Return Of The Hybrid Queen

Return Of The Hybrid Queen

By:  Georgina E Adah  Updated just now
Language: English
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Book 1: Mated To The Alpha Kings Book 2: Return Of The Hybrid Queen *** After finding out her parents were after finding out her parent were the main cause of the clash between werewolves and vampires, Delaney went into hiding only to discover she was pregnant. What was she supposed to do with a werewolf baby? What will her vampire mate do when he finds out?

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16 chapters
 It was so dark. Everything was pitch-black. The only thing she could hear was screams. Screams of slaves being tortured. Delaney couldn't recall how long they'd kept her in this pit. The forty-seventh day maybe? She had no idea who had kidnapped her, why, or what they were looking for. She couldn't help but wonder if the hunters were responsible. Vampires or werewolves: which is it?Maybe they wanted her to be so weak that she couldn't lift a finger before they will reveal themselves to her. They didn't realize it, but her werewolf side had been keeping her alive. As Delaney reminisced about all the good and awful memories she had, the darkness drove her insane with ideas and that made her choke from remorse.The final grimace on Knox's face flashed across her mind, adding to the lunacy of being locked up made her head spin. He had to despise her after that night. No, both of her mates would despise her at this point.She's a coward wh
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“Slap!” the sound resonated through the hall, provoking all the captives to tremble in fear. It fell on Delaney's face unexpectedly, causing her to fall onto the hard concrete pavement. Knowing that she was with a child, she used her hand to protect her tummy, which made her land on her ass, flinching in the process. “You b*tch! Are you trying to defy my orders? Now, take them off!” he barked. Great. The slave said she should avoid getting under his eyes, and she just walked under them. Delaney's wolf growled in her head. She wanted to kill the bastard for disrespecting her. Her fingernails also elongated, making her panic. She'd never gotten such a reaction from her wolf before, and she didn't want her to blow her cover of being a human. Hell! she still needs to keep calm until Delaney figures out who kidnapped her. The moment her wolf was about to leap right at him, Delaney shouted. “No! Don't do that, ugh, wolfy! I can handle this. Please don't! For our baby.” Gosh, I'm so p
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Ivy leapt at the driver, her tiny fangs elongated. Ivan was also struggling to hold it in. His golden–green was now in a shade of red. Using her vampire speed, Delaney quickly caught Ivy before she could sink her teeth into the driver. When the driver saw this, he stopped the car in fear, ready to bolt out of the car. She met his gaze through the rearview mirror and compelled him. “Drive!”“Y… Yes!” he sputtered, starting the car. His hands shook nervously as he kept glancing back to look at the family in the back. Hm. She's sure he has never believed vampires existed until now. She can remember a time when she will laugh at anyone who says supernatural is real.Ivy gazed up at her looking pitiful, her Sapphire ice blue eyes were filled with unshed tears. As a foodie, she was mad at me for keeping her away from her food. Ivy glared at me, her arms crossed as turned to play with Ian, clearly ign
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New Pack
 He roared, "An unmated stray she-wolf in my area without my consent..."I'm not a wanderer!" says Delaney. “ I had no idea there was werewolves in the area, and I already have a mate." Delaney interrupted him before he could complete what he was saying, and she struggled to free herself, but it was impossible.The Alpha inhaled with his nose, which he sank into the crook of her neck. "However, your scent tells otherwise."In displeasure, her lips twitched. What is it about her and Alphas that she can't seem to get away from?The markings left by her mates faded over time, as did her scent, which showed she was bonded. She's practically single to all of the wolves now."Thank goodness I'm not seeking a partner." Delaney then kicked his groin with great vigour, grunted, and let go. She dashed out toward the other opening again, using that opportunity to escape, but who would have thought that she was fooling herself?I
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The small child was the centre of attention for everyone. Even in their terror, they were taken aback. They've heard of people with elemental abilities before, but it's been decades. They've all been extinct for centuries. They only know about it because it is a fairy tale passed down from generation to generation.The entire room was encased in ice. She even managed to halt Alec's movement by freezing his legs to his knees. Ivy burst into tears when she realized what she had done and how the werewolves were staring at her. “Mommy! "I'm looking for my mother."Ivan moved up to hug her to prevent her from becoming even more enraged. Who knows, maybe she'll freeze everyone in the entire room. “It's okay Ivy, we'll go get mom now, but can you unfreeze his legs so we can go?” As she shook her head, fat tears streamed down her face. She had no idea how to thaw him out; it just happened. She had no idea why she froze him in the first place; all she knew was that the prospect of her mother
