Trapped By My Forbidden Alpha

Trapped By My Forbidden Alpha

By:  Kara Sin  Updated just now
Language: English
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(Daily Updates) When Mia commits a crime that no one ever expected from a submissive Omega, the whole pack is left in shock and dread. But then, with the arrival of a new alpha who not only snatches her hard-earned prize with the use of his powers and influence but also rejects her as his mate assuming she has evil intentions, how will Mia survive? Can she prove to Alpha Alessio that she’s not the evil person he thinks? Is it easy for Alpha Alessio to reject his fated mate and let her be in someone else’s arms? When the forbidden secrets and past come to light, what will be the end of their story?

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45 chapters
”Come to me, Mia”. Mom stands in the clearing smiling at me. A lovely day it is. She’s wearing her favorite blue floral dress and beckoning me. I giggled and ran to her. I ran and ran but the distance wasn't shortened. This is strange. I’m running at full speed but I can’t get closer to her. “Mom!” I screamed, starting to panic, and became terrified as I saw a red hooded man appear behind her back, blood dripping dagger in his hand. I need to save her. “Give it up, Mia.” Dad’s ghostly voice wafts beside Mom. He is strapped to a giant tree. “Run for your life. There’s nothing you can do.” He said disappointedly, “You were never qualified as an Alpha’s daughter.” No no no, I frantically shook my head. I can do this. I must do this. “You are a disappointment, Mia.” Mom looked at me, her eyes were indifferent. No mom, please don’t do this to me. Suddenly her face started to melt into formless blood, soaking in the fabric and forming a small puddle on the ground.
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I woke up, groaning at the cloudy feeling under me. As I blinked open my eyes and sat up, I realised I was laying on a bed instead of the hard, cold floor that I had gotten used to over the years. This mere, small memorable feeling brought back the memories that had gotten deep-buried over the years. The time when I had been carefree and worried about nothing but being close to my parents and fantasising about my future mate. Living the life of a princess in my parent's eyes and having fun with my friends and then… like my life flipped drastically and everything fell down into a burning volcano. I turned my head, my eyes immediately falling on the body that lay on the ground, lifeless. Alpha Wyatt, what a joke of an alpha he lived his life as. A tyrant, a bully, and a monster to the life I had to endure in these five years, now died miserably in his own room. Everything ended. I am no princess now. My mate is nowhere to be found. And my life… it’s about to turn upside down once agai
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Alpha Alessio appeared just as transfixed when his lips also uttered the same word as me, calling me his mate. His whole body had gone stock still, the wickedness, the evil smirk, the attitude and the ego, everything disappeared for a few moments as he stared at my face like he had never seen a girl before.  My wolf jumped in happiness in my chest. I felt like I had never even experienced a moment of this feeling before. It was different, the world suddenly felt like a brighter, more beautiful place that I wanted to live in with Alessio by my side. My whole world changed within those few seconds. Alpha Alessio’s coldness and frivolousness had faded, a warmth had taken over his face. His hand suddenly lift
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  Alessio’s POV   My chest got filled with extreme agony the moment I rejected her. My wolf howled in excruciating pain. Rejecting her felt like the worst thing I could have ever done to myself, the physical and emotional pain was almost unbearable but I held my ground, not letting it show on my face.    When I looked into her eyes, her expressions when I rejected her… I had never felt even an ounce of sympathy for anyone in years, not to this extent. This was different. I wanted to take away all of her pain and make her happy once more, even if it was just for a little while. Seeing her in pain tore me apart from the inside when she ran away from me. There was a strong urge inside me, telling me to stop Mia and tell her that I want her more than anything I had ever wanted in my life- but I could not do that.
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Mia’s POV As soon as the breakfast ended, Beta Daniel had announced that it was time to commence the Pack Bond Ceremony to connect Bloodmoon Pack to Silver Lining pack and Alpha Alessio. Everyone had gathered in the pack field. Beta Daniel was almost the same height as Liam. With his dark skin, light stubble, military cut hair he looked like someone very serious but that constant amused smile on his face betrayed his appearance and showed his playful side quite openly instead. With the heat down on us in the ground, even though it was still a bit chilly, he wore a black west and black cargo pants with white sports shoes.  Most of the pack members stood on the sidelines, Beta Daniel stood on the stage. I was standing on the other side of the ground, leaning against
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What just happened?   I stared blankly into the space where his retreating back had been visible just a few seconds ago. My gaze went to Beta Daniel in question, my mouth open, unable to form any words. He just shrugged his shoulders with  ‘I am just as clueless as you look. He looked amused. What was so funny about his alpha rejecting my pack bond in front of every fucking person?   It was Olivia who burst into laughter first, followed by Alicia, and other pack members who were staring at me like I was a living, walking joke.   “Oh god… did alpha just reject her, AGAIN?” Alicia spluttered through her giggles.   “How cool. That was so unexpected!” some man standing next to them joined into the mockery, staring
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I don’t think I had ever experienced what pleasure felt like but in this moment, I knew. Like a sense of euphoria washing over me, I was submerged deeply, my heart throbbing, my mind blank and my eyes rolling to the back of my head… everything just faded away. My shivering hands gripped the end of his t shirt, my breathing quick and erratic and uneven as his lips kissed the side of my neck, his tongue rolling over the skin with soft strokes.  I had never felt this way. My heart was racing, my lips moist and my skin tingling. I felt like I was about to explode. I didn’t know what was happening but it felt great. His fangs had retracted, but his mouth stayed on the reddened spot where a dark mark of a moon with fangs had appeared. His lips kissed the same spot again and again, my sensitive skin was bursting with
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Alessio’s POV “I am done.” Daniel groaned, putting the heavyweight dumble aside that he had been exercising with from the past half an hour. I followed him to the bleachers on the ground to have a seat. Our bodies were drenched in sweat, the naked upper chest had turned red under the sun and the trousers felt damn sticky.  Daniel and I had been training for the past three hours with other warriors. Since now both packs had been united, the training had been combined as well, and so far, everyone seemed to get along pretty well.  As I grabbed a bottle of water, throwing it to Daniel and taking another one for myself, Daniel sat down on the bleachers, staring at the warriors running rigorously through the ground. His face was set in a frown as he bl
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His hands gently wipe off the blood stains from my face. The wounds that are on me and the pain don’t bother me much. I had gone through much worse. These injuries, although painful, were nothing in front of the agony that alpha Wyatt had inflicted on me each day. “Go” Alpha Alessio inspected the fresh injuries on my hand, “Get yourself checked by the doctor.”  I stepped back from him, pulling my hand out of his grasp, and holding the handkerchief on my face with my palm, “I am alright. I can look after myself.” I did not want the doctors to see my body. I am completely covered in scars, some are the fresh ones that were inflicted by alpha Wyatt by dipping a thorny whip in wolfsbane and hitting me with it repeatedly just a few d
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‘What is he doing here? He usually never comes to school. It is always Beta Daniel or someone else for all school related matters. Do you think something big is going to happen?’ ‘He allowed sluts to come to the pack. What worse can happen now?’ The talks continued without any regard to my dignity or of other omegas, to be specific.  As soon as I was finished, I dumped the tray in the bin, and walked out of the lunch area. The classrooms must be empty now as there is still some time left before the next class starts, but I guess staying in an empty room would be more peaceful for my brain cells than staying inside a hall full of morons. My next class was on the top floor of school buildi
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