His Blind Slave

His Blind Slave

By:  Elide Lee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Carson Meyer, heir to the strongest underworld mafia in America. He is known for his ruthless and rough behavior. Slaying people is a piece of cake for him. He does not make any exceptions, not once. Now his father, the current head of the mafia racket, is worried about his son. He wants his son to think rationally before taking blood on his hands. The only answer he could find to that was MARRIAGE. He demands his son to get married if he wants to inherit his business. Carson looked up to too many girls he slept with without any emotions or pleasure but out of exhaustion. He couldn’t find a single woman that could interest him with loyalty and obedience. Sleeping with him for a night or two was legal to the girls but spending their whole life with a psychopath wasn’t. Just then his eyes rested on an innocent beauty getting auctioned. He buys her and the marriage goes smoothly as he was getting fond of her innocence and obedience. But then, the wedding night revealed a harsh truth. He got to know Luna Blake, the girl he bought is blind. The betrayal he felt overwhelmed his thinking. What will he do now? He surely can’t divorce her or he will lose his inheritance. But he also can’t keep her as his wife. Will this slave and master contract serve him the delicacies he urges for? Or will this be the other way around?

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14 chapters
The same rustic smell of old iron beds filled her nostrils. Opening her eyes, she searched for the edge of the bed. Switching off her alarm, she rested her feet out of the bed on the ground.  With a long heavy sigh, she searched for her white cane. She stood up and started to make her way to the restroom.  “Aren’t you supposed to walk without that?” A familiar heavy voice filled her ears. A shiver ran through her body. She gulped down roughly. Staring in the direction where the voice came from.  Straight at his face.  “I… ehmm… I.. yes. I must be out of my head.” She stuttered, her hands trembled. She tried to fold the stick and put it aside. But with t
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Theo threw a piece of the shirt at her. Not particularly her shirt, she sensed. Touching the silk she could feel it. Bringing it closer to her eyes she knew it was a black shirt.  “Wear it,” Theo muttered, getting a leather electric shock collar for her neck. He sighed, watching her wearing the shirt.  He walked towards her and pulled her neck close. Putting the collar around her neck, “Drake has a dragon tattoo on the left side of his neck. Short curly hairs. Black framed specs. Dark brown eyes.”  “Okay.” She whispered, biting her lip at the pinch of the collar tightening at her skin.  “Carson Meyer is the person you are sold to. Again dark brown eyes, n
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Luna sighs and starts to find the bathroom to get changed.  “Change here.” He demanded, sending shivers down her spine. Even a simple hiss from his mouth was enough to make her worry to hell.  “I…” She blinked rapidly, not knowing what to do. Keeping her head lower, “I don’t feel comfortable…” She whispered exactly what she shouldn’t and she knew that.  “Did I buy you to comfort you?” He raised his brow. The only thing he finds annoying about Luna is how she keeps lowering her eyes, rather than looking at him.  “I’m sorry.” She mumbled, tightly holding onto the lingeries. Her heart almost went into her thr
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The pinch of pain ran through her head. Slowly and gently she opened her eyes but still did not see anything, more like blurred bright surroundings in the three-meter radius.    She gulped down harder and hissed, feeling the sting on her neck. Suddenly she remembered what happened. ‘This collar.’ She touched it gently with her fingertips and realized it was electrified.    “Pretty smart moves, huh?!” A cold harsh voice echoed in the room. Shivers ran down her whole body. She knew she fucked it up. He would surely kill her for even trying to get out of that room.    Abruptly, she straightened her back. Hissing with the pain, still. Carson sighed, watching her struggling. ‘She sure is a lot of work.’ He thought to himself, approaching her.  &
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 “We are here,” Drake remarked, entering the biggest room in the mansion. Unfortunately, Luna can’t notice that though. “I’ll show you around.” He smiled softly, offering his hand to her.  For a moment it was weird for him to offer a hand. ‘Does he know my weakness?’ She thought and a series of quivers ran under her skin. She can’t even imagine what will happen if someone finds out that she is blind.  “I’ll walk by myself. Thank you.” Luna hesitated, she really didn’t want to get caught in the act.  Drake sighed and took her hand by surprise. Slowly and at a gentle pace, he moved around the room, letting her take her time to adjust. He didn’t mind her touching the