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By the time Alpha Jasper got to Delaney's room, he found his Beta hiding in a corner trembling from fear. Gritting his teeth, he turned to look at Delaney only to subconsciously step back. To say he was taken aback would be an understatement; after seeing her, he couldn't help but wonder, 'How is this possible?'Delaney's little fangs were extended and her eyes were a shade of red. He didn't need anyone to tell him he was staring at a hybrid - a wild, angry hybrid, to be exact. Unlike other packs, they adore Hybrids rather than killing them on the spot out of fear.He gulped as her eyes fixed on him the instant he stepped in. He has never been terrified in his life as an alpha. This was the first time he realized what it was like to feel terrified. However, after some consideration, he decided to approach her softly."Listen to me, we're not bad people; we've brought you here for your protection. Without the protection of a pack, an unmated wolf should not be in this town. Everywhere
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Meanwhile, at the border!*Rakel held onto Knox, glaringly making Knox sigh in frustration. To him, the moon Goddess is punishing him for his sins by putting this werewolf as an obstacle in his life. These two weeks have been torture to Knox, he would have killed this wolf if not for Delaney, instead, he had to endure.“What kind of plan is that?” Rakel growled. “Why do I have to stay here while you go meet her?”“Because you wolves are stupid. You act before you think, and you don't have teleportation ability like I do, so remain here and cause distraction. They will be here soon.” Knox said still, Rakel refuse to let go of him.Knox took a deep breath to calm his anger. Why can't this damn wolf follow instructions?“Since you can teleport, then why don't we go together? I'll act as your shield if things go wrong. Besides The s, we don't know if she was here, we only smelt her scent on our way. It will take time to locate her especially if this pack has heavy defences.” Rakel retort
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Can Never Happen
Ivy, on the other hand, gathered her brothers in order to speak with them. "I saw Daddy today, I'm serious. He appeared in mom's room earlier on. That's not all, you guys resemble him to an uncanny degree."Her older brother, Ivan, snorted. “Yeah, right, we don't have a father.”“Do you think I'm lying?" Ivy snarled and huffed vehemently. "Think about it: isn't it strange that Mom has been changing location? She appears to be fleeing him. Mommy's safety could be jeopardized.”“I think dad is a bad person,” Ian muttered from the side.Ivan agreed with a nod. “We can't allow him to bully mama if he's here to bully her. However, we need to make sure he's our biological father.”“Oh, he didn't come by himself. He was with a vampire with incredible abilities! Not just that, the vampire is so cute.” After Ivy said that, the boys stared at her angrily. “You shouldn't admire the bad guy.”“We need someone's help to confirm if he's our father. Alec.” Ivan made an educated guess. "Then we must
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Mark Her
On the other hand, Knox and Rakel were arguing about why they should share the same room. Well, let's just say Knox refused to share a room with Rakel while Rakel was giving him reasons why they should share, making Knox frustrated to the point where he wanted to pull out his hair. It seems they are bound to argue over everything, even after their newfound peace. “Get the f*ck out, wolf! Just because we have the same mate doesn't mean we should share everything!” “That's right, we don't have to share everything, but you don't understand werewolves as I do. Since we are in their territory, they might attack, so we need to be cautious–” he paused. “ Wait, do you think I'll take advantage of you in your sleep?” Knox sneered as he gave him a look. “Do you think Vampires sleep deeply like you wolves? You'll be dead before you even think about touching me.” Rakel thought about it and shrugged. “Don't worry, I despise the idea of sharing a room with you as well. I'll sleep on the couch.”
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Beg Me
Knox and Rakel were already surrounded by the rogues when they broke free from the chain. They had trouble breathing due to their foul odour. After viewing the burns on Rakel's body, Knox glanced at him. He grabbed up the chain from the floor to use as a weapon and asked, "You good?" Rakel hissed, "I shall survive." "Let's just get this done." Knox stood there watching as the wolf lunged at the rogues, his claws lengthened. Rakel's half-crazed expression worried him for some reason because Rakel has always been laid-back, but he'd been acting strangely since learning about Delaney. Knox chose to concentrate on the matter at hand, shaking his head, so he tightened his grip on the chain and charged after him. * At East Coast Park. . “Mommy, how do I look?” Danna followed behind Ivy as she exited the room. Jasper had given the kids new clothes for the party this evening, which made Delaney uncomfortable. Jasper was clearly attempting to demonstrate that he is capable of caring f
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