By:  Monisola DASILVA  Ongoing
Language: English
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Evelyn was killed on her wedding day by her husband's ex only for her to show up at her wedding. Did Evelyn really die? if she died why is she back?

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40 chapters
Evelyn stood looking at herself in the mirror, she was wearing a beautiful wedding dress and couldn't stop smiling at her self while friends comes to her dressed and they all embraces her .“Let’s go to the church I can’t wait to be with my heartthrob” she says happily and her phone rings and she picks her cellphone on the dresser and she looks on the screen of the phone and it was My heart, that was the name she used in saving her husband to be on the screen and she picks the call “Hello my heart” she says in a soft tone.“Hello my Love” Manuel Stephens says to Evelyn. Manuel Stephens is the billionaire heir of the Stephens Empire, he is the one in charge of all his fathers businesses, from Estate to importation and exportation of good and to crude oil companies all over the nation.Manuel Stephens, a thirty seven years old man, the heir of his father’s empire. He was once married to Brianna whom he picked up from the street, at first it was only about helping
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After his discussion with Brianna on the phone,the driver quickly stops his game and goes intoThe elevator and he knocks on Manuel’s office whose head was buried in front of his laptop.“ Come in” Manuel answers from inside of his office and he raises his head.“ Good afternoon sir” he greets Manuel.“ Yes” Manuel says staring at his driver and expecting him to speak.“ Sir , I….I …have been stooling since I brought you to work sir” he says.“ So what do you want? He asks him.“ I want to ask for permission to get a drug to stop myself from stooling” he says.“ You can go” he says to him.“ Thank you sir” he says and rushes out of Manuel’s office and Manuel continue what he was doing on his laptop.The driver smiles happily and he began to think of the kind of job it could be that would pay more than what he is currently earning from his boss.He quickly walks out of the company and he picks a public transport going to Oriental hotel and when he
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“ Do we have a deal? Brianna asks the driver and the driver nods his head and they shake hands.“ Your account number? Brianna says .“ My account number? Are you paying the 8M now? He asked.“No, part payment of the deal to show you that I mean business “ she says and the driver smiles and quickly called the account number for her and not long his cellphone beeps and it was a message from Brianna and it was an alert of two million naira.“ Two...... he pauses and looks around and he leans forward to him and said “ Two million naira?!” he asks happily “ Yes, if you do a good job, You will get your balance and travel to Atlanta with your family” Brianna says.“ Alright ma, just make sure you call me and explain to me how you want us to go about it” he says.“ No problem, I will call you by night “ she says and she calls the waiters and she pays with her ATM and she stood up and leaves the driver at the restaurant while the driver was so happy and he picks up
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The men began to drag both Evelyn and the driver into the car and Evelyn and the driver tries to struggle out of the men hand but they were too strong, they force them into the car and locked the car.Evelyn hits the car window pleading but they just laugh at them and one of her men goes to bring out a gallon of petrol inside the car trunk and he pours it on the car and Brianna laughs out hard.Evelyn and the driver hits the car window so hard trying their best to force the door open in tears.Brianna opens her palms to one of the men and he brings out a lighter and gives it to her and she turns the lighter on and and throws it on car and the car began to burn while Evelyn and the driver began to scream out so hard.The groom and his family, the bride family are worried, Brianna mom already crying with people trying to console her that Brianna will be here soon while the car kept burning and Evelyn and the driver crying for help. Brianna ordered the men to push the c
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Brianna began to pace around , she doesn’t know what to believe, she kept flashing back to the scene and she quickly dresses up and enters into her car and drove out of her compound.At the church.Evelyn father whispers to her daughter’s ear. “What happened? Why did you arrive late? Her father asks.“I will tell everyone after the wedding but I just want to enjoy this moment first dad, I don’t want to think about how we got lost on our way to the church” she says and her father matches with her to where Manuel was standing and Evelyn was all smiles as her father gives her hand to Manuel and they came to stand in front of the priest.They both read their vows to each other and they exchange rings and the priest says.“You may kiss the bride” they both kiss and soon the church wedding was over and the couple came out of the church taking pictures with family and friends and the priest.Brianna drove to the scene where She burn Evelyn and the driver in the car an
