100 Steps to the Billionaire's Heart

100 Steps to the Billionaire's Heart

By:  Rojas, Maria Niña G.  Ongoing
Language: English
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By fate or miracle, Lyria was alive and breathing on the cold December night of her assassination day. Though she could open her eyes, she couldn't see clearly the point of being alive and to exist wandering on the streets of some unknown village. It may seem like an angel's whisper; a stranger stood by her side when she was meters away from death. His words were striking light, and a spectrum of color flourished in her dark world. She found hope in a hopeless stranger who jumped ahead of her with the certainty he would die. As she jumped back unknowingly, the poor and miserable girl saved the life of the youngest billionaire in town, Zion Hudson. Just as when she thought their relationship would be connected professionally, things went awry when her name was linked as his love interest. Although she hated the people's attention and eyes, she loved challenges. "Make me fall for you, then." The arrogant billionaire officially challenged the ferocious independent woman, Lyria, his servant, in a fight for love. They agreed she would not disappoint him with her hidden charm and talent as she accepted the challenge a few days later. "I will make you forget your name the same thing I forgot mine years ago." A period of madness is sure to begin for hearts that have been left empty for too long, prompting them to remember everything at once and forget it without a moment's hesitation.

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    6 chapters
    Chapter 1: The Start of an End
    "Look up above... fabulous! Now, to the right. Magnificent! Left... and cut! That's it for today!"   The model of the top and famous jewelry company had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin with a burnished complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes as she blinked, the people couldn't help but sweat over the beauty in front of them.    A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed when she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow-black hair along with the fine pieces of jewelry around her face as flashes of cameras erupted.   Lyria was the name behind it all and that is none other than me.   The clank of the tape was the signal b
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    Chapter 2: Against All Odds
    "Lyria, get out in that room right now!" a voice exclaimed for a thousand times on my door and I was not dumb to act deaf around. If it was a stranger, I wouldn't even mind and bulge. Unfortunately, I knew who it was.     I heard her low sigh from the other side indicating retreat and thought it was unusual. "Lyria, please don't do this, baby," she started muttering the same line, "...you know we still love you no matter what happens in this world."    A motherly lie.   I grabbed the nearest pillow on my side and immediately wrapped it on my head, not allowing a single voice to enter my ear. From my window, I saw how the sky was at its usual calm while my life was in chaos. I could have appreciated the blue hue and the scattered-like clouds right now if only t
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    Chapter 3: The Fall
    "W-where am I?"   It was the first words that came into my mouth as I regained consciousness. I couldn't open my eyes well but all I can see is the vast darkness that seems to envelop me in this shallow room. I tried to move but the first thing I noticed was the cuffs around my hands and feet.   "H-help… me…anyone…" my voice was slowly fading and I felt like I had no energy to move and talk.   As much as possible, I kept my eyes open and struggled to stay awake despite not knowing the reality of my current situation. All I could remember was the night I turned off the lights and made myself to my bed to sleep. It was just that and I woke up in this awful situation.   The darkness was not my problem, one thing that c
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    Chapter 4: Farewell
    Walking on the dark familiar empty road, the cold breeze of December touched my skin. It made me realize my existence once again. I'm alive, after all. Yet, those two words alone don’t seem to show any significance at all. It doesn't make me feel relieved knowing the reality that I'm breathing and able to move.  In fact, I'm disappointed somehow.   Though the streets are quiet, the rumbling noise of cars and busy people around the corner plays a painful sound in my mind.  A vivid memory I cannot seem to remember and stopped trying to understand for a long time.    Not a little longer, the inevitable darkness of the night started to creep in and tugged the usual strings on my heart, providing a peculiar comfort that has made me alive through these years. In my peripheral vision, I saw a house light up and what I assume
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    Chapter 5: Strangest Stranger
    The rope was cut off in a blink of an eye, and it took me seconds to fall meters away from the ground. It hurt like hell. The moment I landed, I groaned in pain and thought it was enough reason for me to let my tears rush down again.   "I didn't know you used violence now. Is this the payment for a year worth of free rent?" I was ridiculed at the thought. Not that talking to a tree isn't funny enough.   I had no choice but to stand up again and leave my shelter at last to reach my final destination. Wiping my tears, I bitterly smiled at the tree I freely called home for a year and more.   "Thank you," I murmured as the wind blew on my face, making it seem a consolation, for now, a homeless girl with nowhere to run. A small part of me had me wondering if non-breathing beings
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    Chapter 6: Payment and Return
    Stupid, reckless, and lack of sanity. Those words were like a cycle in my mind as the water came running all of my skin along with the moon's faint light. As bright as the night light, it was my own doom. I had to be out of my mind as soon as I dived into the unknown water without second thoughts. I was sure one had to be insane between the both of us. I wondered if it would be me who dared to save a suicidal person or a suicidal person who did not think at all while I was by his side?  I didn't want to know the answer. The moment I was able to grab the hem of his shirt, I dragged all his weight to the shore with my weightless arms. He was heavy, for heaven's sake, and I had no doubt my adrenaline rush made all this impossible carrying happen. This saving wouldn't even
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