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 “I think you should see a doctor as well.” Carson was worried about drake. It was clear in his eyes. For a moment Drake stood frozen at his spot.  That worry which he never had before was suddenly back. He could feel that old friend he missed in him for so long. Why suddenly was he worried? He never cared once when Drake got shot three times in his arms and legs.  “Uhm… I don’t think it’s that severe though.” Drake felt a bit uneasy with the sudden change. It’s true that sudden changes even if those are of love and care will feel uncomfortable and unreliable at the beginning.  Carson sensed the discomfort and took his hand away. “Yeah alright.” His temples twitched and he opened the doo
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A sigh escaped his mouth when he reached by car. Glancing back at the door, he despised himself for some reason. Looking around he put his Ipad on the car and took out a cigarette, lighting it up. Drake fell deep into his memories of her. The first time he saw her was just like a ray of sunshine in that piggsy dungeon place named a human auction house. She was sparkling in the dark, her smile when their eyes met, still flutters his heart. ‘You dirtsy bitch!! Mop it up quickly. I don’t want to see old faggots semen all over the place.’ A woman who seemed like a bossy type, smacked her head while running to the other side. The smile on the girl’s face vanished which made Drake’s heart sink into sorrow. His rage against that place overgrew. He just wanted to get that girl out of there somehow. So he tried to talk it out of her. But seeing her walking towards him, he couldn’t move a bit. Just like he was frozen in time and space. ‘Oh!!’ She bumped into him. ‘I’m sorry. I couldn’t
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“Grand entrance as always.” Top huffed, shaking his head watching Carson coming over. “That piece of shit needed that much.” Greg seemed annoyed and so done with it. That took Carson’s attention. But he knew what it could be. “How did the announcement go?” Carson asked, adjusting his suit while taking a seat. Drake pinched the tip of his nose, sitting beside Carson. “Same old Italian shit! I can’t be with him. Apparently, it hurts his mafia pride. A son being gay in mafia ain’t acceptable.” Top sighed, remembering his father’s clear words. Pouring wine for Carson and Drake. “It’s okay, babe. I’m not leaving you.” Greg snickered, pecking his lips. Top blinked, giving him a tight smile, agreeing with him. “I’ll be right back,” Greg whispered, rushing to the restroom. Watching him go, Top’s expressions changed from being awfully happy to sorrow and uncertainty. Carson and Top have been friends for years now. From business partners to friends, it wasn’t that hard. Drake would just fi
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“Get me everything on Yakim,” Carson ordered walking toward the car while Drake followed him behind. “Everything dirty or corrupted you mean?” Drake was just making sure of Carson's orders. “You dumbass! How many years has it been and you still gotta ask that. Everything means everything. Even his fucking family.” Carson Spat out at Drake, growling with an unknown irritation at seeing Yakim’s face on his property. ‘I feared this day would come. Does he really need to go to such lengths? I gotta talk to Mr.Russell before he does something foolish. He needs to learn that we don’t hurt women and children.’ Drake went deep into his thoughts about how scary and heartless Carson was getting day by day without missing any. “Are you gonna drive or sleep?” Carson glared in the mirror at Drake. Without uttering a single word, Drake drove off. “Turn left. Go to the East warehouse.” Carson calmly ordered, deeply reading something on the tablet he was holding. Drake glanced in the mirror,
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‘He has finally reached the limits. All I can now see in his eyes is death and nothing else. How could it be? The kid I used to play with. The one who used to defy killing over anything or anyone. How could he just kill the woman who raised him when he was left all alone. How could he be so heartless?’ Drake cursed himself for letting her fall over into his arms. She doesn’t deserve a man like him. She deserves better. “What have I done?” Drake growled, punching his head in frustration. Tears of relentlessness flowed down his cheeks. He regretted doing what he did. All of it. “Drake!” A man rushed inside the room where Drake was kept as ordered by Carson. “Boss wants you to come down soon. He has to get going.” “Who the fuck are you?” Drake rolled his eyes, fixing his tie and wearing his shoes. “Oh me! I'm a chore boy here.” The guy smiled, showing all of his nasty teeth and chewing the meat he had in his hands. “Chore boy? And you dare to talk to me casually?” Drake sighed
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