and stabilise the patient to get to the ED.         I haven’t heard from Blake in 5weeks. I’ve stopped training as well. Blake proved that night that I was weak, not
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