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What do you suggest? His wife asks“I am thinking the bride can be poisoned, you know there are a lot of people here , no one would suspected who poisoned her” she says.“ Did you have a poison here with you? He asks her in a whisper.“ No, I know the kind of poison that I am going buy that I will put inside her food or drink that no one will suspect anybody, she would die in three days time, she won’t die immediately “ she says.“ Are you sure of this? She asks.“ Yes” she says.“ Is there any pharmacy around this place? Her husband asks.“ I don’t know but I will try and find out and moreover what I want to but is not from pharmacy it’s from those shops that sells chemicals ” she says.Evelyn mother stood up and goes out of the reception and she walks on the street checking from one side to the other where shops are.Finally she found a chemical shop and she asks for the chemical and she bought the drug and she quickly returns to the reception
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Her husband stares at her in confusion and he laughs and says . “ Wow! my wife now jokes now, well anyways I will take that as a good morning, we’ve got to get ready for our honeymoon” he says and toss the duvet away from his body and gets out of the bed and he walks towards the bathroom.“ honeymoon? What honeymoon and did I got married you? Her husband turns around and stares at his wife.“ What kind of prank is this today? He asks her. “ That joke isn’t funny” he says smiling.“ And who says I am joking? You kidnapped me and wait we …… you took advantage of my situation right? How did I even get to you? She says and her husband stood staring at her with his hand folded across his chest.“ When you are done with your jokes let me know” he says staring at her.“ Does this sound like some joke you? She asks and she quickly gets out of the bed dressed up and she began to murmur to herself.“ How did I get here, I am sure I didn’t go to the bar last night, how I
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She quickly eats up and goes to the bedroom she shares with her siblings and she quickly touch up her make up and she quickly picks up her traveling box and she walks out of the room and she embraces her grandma and her three siblings comes to embrace.“ When you get to the United state buy me some clothes and send them to me”one of her sibling says.“ Buy me a cellphone and send to me, an IPhone, IPhone 13 pro” the 17 years old girl who cooked says.“ Are you for real? Do you know how much that one cost? Everyone let me get to the United state and get a job and when I save up some money , I will send you all some money, the money we would use to build our own duplex” she says.“ A duplex? You mean we would live in a duplex, we would all have our own separate rooms? He asks.“ Yes sweetheart, You all will have a separate room, just let me get to the U. S. First” she says. “ I better get going before I get late for my flight” she says and she quickly picks her box
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Manuel’s mind kept wandering in his office, he sat on his office chair and he relaxes his body staring at his laptop and he closes his laptop and he stood up and walks to the window staring outside, he was looking outside his window but his mind wasn’t out there , his mind was on his wife who was behaving strange.He moves his hand on his head, he has a low cut on his head and he sighs heavily, he felt he needed to talk to someone on this but he didn’t know who and he says to himself.“ How is all of this possible? She woke up accusing me of kidnapping her and taking advantage of her and again she is going to her dream Country America and again she isn’t Evelyn she is Marylyn, can someone just wake up a day and start claiming to be someone else?he asks himselfAfter a while of thinking he then decided to go back to their bedroom but remembering his wife behavior being strange that morning made him retract his steps and he climb down the stairs and he walks into the
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He carries her in a bridal style up the stairs and he took her straight into the bathroom and he places her under the shower but didn’t turn on the water and he uses his hand to raise her jaw and he places his lips on her lips and she also captured his lips with her own lips and they began to kiss and this time the kiss was slow and was full of emotions.He kissed her and caresses her body and he began to undress her slowly from her top to her trouser while she also undresses him and they were both naked and he turns on the shower on both of them and the kissing became intense and he caresses her boobs as he kisses her and he moves his lips to her tit and he squeezes her butt and she moans out softly while she grips him in his back with her fingers deep into his skin as she was taken in ecstasy of the moment.She shuts her eyes with her lower lips pulled into her mouth as her husband sucks her two tits slowly and he turns her to face the wall and helps her stamps her palms
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